Behind the Scenes: The August Catalog

Trail Erin Wasson’s path through Peru in this exclusive look behind the scenes of our newest catalog…

This post comes from Kamaryn Potter and Alistair Casillas.

Magic. If you’re not a believer, you’re really missing out. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you get it. Peru is made of magic, from every single piece of dirt, ancient rock, and human walking the land. The country radiates pure kindness and joy, gratitude and respect. Everything has a soul, and you can feel it.

Our location scout took us through the city of Cuszo, the Maras Fields, natural salt pools (Salinas de Maras) and local weaving workshops. Throughout it all, we were awestruck by the endless color-rich buildings, ancient ruins, inconceivably beautiful mountains and valleys, and sunsets you didn’t think actually existed without filters, all cradling a culture that is indescribably stunning. Thankfully, I grabbed my old film camera right before heading out to document my own intimate moments (shout out to my mom who bought the camera when she was in high school!)… Hello donkeys and llamas! The camera makes a rather significant cameo in the catalog, as Erin shoots a few images from her perspective — raw and unedited — which encapsulate the pure magic of this land and energy.

There was something rather perfect about bringing this camera along for the ride, snapping Peru’s enchanting ancient history with an understanding of storytelling with a heart and past of its own.








+ Shop the August collection here! 

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5 years ago

I love the images! Magical!!

5 years ago
5 years ago

Post the calendar please! My business uses this every month and we would like to post it on all the computers :)

5 years ago

Wow such beautiful photography, very magical indeed!



5 years ago

What song is this? I love…. the clothes too :)

5 years ago

Peru IS magic. Oh how I would love to visit one day. Seeing the salt fields and Macchu Picchu are at the top of my travel list! xo, natalie

5 years ago

Holy, that seems so majestic and beautiful! It’s really a shame that traveling there from Finland costs that much, but one day I’ll make it!

5 years ago

Gorgeous scenery! Magic definitely is real.. I can’t wait to visit Peru.


5 years ago

Peru really is magic– was blessed to spend 3 weeks there working in a hospital and exploring.

5 years ago

i love pictures your blog pictures are so clear very nice.