Why You Need: Osmia Organics

To find a cleanser that combines the best parts of the old and the new… that makes Osmia Organics one you should try.

This post comes to us from our beauty contributor, Allie White.

Let’s state the obvious: bar soap gets a bum rap. Unfairly vilified in recent years, the humble bar often finds itself playing the role of Jan to the Marcia Brady cleansers of the world. (A dated reference perhaps, but an apt one given that the last time bar soap was popular was back when that show was more than just a late-night rerun.)

So why the negative reputation? Well, “germs” and “bacteria” are dirty words when it comes to skincare since germs and bacteria are what cause the bulk of skin issues. A wet, slick bar of soap is pretty much a dream home for germs and bacteria, which means every time you wash your face with a bar of soap to get rid of those germs and bacteria… you get it.

And in a world where cleansers come in seemingly limitless forms, why even bother with a bar of soap anyway, right? Between the oils, gels, liquids, solids-that-become-liquids, wipes, tonics, powders, creams (and crèmes), milks and nectars crowding the skincare aisle, it’s easy to see why you’d opt for a cleanser that can be pumped, squeezed or spritzed.

Don’t get me wrong, innovation is great — and necessary — when it comes to self care. After all, washing the day away with something called “cleansing milk” sounds terribly fun. But if it’s possible to marry the two, to find a cleanser that combines the best parts of the old and the new… that’s a cleanser you should try.

Which brings me to Osmia Organics, a Colorado-based organic, natural skincare company that’s reinventing what it means to use bar soap, 2.25 ounces a time.

The company’s small-but-mighty facial soaps are masters at their craft, wizards of the skin world, firm-but-loving governesses for whatever is plaguing your face. And it’s no wonder, seeing as they’re made with only the finest raw, natural, wild-crafted ingredients, formulated by Sarah Villafranco, the line’s founder (who also happens to be a doctor).

There are three versions of Osmia’s facial soap bars, each one targeting a different issue. And while the company can’t promise the bars will be totally sterile between uses, germs and bacteria are easily avoided with a little common sense: store the soap in a dry place, and rinse the bar for a second or two before lathering up to wash your face. Et voilà.


Now onto the soaps:

Black Clay Facial Soap

This little guy is the darling of the Osmia line, and for good reason. The combination of Black Australian clay and Dead Sea mud make the Black Clay Facial Soap perfect for cleansing and purifying all skin types, but it’s especially helpful for anyone with problematic skin. That’s because these two powerhouse ingredients basically suck bacteria and other gunk out of your skin, leaving it primed to be moisturized by the soaps other elements: almond, avocado and castor bean oils.

Oh So Detox Soap

Just as the name suggests, this is the cleanser you want if a serious skin detox is in order. The star of the show is activated bamboo charcoal, which attaches itself to toxins in the skin and absorbs them before they get a chance to take up residency on your chin (or forehead or nose or cheeks). Then, the Australian black clay swoops in to replenish the minerals your skin is lacking, before the extra-virgin organic olive oil, organic shea butter and cold-pressed, organic avocado oil get to work moisturizing.

Luz Enzyme Facial Soap

Think of the Luz Enzyme Facial Soap as a salad for your face. By incorporating organic pumpkin, tomato, honey and carrot seed oil, this bar not only sounds good enough to eat, but will do some serious good for your skin as it feeds, nourishes and brightens through mild enzymatic exfoliation. And because Osmia will never leave you hanging, once your face is beautifully exfoliated, essential oils like carrot root, rosewood and geranium will swoop in to calm and restore.

Unlike many bar cleansers, none of these will leave your skin with that so-squeaky-clean-it-hurts-to-smile feeling. Because, contrary to what conventional skincare commercials will lead you to believe, so-squeaky-clean-it-hurts-to-smile isn’t a good thing. Oh, the Osmia facial soaps will deep clean like nobody’s business, but their combination of organic oils and coconut milk will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. A so-cleansed-and-moisturized-and-healthy-you-can’t-help-but-smile-at-yourself-in-the-mirror kind of feeling.


+ Shop all Osmia Organics products here!

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4 years ago
4 years ago

Thanks for the introduction!

4 years ago

Osmia Organics is simply the best! I discovered this company after reading many reviews on how to treat perioral dermatitis naturally. PD is a very bad rash, similar to a mix or acne and eczema, which can be caused by heavy makeups, creams and other skin care. I was desperately seeking a natural remedy in order to ditch that prescription. I found Osmia Organics and I fell in love with their black clay soap. My face is super calm and smooth after every wash. Their products are phenomenal, but they can be very expensive! I had it shipped in Canada.. with duty and taxes, it came close to $200 for a starter kit. However, my philosophy is to pay a little more than buy antibiotics.

A must try for acne and mild skin rashes.