Orange is the New You

From boosting your immune system to protecting your skin, see why this citrus fruit is your new best friend …

This winter, you will never find me without… an orange. For years, they’ve served as my secret to staying out of the doctor’s office. Not only do they feed my daydreams of warmer weather, but they are packed peel to pulp with antioxidants and vitamin C. Here are five reasons why you, too, should consider eating more oranges!!

Protect your Skin. Hello antioxidants, beta carotene to be exact. Oranges are packed with them, which aid the fight against aging skin!

Prevent Viral Infections. Polyphenols, compounds found in natural plant food and over 8,000 identified in oranges fight off viruses and serious infections.

Boost Brain Function. One orange alone provides approximately 10% of the folate compound used to develop new neurons.

Purify your blood. It’s all about the citrus… which contains blood purifying effects.

Increase your immunity. Ok, ok the reason we are all here — vitamin C! The best-known advantage to eating an orange — increasing and even preserving your immunity. Goodbye flu season!

Inspired to eat an orange yet? Just remember to eat a full orange. Mixing it with champagne doesn’t quite cut it (although it doesn’t hurt) and try to always buy organic when able. Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with an abundance of toxin these days — organic is ALWAYS your best bet if you want to fully indulge in the magic that this piece of fruit holds.

+ What is YOUR superfood of choice? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 years ago

Great photos :O)

7 years ago

I didn’t knew a small orange has so many benefits. Loved it. Thanks for the info.
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