A 5-Day Reset Guide: Day Three

 Connect to the energy of the day and sink into a calmness that will carry you through your daily activities…

This post comes to us from nutritionist Kristin Dahl


Morning time presents an ideal opportunity for you to set the tone for the day ahead. Today, create a morning and nighttime routine for yourself. A great habit to adopt? Upon waking, meditate for 5-15 minutes. Doing this before you look at your phone or computer allows you to connect to the energy of the day and sink into a calmness that will carry you through your daily activities.

Plan your workouts for the morning. That way you will be more inclined to stick to an exercise plan. Working out in the morning will also give you extra energy and regulate your blood sugar. Follow your workouts with abhyanga (self-massage) or dry brushing; both are helpful for creating qi flow in the body, moving stagnant energy and creating that inner to outer glow. Use body oil and massage yourself from head to toe with sweeping, energetic motion towards the heart to increase circulation.

Create a nighttime routine for yourself. In the evening, focus on winding down from the energy of the day… nothing stimulating 1 hour before bed; turn off all screens, read, listen to a guided meditation, stretch, practice deep breathing, use essential oils, take a salt bath. Have a cup of tea. The evening is a perfect time to journal or write a gratitude list as it helps us release stirring thoughts from our minds. Shoot for 8 hours of sleep a night and do your best to get to bed before midnight. Sleep is a KEY element to feeling your very best!

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  1. Amazing tips, thank you, To often I find myself overwhelmed with work and daily to do list, and leave the most important routines in the dust. We need blogs like this, to help remind us how important it is, to take that time in the morning and evening for ourselves.
    Thank you again.

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