The Art of Tuning Out

Sometimes you need to tune in to nature to tune out the noise. ..

A song all too familiar to most of us — work deadlines, bills upon bills, health challenges, social obligations, family trips… So when life decides to point you out for one reason or another, I hear my Oma’s voice in my head — “So ist dad leben,” meaning ‘such is life’ in German. Get used to it, that’s life, pick up and move on. She taught us that, though times of trial and heavy burdens are a guarantee in this lovely ride called life, it does not mean we have to buckle under its considerable stress.

This weekend I treated my tension-riddled shoulders — now seemingly residing next to my ears –and restless mind to a road trip, 800 miles roundtrip, partner in crime, with one goal: let go of the stress. We drove out to the Eastern Sierra Mountains into Yosemite, curling through the outer-spacey jumbo rocks of Alabama Hills. We camped next to a river, climbed boulders and looked for shooting stars. We cooked dinner over a campfire and played cards. I even learned how to fly fish. One thing we didn’t do? Stress. We completely tuned out of our daily burdens and tuned in to the real stuff. The authentic, feel-good, genuinely happy stuff. If you are in need of tuning out to tune in, keep reading. We have a few tips to help you do just that.

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Travel light. Less is more. Focus on keeping things simple: jeans, tees, a sweater and sneakers.

Pick a good adventure partner. One that is on the same page as you.

Or travel solo. But be safe about it.

See new things. Travel somewhere you haven’t been. Being in awe is key.

Be thankful. I find that it’s easiest to relieve myself of stress when I am grateful for the opportunities to travel, for the beautiful sights around me, for the people I get to spend it with.

Find the humor. Laugh at wrong turns and full campgrounds. Laugh with little kids and fellow fishermen.

Be open to a new perspective. You will learn new things about yourself as you “tune in.” Be open to it.

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+How do you tune in to tune out stresses?

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Beautiful photographs. It’s easy to get too caught up in the everyday life, getting away from it all is much needed. I go on daily walks when the sun goes down to tune out just for a little while. It makes all the difference.

The Wanderful Soul Blog

Such beautiful and peaceful landscapes!


These photos are wonderful, I like nature images too much. I love to enjoy my free time with nature

Gorgeous photography! I recently did a month-long road trip across the US and I can completely stand by this list.


Wonderful photographs! It made me feel calm as soon as I saw it. I can never get as good images as that with my iphone – because I’m an iphone only photographer. :)

Best advice ever!! And for your positive energy and enthusiasm for the Love of life and seeing what is out there for us to Seek out in this beautiful country. I appreciate your time to get the message out to be in the moment and let go of the stress of life for a LITTLE while longer…