Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of November 21-27

Find out what’s happening in the stars this week…

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November 22–December 21

The sun arrives in your sign this week, infusing you with vitality and inviting you to focus on yourself in the coming month. This is your season to project your personality with gusto and to consider what you want out of life. Mercury in Sagittarius is gelling with Jupiter in your humanity zone, enhancing self-expression even further. Professional networking and communicating with friends and groups should be a success. However, Mercury’s run-in with Saturn can bring a note of caution and even inhibition, tempering your gregariousness at some point in the week. Your ruler, Jupiter, is sparring with Pluto in your worth house, suggesting that your evolving values or financial pressures may not mesh seamlessly with group goals. Venus gets involved too, intensifying a need and possibly leading you to demand too much. But thanks to Merc gelling with Uranus in your joy sector, your thoughts and speech will be full of humor and imagination, and you won’t feel bored. Happy birthday!



December 22–January 19

With the sun sneaking into the last house of your chart this week, your energy level may dip as you begin to wind down the year in preparation for your birthday season. This is a period for reflecting and releasing, so find peace and quiet when possible. Mercury is in that house as well, and it’s dovetailing with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, helping you to analyze the past, do mental work behind the scenes, research strategy for achieving a goal and gain insight into yourself. But Jupiter is clashing with Pluto in Capricorn, implying that your ambitions could drive you to operate in a controlling or even destructive manner, so do your best to modify your behavior. Venus in your sign is interacting with both Pluto and Jupiter, which could make you extra magnetic, but you might also notice disturbances in your interactions because you’re seeking intensity—consciously or unconsciously. Both your social life and love life may be a bit extreme now.



January 20–February 18

After the sun shows up in your humanity house this week, more of your attention will go toward friendships and various associations with groups, and you may feel increasingly motivated to socialize. Mercury is in that house, too, and it’s vibing with Jupiter in your exploration corner, encouraging you to learn from others and possibly travel with a group. This could also be an opportune time to envision new aspirations and figure out what you’ll need to learn in order to reach them. A Mercury-Saturn conjunction may help you to outline a plan with other people or network for your career. And Mercury’s connection with Uranus hints at spontaneous conversations and interactions. Since Jupiter is feuding with Pluto, your hopes for the future might clash with psychological turbulence related to the past. Your conscious, optimistic perspective could be undermined by subconscious troubles, and you might need to address what’s going on inside you. Letting go of an old love or desire can be freeing.



February 19–March 20

The sun’s ascent to the top of your chart nudges you to shine in public and/or in your profession in the coming month. This is a time of year for focusing on your reputation and the progress you’re making with your goals. Mercury in your ambition angle is syncing with Jupiter and Saturn, so professional planning and consulting another individual who can teach you something that will further your career are in order. Communication with higher-ups should go well, especially if you’ve done your homework. Since Mercury is also linked with change-oriented Uranus in your finance house, you might have a good opportunity to ask for a raise. Venus and Pluto in your network zone are fighting with Jupiter in your sharing sector, so friendship and intimacy won’t mesh easily, and trust, sex, jealousy or possessiveness could be issues. Be as truthful as you can be, and avoid obsessing. Putting others’ interests first might help you to avert a crisis.




March 21–April 19

When the sun arrives in your expansion corner this week, the emphasis on broadening your horizons increases, and you may feel inspired to study, travel, meet new people and have adventures. Mercury’s link with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle can coax you to explore the world with—or learn from—someone close to you. And Merc’s encounter with Saturn alludes to planning for the future, disciplined study, serious debate or a critical outlook. With Jupiter battling Pluto, partnership and goals are a tricky mix. You may be hoping for more support than you’re getting in your efforts to attain your objectives, or it could be challenging to maintain a healthy balance of power in a relationship. Perhaps you’re expecting someone to grow at the same pace or in the same direction as you. Be careful not to push anyone, especially an authority figure, to satisfy your own desires. A Mercury-Uranus connection hints that learning something new or getting out of your routine will feel liberating.



April 20–May 20

The sun dives into your depth sector this week, directing your attention to a close relationship, a passion project or your own psyche. Mercury is in that house and gelling with Jupiter, implying that talking about working on a relationship or giving some thought to improving your health, job or daily routine will be worthwhile. A Mercury-Saturn meetup hints at a serious conversation about sharing, trust or intimacy or particularly weighty introspection. Jupiter in your productivity corner is quarreling with Pluto in your exploration house, so you probably have a lot to do, but a dark outlook is making it harder for you to take care of business. You might have too much on your plate, believing that you have the power to take on the world. You could be seeking something different, such as a new relationship, and have high expectations for how it will transport you out of your day-to-day life. Look within for insight into your emotional wiring and your past.



