Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 17–23

Preparing you for Mercury in retrograde…  

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April 20–May 20

Mars in Taurus has an uncomfortable encounter with Saturn this week, and you may have to adapt your actions to suit a partnership, meet an obligation to someone or deal with a private matter. The sun is vibing with Saturn, nudging you to do some soul searching and gain closure on an emotional issue to augment your inner strength. Soon after, the sun charges into your sign, infusing you with a welcome dose of vitality. Focus on yourself and express your personality freely in the coming month. The sun lends you extra charisma, so you can make a memorable impression during your birthday season. His rendezvous with Mercury retrograde will probably rev up your brain and get you thinking about personal choices and plans; when Mercury backs into the last house of your chart, you’ll become more circumspect and given to reflecting on the past, picking up on subtle signals and listening to your intuition. With the arrival of Mars in your worth zone, you might decide to tackle a project involving material possessions, and you’ll also be more inclined to fight for—or over—money and personal values. Plus you’ll be more impulsive when it comes to spending. Venus is squabbling with Saturn again, as she did a couple of weeks ago—underscoring the theme that good relationships are worth the work. Happy solar return!


May 21–June 20

This week’s sun-Saturn conference encourages you to collaborate and cooperate, as both teamwork and partnership are likely to be successful. With Mars in your subliminal corner battling Saturn, you could unintentionally do something that leads another person to put you in check. Keep an eye on the ways in which you might be working against yourself and against the interests of a relationship. Understanding your role and your agreements with others—explicit and implicit—will help you to maintain smooth relations. After the sun slips into your seclusion corner, you may require more downtime for quiet reflection. A sun-Mercury meetup can enliven your imagination and shed light on the past or on something in your subconscious. More rest is often called for while the sun is hiding out at the end of your chart, but with Mars moving into Gemini, you should have the stamina and drive to get a lot done and further your own agenda. Your assertiveness can border on dominance, so work independently whenever possible in the six weeks that follow. And with Mercury backing into your network zone, misunderstandings with friends and peers could crop up. Venus’s spat with Saturn is a repeat from a couple of weeks ago, when someone’s approval may have seemed hard to come by. Don’t get discouraged; constructive criticism can help you to polish your image.


June 21–July 22

The sun in your ambition angle joins forces with Saturn in your productivity corner this week, enabling you to shine based on the hard work you’ve been doing. If you’ve been quietly paying your dues, higher-ups could take notice now. This is a favorable transit for proving what you can do and plotting your career path with precision. Mars in your group house is at odds with Saturn, so teamwork or socializing may not mesh easily with personal responsibilities. Venus in your exploration sector is also clashing with Saturn, as she did a couple of weeks ago, pitting your desire for a change of scene against your workload. You may need to compromise, perhaps delaying a trip or adventure until you’ve crossed more off your to-do list. Note that being overly critical of difference can limit your opportunities to learn during this transit. As the sun segues into your group house, you’ll be in an increasingly sociable mood, and your connections with others gain importance. But with Mars sneaking into your seclusion zone, you should also spend some time alone toiling behind the scenes—perhaps on a project that will benefit others. As Mercury continues to backpedal, your communication with authority figures may suffer; make a point of doing more listening than talking. This would be a good time to revise a business plan or review your list of goals.


July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet is jibing with Saturn this week, hinting that getting out of your comfort zone will help you to prove something to yourself. By exposing yourself to new experiences, you can learn more about what you’re made of and what fulfills you. Take a well-calculated risk that’s apt to further your growth. Your happiness is hard-earned lately, and that makes it even more precious. A spat between Mars and Saturn means you’ll probably need to tweak your approach to find the right balance of work and play. Since Venus in your intimacy sector is also quarreling with Saturn—as she did a couple of weeks ago—sharing your feelings won’t come easily, and your desire for closeness could seem at odds with the work you’re doing to become a more well-rounded individual. Although you’re known for having a big heart, being selective about whom you share your whole self with wouldn’t be a bad idea now. After the sun climbs to the pinnacle of your chart, you’ll want to keep a high profile and earn notice in public or in your profession, but Mercury’s backspin into your expansion zone nudges you to review what you’ve learned and perhaps rethink future plans. Travel could get trickier, and revisiting a place you’ve been might make for an easier trip. Teamwork will prove productive as Mars barrels through your group zone in the next six weeks.


