Creative Workouts You Can Do At Home: Part 2


The second part of our latest movement series with friend and fitness instructor, Tanya Poppett. 

As temperatures dip in the Northern Hemisphere, it can become increasingly difficult to motivate yourself to get out and work out. But there are plenty of ways to implement a killer workout within your home life.

In this second workout, we are using the couch as an elevated surface to engage key muscle groups and get the most out of these 4 exercises. Here’s the rundown: perform each move for 35 seconds with a 20-second rest. Complete 4 rounds.

Single Leg Squat Combo. This combo is great for toning the legs, strengthening the core and improving balance and stability.


Begin with your weight in the heel of your right leg. Keep your left leg straight as your raise it off the ground. Brace your core as you sit your bottom towards the couch. As your bottom just touches the couch you will need to use your glute strength to power you back up to standing position. Once you re-reach the top, pivot on your right leg and sink back into a traditional squat. Make sure you keep your chest lifted as you move throughout this exercise.

Tricep Kicks. Triceps can be a weak point for a lot of people. This tricep dip uses your body weight to target and strengthen the back of the arms.


Place your palms down on the couch in a comfortable position in close to your body (in line with both hips). Keep your elbows squeezed toward each other and lower down, keeping your back parallel to the couch. Stop when your elbows and shoulders are in one straight line and squeeze it back up. If you begin to feel a pull in your shoulders, you may be going too far down.

Push-up Climbers. This is another great move for the upper body, strengthening the arms, chest and core.


Begin in a push-up position with your hands elevated on the couch and pull up through the belly button as you engage the core. Lead with the chest as you lower down into a push-up, keeping your shoulders in line with your wrists. As you push yourself back up, draw each of your knees in towards the opposite elbow, staying strong and controlled.

Sit-back Burpees. We are combining strength, cardio and plyometrics with this full body move.


Begin in a squatting position and chest lifted as you sit back onto the couch. Rock back and propel yourself forward jumping your feet up and onto couch into the decline plank. Jump back to standing and repeat. Be conscious of your core when performing this exercise and don’t let those hips sag. If you would like to modify this move, one option to consider — step your feet onto the couch rather than jump.

Thank you Tanya! We’ll catch up with you next week for part 3.

Follow Tanya on Instagram and check out her website.

+ You can find all of Tanya’s creative and strengthening workouts, including part one of the series, here…

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Love the GIFs, but unfortunately, my living room is smaller than her bedroom…
– Charmaine


This is great and the GIFS make it look … easy (?) We shall see when ! I try today!!!! Thank you!!!!