How LA Does Fall Fashion


LA stunners Stephanie and Marissa show us how Angelenos transition into fall…

Fall style in Southern California is tricky, at best. Unlike our more temperate United of States, there are no true distinctions between summer from fall — no howling winds or freezing temps. Only slowly does summer drift away. Autumn mornings are chilly, but surely the fog gives way to a blazing sun and an 85-degree day is suddenly born. As the day saunters into night, cooler temps return again.

So how does one dress accordingly in the land of maxi dresses and sandals? LA fashion femmes Stephanie and Marissa are here with their own tips and tricks on seasonal dressing. Stephanie, originally from London, shares how moving to LA has changed her city style and Marissa, originally from LA, shows us how she layers her bohemian vibe. Check it out below.

Stephanie Tarling: @darlingtarlingg


Jacquard Block Jacket


Lieutenant Shirt Dress, Cyndi High Rise Flare, Reach For The Stars Ankle Boots

Where are you from, and how has that affected your personal style?

I’m originally from the UK,  a small village in the English Countryside. Growing up I would love heading into London, the fashion there is so distinct and edgy – but as we know it’s rather grey across the pond so I would say my Winter style is more affected, i.e. I love my navy Barbour Jacket, a classic quilted coat worn in England.
I used to see a lot of different patterns mixed together, textured layers combined, fun use of pantyhose (I see the glitter ones are now on the festive WANT list for this year)! You name it, but somehow all these elements were pulled off without effort — it made me realize that you can be bold and that you should!

How did your style change when you moved to LA?

LA began to mould my style – I abandoned most of my winter wardrobe, only used for trips up to Big Bear Mountain – and developed a deep LOVE for vintage clothing and the 60s/70s.

With warm weather being the norm, how do you know when it’s time to transition?

There comes a time in the year when you realize it’s freezing in the morning and boiling hot by noon and freezing by the evening again – that’s when you know it’s time for the secret of layers!

What are some of your favorite fall go-to pieces?

My Joe Lace-up boots are hands-down my favourite go-to. They go with EVERYTHING — even outfits you wouldn’t expect —  and keep those little leggies warm.
Statement belts: I wear more jeans in the fall/winter and I think statement accessories help get your personal style across. Belts are perfect for this! Scarves, particularly my mustard woolen one. I love knitted anything but with scarves you can take them off if you get too hot and leave them in your car or purse, which in this time of year is needed!

What does fashion mean to you?

I’m an actress and singer, so fashion has served as a way to express my personality and set me apart (in my eyes). It helped me build a sense of identity and confidence because I feel good in everything I put on – my rule is, if you don’t LOVE it, if it doesn’t make you feel special, it doesn’t belong on you. The only things that belong on your person are the things make you feel like YOU, and that means knowing that what you like isn’t what everyone else may like and that’s okay – your style is yours and that’s why it’s so fantastic. Be unapologetically you.

What advice would you give someone having trouble dressing for LA fall?

Layers, Layers Layers. Always wear a cute tee underneath a sweater, one that you like because the likelihood of you taking that sweater off by 1pm is high. Play with footwear and knee-high socks – we can get away with showing a little leg still even in our colder months. Invest in lighter jackets for the evenings because the temperature drops a lot a night.

What does every So cal girl need in her closet for fall?

Joe Lace-up BootsHunt The Plains Boots, black jeans (I prefer high waisted), knitted sweaters (for this season I’ve got my eye on the ‘Florence Cable Pullover’ in Orange from Free People). Also, get some slips (cotton or silk) & match them with knitted sweaters and boots. It’s a killer combo that’s not too warm but makes for a great go-to evening/day outfit.


Animal Instincts Dress, Squad Goals Vegan Leather Jacket, North Shore Heel Boot


Dream Cuff BlousePenny Pull On Cord Flare, Retro Jean Belt


Marissa Borovay: @Marissaborovay 


Eclair Lace Maxi Dress


Where are you from and how has that affected your personal style?

I grew up in Redondo Beach, California. I lived 5 minutes away from the beach, so a big part of my personal style is very beach-y and relaxed.

I try to mix the “casual beach look” with more sophisticated styles, and a lot of black leather.


What are some of your favorite Fall go-to pieces?

I love to wear long “midi” dresses and skirts with some tall black boots.

How would you describe your own style? Does it change with the season?

I like to channel 90s Angelina Jolie, with black leather pants and casual tank tops. I love the outlaw look. But, I also love long dresses and skirts during late summer and fall.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion allows people to convey their individuality. It’s an exciting, artistic way of expressing who you are. It gives me confidence and helps me display a sense of my personality.

What advice would you give someone having trouble dressing for LA fall?

For anyone having trouble dressing for LA fall, I would recommend wearing any favorite long dress or long skirt with some tall boots. Tall boots paired with a long skirt is an instant fall look, and can still be worn comfortably during warmer days. I would also recommend wearing velvet tank tops or shirts, paired with some groovy corduroys.

What does every So cal girl need in their closet for fall?

Anything velvet, corduroy, or (fake)-furred! Definitely some tall knee-high boots. If it’s too hot to wear long-sleeved/heavy items, I would recommend velvet tank tops, corduroy skirts/pants, and maybe some (fake)-fur-trimmed vests.


Shine Maxi Shirt Dress

+ What are your favorite go-to pieces for fall? Share in the comments. 

Photos by Tina Deleon. Follow Joanna on Instagram.

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My favorite go-to pieces for fall are boots (thigh high and ankle booties), bomber jackets, bodysuits and high-waisted jeans !!

I love her view on fashion and what it means to her.

I love your fashion sense and you look pretty awesome with those styles.