August 23–September 22

With Saturn camped out at the bottom of your chart for a few years, you’ve been dealing with a family or domestic problem or working to resolve an emotional issue or a lingering difficulty from your past. Mars in your expansion zone is at odds with Saturn this week, which could mean you need to rein in your wanderlust and stay home to take care of something more pressing. Venus in your one-on-one angle is also fighting with Saturn, renewing their disagreement from two weeks ago. Your family or home life may be affecting a relationship, or your mood could be inhibiting closeness. Perhaps you have a desire for companionship, but insecurity or a private challenge is preventing you from feeling completely connected. A sun-Saturn link implies that shining a light on something in your psyche can facilitate emotional growth, while confiding in someone you trust can help you to understand your past and yourself. And with Mercury backing into your depth zone, your mind may drift to an old loss or wound; searching for cathartic insight can further the healing process. After the sun segues into your expansion zone, you’ll feel more inspired to spread your wings by meeting new people, traveling and learning. As Mars ascends to your ambition angle though, your drive to accomplish your goals and make progress in your career will gain momentum for several weeks.


September 23–October 22

Communication is bound to be rather complicated this week, and not just because Mercury is traveling retrograde; Saturn in your mindset-and-speech zone is clicking and clashing with a few other planets. His battle with Mars in your depth sector suggests that your efforts to get to the bottom of something in your psyche, to share yourself with someone or to get what you need from outside resources will have to be modified, as they’re somehow at odds with your attitude or statements. And your ruling planet is sparring with Saturn, as she did a couple of weeks ago, possibly causing your health, job satisfaction or coworker relations to suffer due to negativity or uncommunicativeness. A mental block might be keeping you from enjoying your day or putting work into a relationship. Fortunately, the sun is vibing with Saturn, paving the way for productive dialogue and helping you to express yourself responsibly and maturely. One-to-one interactions can be highly informative, and effective partnership will make you feel poised and prepared. After the sun moves into your depth sector and aligns with Mercury, psychological self-inquiry is likely to pay off. Mercury’s backspin into your relationship angle could mean revisiting a discussion, reconnecting with a past partner or rethinking your connections with other individuals. After Mars blasts into your exploration house for a six-week visit, you’ll have the courage to take more risks and fight for your beliefs.


October 23–November 21

Mars is out of sync with Saturn this week, so limited self-esteem or funds could throw a wrench in a partnership or provoke a conflict, and you may need to adjust your approach. Venus in your joy sector is also feuding with Saturn, as she did two weeks ago, and tight finances or dwindling confidence may impinge on fun, romance or creativity. Not having what you want when you want it could be getting you down, but you can assess what you have going for you and work out how you might fulfill your potential—and find love and happiness—given the resources that are at your disposal. Again, work with what you’ve got instead of focusing on what you lack. Luckily, the sun in your efficiency corner is gelling with Saturn, implying that hard work and diligent focus on the tasks at hand will slowly pay off, fortifying your financial picture and making you feel more in control. With the sun crossing your one-on-one angle and Mars moving into your sharing sector, this is a very relationship-oriented time of year for you, so don’t go it alone. You can learn a lot about yourself through your encounters with other individuals and should make an effort to cooperate effectively. Mercury continues to backtrack, causing scheduling snags and crossed wires that could test your patience. Reorganize your workspace, rethink your routine, review health matters or refresh your skillset.


November 22–December 21

Saturn in Sagittarius is agreeing and arguing with a few other planets this week, providing you with highs and lows to navigate as best you can. His conflict with Mars hints that you’re willing to work hard but could become too fussy about the best way of doing things and end up getting in your own way. Flexibility can help you to remain productive. Venus is also sparring with Saturn, picking up their fight where they left off a couple of weeks ago. You may crave downtime at home but can’t allow yourself to completely unwind. Or maybe you’re having a hard time getting along with family or housemates and are feeling uncharacteristically serious. This planetary combo offers an opportunity to tackle a domestic project—possibly an aesthetic or culinary one. The sun is meshing with Saturn, so a creative endeavor could be quite successful, and you’re apt to feel more in charge of your own happiness. You can strike a good balance between playful and ambitious now. With the sun entering your efficiency corner, you’ll be increasingly focused on getting a lot done, and Mars’s arrival in your relationship angle nudges you to recruit a partner for your activities. Mercury’s backspin into your joy sector might lead you to reminisce about a past love or have difficulty expressing your feelings. Try to find different ways of conveying what’s in your heart, and consider revising a piece of creative writing.


