Taos — Vapour’s Beauty Wonderland

The founders of one of our fave beauty brands share their thoughts on Taos and its inhabitants — a little bit pioneer, a little bit outlaw, a little bit adventurer and a lot of art.

Art and alchemy merge in Taos, NM, where founders Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley create Vapour Beauty.  A muse for infinite creativity, Taos has a light and energy all its own that inspires Vapour’s unique formulas. Living close to the elements and being surrounded by the magic of Taos allows us to connect with authentic beauty, both inside and out.

The natural landscape of Taos is both rugged and vast. High-desert mesas and the deep Rio Grande gorge contrast with the jutting mountains and rushing waters. The expansive sky and crystalline light wrap around it all to influence everything and everyone here.


Every mile of land here is saturated with human story. Tiwa-speaking Pueblo Natives have tended the spirit of this place for thousands of years. Some Hispanic families here trace their roots back to the conquistadors who arrived long before the United States existed. ‘Anglos’ first arrived as mountain men, outlaws and adventurers. Taos’ rich history of ancient and multicultural traditions mingling with inventors, free thinkers and artists, results in a distinct creative atmosphere.

Kristine says the movement of weather across sky and landscape has always influenced her painting. “It is a very unconventional and free-thinking person that thrives in Taos. Because of the land, because we know that it’s more powerful than we are. People here really accept that as part of their daily life. It’s important to live a sustainable life here, because of how close we are to the land.”


Taos invites spiritual revelation — the energy here is stimulating, catalytic and awakens clarity. The rugged landscape teaches us that we can thrive in any condition, but only with a willingness and ability to adapt. We think differently when we can see the vast horizon line. It literally opens up new pathways in the brain and allows for expansive ideas and new solutions.

“At the end of the workday I sit outside, become still and expand my awareness to the sky,” says Krysia. “I find that staring out at the blue sky, beyond the clouds and weather, clears all mental activity of the day. It brings a quiet, clear, open state of being. I have been ‘sky gazing’ for over twenty years in Taos and just recently learned that it is a formal Tibetan practice from the meditation tradition of Dzogchen, which aims to cultivate resting the mind in a natural state, free from conceptual elaborations. Wow.”


Krysia says that Taos empowers us to be unconventional and true to ourselves. “It encourages us to listen to our intuition and trust our inner sense of direction. We are out here on the land, in the elements, steeping in the creativity of the Earth herself, and Vapour is a tangible reflection of this.”

“The magical mix that makes Taos Taos, also makes Vapour different from any other brand.” Kristine sums it up, “It’s a little bit pioneer, a little bit outlaw, a little bit adventurer and a lot of art. I think we’re very much of this place.”

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Jennifer Kuykendall
7 years ago

Love, love, love your site! The words, photography, paintings are so freeing and inspiring to me. I’ve never ordered the clothes before, trying to be frugal so we can escape this rat race here in Texas ;but , i like it!!! You ladies are so lucky and you inspire me to get back with my creative side, do something I love and be free! Waiting to hear back from my oncologist tomorrow re some tests I had, fighting,and go with my faith in God to heal me and keep me clean and clear!!! My fight has also kept me from “doing” a few days but, never stopped completely and never quit dreaming! Your blog has really helped me get back into the spirit of things!!!
Thank you!
Jennifer Kuykendall