What Are You Telling Yourself?

Mental health

It’s our obligation as vibratory beings to raise out of our perpetuated thought pattern and look at our situation from a different perspective…

Without notice, it arrives. The vulnerability and discomfort of one’s current space, removed from what once felt warm and calming. Fear seeps into every crevice of the mind. Static and exhausted until resolution can be achieved. Breath aligns mind with body and, with each exhale, the scaling of gray begins to peel away. I am back home. I am safe…

Recognize, accept and let go.

It’s a strange feeling, maybe you’ve felt it before. When walls wear thin, thoughts may come creeping in… feelings of anxiety, distress, confusion and fixation. But I began to pull myself out of this place, the first step being recognition. I recognized my thoughts as they appeared, without judging them as good or bad. I then began to accept my thoughts. In the world in which we all live, we experience unparalleled stimuli, constantly bombarded by intense energies. While thoughts materialize in your mind, it’s crucial to remember that you are not your thoughts. They are simply an experience. From that acceptance grows freedom. You can then let go of those thoughts… centering your mind with your breath, maybe counting to ten, and moving on.  

Remain grateful for every emotion.

It’s our obligation as vibratory beings to raise out of our perpetuated thought pattern and look at our situation from a different perspective, aiming to be better every day. Fixating on negative emotions will only trap you in that space. Rather than feeling pity, or sulking in our feelings, we should always hold gratitude for every emotion, whether pleasant or disturbing. Once we achieve that gratification, every feeling becomes an experience from which to grow. For me, it took one quote to shift my reality completely.

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.” — Lisa Hayes  

Empower yourself and take action.

Start focusing on new thoughts, thoughts of empowerment. Write down personal goals, and replace ‘I will’ statements with ‘I am’ statements. “I am powerful, I am strong, I am free.”  Remember that everyone is fighting the good fight, so there’s no need to compare yourself to others. We are all on our own journey, unique to our being. Identifying with something you think you are is only aligning yourself with that frequency over and over again. Tell yourself a new story. It will take time and will require practice. But results require action.

So, what are you telling yourself?

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Lead image by Dane Bourdo.

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4 years ago

I really appreciate it when you post these articles geared toward mindfulness. Encourages me throughout the week to be myself.

4 years ago

I really like when you post the articles about helping yourself, very inspiring.

4 years ago

Beautifully well written blog on being mindful of your thoughts. You offer some great words of advice. Thank you for sharing.

4 years ago

Are their any good books that can help with this type of mindset as well?

4 years ago


Read and like it. Follow this link for more of my inspirationals. https://m.facebook.com/nspire50000/

Your gift makes you a genius. Discover it, nurture it and exploit it!

There is something of great importance that when exploited changes every person. It is something that has always been in you. It was with you before you were born. It is with you right now as you are reading this great piece of writing. God gives you that special gift for a purpose that must be fulfilled here on earth. The problem of life begins when you are not able to discover and exploit your special gift. This gift is spiritual and it is not limited by human circumstances. It is in the rich and the poor. It is in the deaf and the dumb. It is in every human born into this world. Once you can discover your gift, nurture it, exploit it with confidence, you must excel, no matter the circumstances involved. In the ancient times the purpose of apprenticeship kind of learning was for one to discover their gifts. The original purpose of education is the gradual discovery of your gift so you can focus on nurturing it, exploiting it for the benefit of yourself and the world at large. It is the discovery of your gift that brings out the real you and makes the attainment of other things that humans are clamouring for easier for you. The greatest error that must be avoided in life is the pursuance of wealth without discovering your gift. You can get the wealth but without discovering your gift which is connected to your divine purpose, you will end up using your wealth only for selfish motives and self aggrandisement and sometimes for personal pleasures that in the end ruins you and defeats the divine purpose why you were created. You must discover your gift, without which you will only continue to struggle with life unending opportunities. The discovery of this gift should have been the priority of our educational system, but unfortunately it is not. The onus then lies on you to discover your own gift in a world that is not interested in what is in you but in what it can get from you. Our educational system has gradually become part of the Job market, making discovery kind of learning that brings in real innovation and invention completely ignored. You might be wondering why it is always difficult to succeed in life. You might have thought it is more education that can help you. You might have also wondered if you needed more prayers. You may be thinking of changing your job. Changing your city or migrating into another country. All these are possible options that could be exploited but not the solution. What gives you everything on a platter of gold, no matter where you are, is the discovery, nurturing and exploitation of your special divine gift. This gift is in every human being for the benefit of all beings. When this gift is discovered and exploited, it sometimes bypasses human educational systems to excel and function in the real world. That is why the wisdom of Jesus as a little boy marvelled the high priests and learned Pharisees of his days. That is why the works of many great authors who had no formal education is still being studied in our Universities today. That is why a street originated singer with no formal education makes millions of dollars per annum while a college graduate yet to discover his gift, struggles to make even half of a hundred thousand dollars per annum. This is just to give you a practical example of the little benefit of discovering your gift. Your gift is your power to excel in this world, given to you by God for the greater benefit of everyone in the world. That is one of the mysteries about your gift. You have the freedom to use your gift the way you want, but never you forget that in the end you must give account to God your creator. Your gift is greater than gold and silver. Your gift is not in your education. Your gift is in you expressed always in your creativity, that little thing you have always known how to do even without a teacher, that thing you are always passionate about, that is your gift. Try with every effort, muster every strength, use every educational and spiritual tool available to discover your gift, then nurture it and exploit it for the benefit of the world .