Who’s That Girl: Meet Camilla Christenson

Get to know the Danish blonde bombshell in a candid interview. 

You may recognize Camilla by her piercing blue eyes, long (naturally) blonde hair, or her to-die-for lips. (She’s also the face behind our newest denim campaign.) But what you can’t tell by looking at her photos is her quick-as-a-whip sense of humor, her candidness and honesty. She has a certain sense of silliness about her, wrapped in layers of genuine kindness. With just one flash of her stunning smile, she can make strangers feel like old pals.

Camilla grew up on a farm with “many animals” in a small town in Denmark. She was discovered at the age of 16, as a ballerina for the Royal Danish Ballet, one of the oldest and most well-renowned ballet companies in the world. She danced professionally for 11 years before making to transition to full-time modeling. “I took a chance because I knew models traveled often and my dream was to travel the world.” And that’s just what she’s been doing. We were able to track her down in Europe for a quick chat about growing up, her simple beauty secrets, and her favorite spots to hang in Denmark.


How would you describe your childhood? What kind of kid were you?

I was extremely outgoing and full of joy. My mom may say I was very loud. I enjoyed spending time with my friends but mostly spending time outdoors and hunting with my parents.

You were a professional dancer for 11 years! How would you explain that experience? Do you miss it?

Dancing was a completely different world. It took lots of commitment and discipline. I don’t miss dancing although it did build me to be the person I am today.

How did you get into modeling?

I got scouted for modeling in Denmark. I took a chance because I knew models traveled often and my dream was to travel the world. Here I am today traveling the world for work and I love it.

Do you have any beauty secrets you can share with us?

Water and lip balm.

How do you like to stay healthy?

I like eating clean, raw… and I do like meat. Usually just a good salad with a lot of veggies, and a juice once in a while. I eat what I want, though.

Who are your fashion icons?

I love the fashion industry and all the work everyone puts into it. But I must say Salvador Dalì.

What do you love doing on your downtime?

I enjoy spending time at the park. Simply laying on the grass with my dog and enjoying a nice calm breeze. Sometimes I walk through the city as well.

What do you miss most about Denmark? Any cool spots to check out if we ever find ourselves over there?

I miss the culture, hanging by the water with a beer, bbq’s in the park. There’s a bunch of cool places to go in Copenhagen — Papirøen, Kødbyen or Christiania are just a few cool spots to check out.

How do you stay grounded in a fast-paced industry like fashion?

I’m a very down-to-earth person. I keep my old friends near — they help me remember what I come from and where it all began.

What does “being free” mean to you?

My life is all about being free. I feel blessed to travel the world for work. I work hard but I really enjoy what I do so it is always fun. I can follow my dreams and enjoy the ride on the way to success.



Thank you Camilla, we’ll catch up with you soon! Photos by Adam Franzino. Hair by Luke Chamberlain, makeup by Jenna Kristina.

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What a beautiful and nice girl. That smile…and yes, those lips!