December 22–January 19

Your ruling planet is engaged in a couple of skirmishes this week, and since he’s hiding out in the last house of your chart, you’ll need to keep an eye on your subconscious motives. His quarrel with Mars puts your pleasurable pursuits at odds with inner doubt, guilt or regret—or the necessity of wrapping up more serious business. Try not to undermine a shot at fun or happiness. His spat with Venus carries over from a couple of weeks ago, when skepticism and fear may have darkened a sunny mindset or introversion kept you from socializing. Check in with yourself and acknowledge what’s going on in the back of your head, but don’t let negativity spoil a good mood. The sun’s collaboration with Saturn should help you to tune into your private thoughts and feelings, and quiet alone time might be incredibly fruitful. Introspection can enable you to accept yourself and to come to terms with the past. With Pluto turning retrograde in Capricorn, your personal transformation process becomes even more deeply internal for the next five months, and you’re called to slow down to take stock of the changes you’ve been going through. After the sun enters your fulfillment zone and Mars enters your productivity corner, you’ll be alternating between work and play. You’ll have the drive to accomplish many tasks in the comings weeks but should also leave some time for fun.


January 20–February 18

A summit between the sun in your thinking-and-talking corner and Saturn in your humanity sector this week implies you’ll be able to express yourself well in a group setting and may participate in a successful collaboration or find the right role for yourself in an organization. This could also be an excellent opportunity for professional networking, so reach out to contacts who can guide you on your path. Mars is squabbling with Saturn, and as a result, you’ll probably end up having to juggle your obligations to friends or peers with something you’re involved in at home or something you’re doing for a family member. Venus in your worth house is renewing her fight with Saturn that began two weeks ago, indicating a potential conflict with a group over possessions, money or values. And again, social morals might curtail self-indulgence at this time. Reevaluate your wish list and put your priorities in order rather than fretting over others having what you want. With the sun descending to the foundation of your chart, you’ll become more focused on your private emotions and your home life and may need quiet time to reflect. At the same time, Mars is marching into your joy zone, motivating you to get out and have fun. In the next six weeks, you’ll feel more emboldened to gamble a bit and go after what you want.



February 19–March 20

Saturn has been hanging out at the top of your chart for a few years now, reinforcing your ambition and giving you an opportunity to make a strong impression—for better or for worse. If you’ve been paying your dues, you may earn a position of responsibility, but if you’re not prepared, you could find yourself in the spotlight and falling short of public, professional or parental expectations. Saturn’s encounter with the sun in your worth zone this week hints that self-confidence and smart use of your talents and resources will help you to shine—and this planetary combo could also mean that career success will bolster your finances. Since Saturn is squabbling with Mars, you should be careful to tone down assertiveness around authority figures and adjust your eagerness when more patient game-planning is called for. Venus in Pisces is arguing with Saturn again, as she did a couple of weeks ago, so it could feel hard to win over higher-ups, and your social life may conflict with your ambition. Again, examine your image and how well it’s working for you in personal, professional and public arenas. With the sun and Mars both changing signs, your mind and your daily life continue to be busy, and you might be traveling or simply engaging in many interactions—but family and home will also require your attention at times.


March 21–April 19

The sun in Aries is clicking with Saturn this week, inspiring you to actively learn more about the world and make discoveries about yourself in the process. You may experience a moment of being exactly where you should be in your life, and this feeling can encourage you to keep working hard to build your future. You’re striving to understand how the game of life is played and you’re seeking concrete meaning, not just abstract concepts. This planetary pairing will help you to apply such meaning to your own life in your quest to find your place in the world. The Venus-Saturn battle from a couple of weeks ago is starting up again, pitting a subtle desire to let go and drift against the aforementioned drive to get your ducks in a row—and you may opt to take turns satisfying each side. With Mercury backpedaling into your sign, you’ll probably start to feel tongue-tied; don’t try too hard to articulate your thoughts. Mulling over personal matters, rethinking a decision and contemplating the image you’re projecting would be an appropriate use of this phase. After the sun segues into your worth house, you’ll be more focused on your values, finances, material needs and possessions. Meanwhile, the arrival of Mars in your thinking-and-talking corner can speed up the pace of your daily life, motivate you to fight for your ideas and make you more active in your community.

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