Why You Need: Detox

Discover the make-up of this incredibly beneficial supplement…

This post comes from women’s health specialist, Nicole Granato!

What it does: Gently cleanses the organs responsible for keeping your body balance, targeting the bowels, liver and kidney, and freeing up any blockages that are keeping you from your true glow.

Benefits: Improved digestion, glowing skin, increased energy, hormonal balance, strong hair & nails, improved sex drive, improved sleep quality

Ingredients: Bladderwrack powder, dandelion root powder, ginger root extract powder, milk thistle powder, peppermint seed powder, turmeric root powder, barley grass powder, marshmallow root powder, irish moss powder, manjistha root powder and guduchi stem powder.

Usage: 1 month supply — May be taken daily or as part of a monthly cleanse. Add it to a smoothie, juice or water depending on your preference.



Bladderwrack is best known for improving thyroid function. It’s often administer to those with thyroid issues to reduce swelling, reduce inflammation and improve achy joints… also known to prevent hardening arteries connected to heart attack and stroke.

Ginger root is well-known in preventing cancer, shrinking tumors and cycsts, improving digestion, reducing inflammation, easing PMS, relieving migraines and aiding in the prevention of colon cancer.

Milk thistle seed supports a healthy nervous system, skin health, acts as a powerful antioxidant in liver tissues, protects against free radical damage, and supports the regeneration of healthy liver cells.

Turmeric root powder supports a healthy immune system, brain function, a healthy digestive system, a healthy circulatory system, healthy joint function, improves fertility in women, is a natural antiseptic & antibacterial agent, balances skin flora, helps to maintain healthy cells with support against free radicals

Manjistha root is known to lower blood pressure, prevents clots in small arteries feeding the heart, is an anti-inflammatory helping with arthritis and detoxing the liver, treats acne and eczema (an antibacterial agent).

Guduchi stem treats digestive aliments and abdominal pain, improves energy, betters complexion, improves health and enhances memory.

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6 years ago

Love this article, along with your page!
Keep up the great content.
Follow me or check out some of our info below. – Great minds think alike ;)

XOXO, Tia McDonald

5 years ago

Nice blog….. keep it up
The detox is a natural method of assisting the body in eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter.
In detox, there are many ways to detox your body Like using detox food, detox water, and detox foot bath machine.