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The authenticity of our FP Me girls continues to shine brighter than any star…

Gloss through our most recent catalog, and you’ll no doubt stop on the FP Me muses making their cameo there. Without a doubt, we can all agree that they encapsulate what it means to be beautiful, shining endlessly in genuine excitement and love. Read on to learn a bit about their experience, and the regimens they can’t live without.





10 words that describe your catalog shoot experience.

Family, Empowering, Fun, Relaxing! I have been working with the FP Me community for over 3 years now. It’s so fun seeing the same people.

Favorite flaw…

My gap in my teeth. I used to hate it growing up and begged my mom for braces… thankfully, she ignored me.

Best tip for attaining — or keeping — inner beauty?

Love yourself. Inner beauty is all about self-acceptance and self-love. Don’t look for images or references of something or someone who doesn’t look like you. Surround yourself with images and people that love you and empower you.





10 words that describe your catalog shoot experience.

Quick, fun, exciting, fashionable, happy, exhilarating, liberating, beautiful, meaningful, bright.

Favorite flaw…

I would say my freckles; I know a lot of people think they are flaws but I love them! I miss them so much during the winter. I can go without makeup all summer because my freckles add so much personality to my face — I’d never want to cover them!

Best tip for attaining — or keeping — inner beauty? 

Inner beauty is so tricky. I feel like so many people focus on outward beauty and what society perceives as beautiful that they don’t take the time to put in that hard work that goes into being a good person and finding that inner beauty because it’s not always necessarily noticed.  This is the beauty that lasts. I have learned that focusing on being the best person you can be, not comparing yourself with others, and focusing on being selfless with strong inner values is what will help you achieve and keep inner beauty. Looks fade — you need so much more than that. As I get older, I realize this more and more. I am nowhere near perfect but it is something I try to work on every day!



10 words that describe your catalog experience. 

Surreal, Humbling, Nerve-racking, Exciting, Alluring, Welcoming, Eye-opening, Informative, Inspiring, Unique.

Favorite flaw…

My height. A beauty and a curse all in one. Because being a 5’11” woman has its pros and its cons, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Best tip for attaining – or keeping – inner beauty?

A positive mindset. Where your thoughts go, you go.




10 words that describe your catalog shoot experience.

Sunday, relaxing, soft, warm, sparkle, touch, grin, connect, look, light.

Favorite flaw…

This is a hard one. I love when things aren’t perfect. When things are just a little off or not to your typical beauty standard. For me, it’s my cheeks. I used to hate how round they always made my face but, as I get older, I have grown to love them as something unique.

Best tip for attaining — or keeping — inner beauty?

Attaining or keeping inner beauty has a lot to do with the relationship you have with yourself just as much as it does other people. If you can’t accept yourself the way you are, even all the little things you might hate, how will you ever accept other people? I don’t think inner beauty is about always being nice or perfect all the time, I think it’s about having empathy and being genuine and pure in your actions in every aspect of your life.




10 words that describe your catalog shoot experience.

Unforgettable, cool, nerve-racking, magical, quick, gratifying, memorable, welcoming, FUN, ican’tbelievethathappenedomg.

Favorite flaw…

My petite, 5’3″ frame <3 A physical trait that has held me back in some ways, but I am empowered by it. We live in an exciting time where beauty standards are slowly shifting and becoming more inclusive.

Best tip for attaining — or keeping — inner beauty?

— Find your passion and allow it to fully consume you. The most beautiful people I know are passionate.

— Practice empathy, daily. Make a point to listen more than you speak. Use your hands, time and funds to help others.




10 words that describe your catalog shoot experience.

Liberating, friendly, empowering, collaborative, lovely, refreshing, real, humbling, relaxed, and fun.

Favorite flaw…

While I don’t consider them to be a flaw anymore, when I was a kid I was embarrassed of my freckles. I didn’t like them, and in junior high tried to cover them with makeup. Now I absolutely love them and think they are one of my favorite features.

Best tip for attaining — or keeping — inner beauty?

Being kind. We’re living in a very divisive time, and while a lot about the future looks bleak, keeping that light inside of you alive is key. Don’t give up

+How do you keep YOUR inner beauty? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Well done beautiful girls!!! The Spirit shines thru you all so magnificently! Thankyou Emily Sellers. I am Annie Sellers Cole❤️

this post is so beautiful! love the spirit and natural beauty of these ladies


Im so proud of you Michelle Collins <3