May 21–June 20

With the sun crossing your one-on-one angle this week, you’re encouraged to continue to connect with other individuals. Don’t go it alone in the coming month because you’re bound to draw energy from your relationships. Your ruler, Mercury, is also in that part of your chart and vibing with Jupiter and Saturn, facilitating dialogue—possibly about love or commitment. Speak up, and have the courage to share what’s in your heart. But note that Jupiter is feuding with Pluto in your intimacy sector, suggesting that romance and sex could be quite complicated. If someone isn’t meeting your expectations or giving you what you feel you need, you’re likely to get into a conflict. Venus is also linked with Pluto and Jupiter, emphasizing your intense desire for closeness or sharing. You might want too much from another person and become obsessed or get into a power struggle. Mercury’s harmony with Uranus in your group zone means talking to friends can enlighten you.



June 21–July 22

Now that the sun is moving into your efficiency corner, you’ll have even more energy to devote to doing your job, taking care of daily responsibilities and boosting your health. Mercury’s meeting with Jupiter nudges you to analyze what can be done to improve your level of comfort or security or your family or living situation. And Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn means you’ll be able to concentrate on detailed mental work and think very critically, perhaps solving a problem. Venus in your one-on-one angle joins up with Pluto there, intensifying an attraction or creating turbulence in a relationship. Jealousy or control could be issues now. And Venus is also arguing with Jupiter, so your relatives or your underlying hopes may disrupt your rapport with someone. A Jupiter-Pluto disagreement hints that private expectations or inner confidence may drive change in a relationship. Meanwhile, a Mercury-Uranus confab facilitates intelligent work that helps you progress toward a goal or make a difference in your career.



July 23–August 22

The sun’s arrival in your joy sector this week can make you feel more free to express your personality and enjoy life to the fullest. In the coming month, you’ll be extra playful and will be inclined to do as you please. Mercury is also in that house and meshing with Jupiter, facilitating heartfelt communication and creative thinking. Merc’s rendezvous with Saturn could lend a serious tone to conversations and get you to think hard about what will make you happy. A Jupiter-Pluto disagreement suggests that applying a no-limits mindset to a work or health situation could be problematic, and you may be getting ahead of yourself, assuming you can do too much. Venus is involved in this skirmish as well, meaning a work-related relationship or your dealings with people you interact with on a daily basis could suffer. Mercury’s alliance with Uranus can inspire you to adopt a fresh perspective, enabling you to envision a change in circumstances.




August 23–September 22

The sun dips down to the bottom of your chart this week, calling for you to turn inward and focus on your private thoughts and feelings. Home is especially important to you now, as you’re interested in peace and comfort. Mercury is clicking with Jupiter in your worth house, possibly helping you to figure out how to increase your income, expand your resources or attain what you aspire to have. Mercury’s meetup with Saturn implies you’re thinking seriously about the past or your living situation, or you might have a heavy conversation with a parent. Venus in your joy sector is tangling with Pluto and Jupiter, and you may obsess over something or someone you desire as a result. A strong attraction combined with self-confidence can give you pleasure, but it could also seem overpowering. Splurges will be extra risky now. You might share your feelings with someone you trust or engage in self-reflection in search of psychological insights.



September 23–October 22

The sun’s entrance into your cognition-and-communication zone this week enlivens your thoughts and speech and speeds up the tempo of daily life. Mercury is in that house as well, and it’s clicking with Jupiter in Libra, helping you to learn and express yourself with confidence. Merc’s rendezvous with Saturn can lead you to take a somewhat cautious tone, but it can also result in very disciplined thinking and planning. Your mindset may blend optimism and pragmatism exceptionally well now. But Jupiter is sparring with Pluto in your foundation angle, so you could be torn between the future and the past, and emotional turbulence could undercut your personal growth. Your family is apt to seem resistant to a new you at this time, and your interactions with relatives may be challenging, especially if you’re struggling for more control. Recognize that some changes will take longer than others, and be willing to confront your past in the process of building your future.



October 23–November 21

The sun leaves Scorpio this week and moves into your worth house, calling for you to focus on what you have, what you need and what’s most important to you. Mercury’s alliance with Jupiter can put you in touch with your spiritual values and get you thinking about how to use your personal assets and talents to benefit others. A Mercury-Saturn meetup alludes to practical assessment of finances and possessions and should persuade you to spend cautiously. Merc’s harmony with Uranus can help you plan how to utilize your resources to effect change in your work or daily life, and thoughts about new income-generating work are another possibility. Venus, Jupiter and Pluto are fighting with each other, generating several potential scenarios. You might fixate on a particular desire or notice turbulence in your everyday interactions. Subconscious hopes and expectations can cause you to speak with unintended force, or an active imagination might lead you to voice suspicions—so be careful what you say.

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