THE End of Summer Bucket List

Twenty things to do before summer is over. 

With summer officially ending in just over a month, my weekends are fast becoming last-minute hurrahs as I grow anxious knowing that trips with friends, beach days, and summer cookouts are coming to an end. It’s similar to that all-too-familiar Sunday night feeling, knowing Monday morning is staring you in the face. To alleviate some of that end-of-summer depression, please find our must-do ultimate bucket list (for every type of girl). Whether you’re a musical mama, introspective introvert, fashionable femme, free spirit or health nut, we’ve got you covered so you can end the season with a bang.


+What do you want to add to this list? Share in the comments. 

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6 years ago
6 years ago

So many wonderful things still to do.
1. Visit a winery – maybe some people can’t, but I can.
2. Eat more summer fruit – before it’s too late
3. Get up early and walk along the beach
I will have trouble finding a drive-in movie theatre, but there are movies in the park; take a chair, a cushion and bug spray.
I have to confess though, that I live in the southern hemisphere and although I am looking forward to summer, I am planning what else I need to do before the end of winter.
Your bucket list reminds me of the good things coming up.

6 years ago

Swimming, swimming, swimming. ALL THE TIME.

6 years ago

Oooh I love this. Some things I’ve gotten to cross off this summer! Other things are still pending but hopefully I’ll get to cross off still a few more over these next few weeks!

6 years ago

-Host a homemade pizza making party
-Go paddle boarding
-Drink rose in the park

I love this. I get nostalgic at the end of summer every year. Last year we were planning our boho vintage wedding and this year celebrated our first anniversary with lots of bike rides, picnics and adventures near and far. There was lots of food in there too! Your suggestion of picking up a thrift store dress reminded me of the summer in Thailand when an impromptu swim led to my clothes being stolen and a lovely Swedish lad running to a thrift store to buy me a new dress. It’s now one of my favourite summer frocks

4 years ago

Hey ! Loved this post when it first was published, & this bucket-list still rings true now that Summer ’18 has also come to a close. I posted on my blog recently about how to handle the seasonal transitions without losing your sh*t, basically. I’d love if you could check it out! xx Lyss