Finding Balance: LA Eats

Two LA-based venues that stole my heart through my appetite for health…

This post comes to us from nutritionist and model, Courtney James.

Although healthy, organic eating spots are proliferous in this city. I’ve spent a few days in Los Angeles working and stumbled upon a few places worthy of a mention, as they encompass so much more than just food.

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The Springs in downtown LA boasts an amazing menu including kombucha on tap, homemade sprouted seeded breads and homemade coconut yoghurt and nut milks. Not to be outdone, they also offer treatment services including massages, facials, colonics and nutritional counseling, with an infrared sauna available to use after a treatment or yoga class.

Infrared saunas are an excellent way to “sweat it out,” as they improve blood circulation, detoxification, relaxation, lowered blood pressure and weight loss. By emitting light waves, these saunas create heat in the body, which creates a parasympathetic healing effect (which reduces stress levels) — another amazing self-care ritual to add to the weekly routine.

Their crystals are laid out beautifully — descriptions included — with some in glass cabinets and others on the open tables… I was drawn to the ‘adventurite‘ crystal, of course (for the adventure-loving-Sagittarian over here!). Everything around us possesses an energetic vibration, and crystals have been proven to vibrate at a very high frequency, exactly why it’s beneficial to keep them on or around us! It’s literally like having a piece of the Earth in our pockets.

A magical place with awesome food and a cool, chilled-out vibe, The Springs also offers free essential oil classes, using the well-renowned and pure oils by ‘DoTerra’. (One drop of peppermint, for example, is equivalent to 28 peppermint tea bags!) Their oils aid nearly every health ailment (and even emotional challenge) imaginable. One thing to note about DoTerra — they take complete care of the farmers from whom they source their ingredients, ensuring their farms and even homes are cared for so they may continue to produce oils at the highest quality.

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If you find yourself between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, don’t miss Backyard Bowls, another amazing LA joint which specializes in acai smoothies and nourishing, grain bowls. I ‘ve become somewhat of a regular, as I’ve had many acai bowls in my time and find their ‘Coco-cado’ bowl to be the best I’ve ever had — thick and creamy and not too acai-y. ;)  My friend sampled their savoury bowl, made up of mashed roast sweet potato, beluga lentils, sprouts, brown rice and delicious tahini dressing. Nothing short of delicious.

Make sure to hit up these wonderful establishments when you’re hanging out on the West Coast!

Love, light and LA vibes your way, CJ

Follow Courtney here and via Instagram.

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5 years ago

I’ve been wanting to check out The Springs for a while and now I really want go after reading this post, the food sounds healthy yet delicious! Can’t wait to check it out sooner than later :)


5 years ago

Everything looks great!

5 years ago

Backyard Bowls is my favorite! Can’t wait to try The Springs out!