Our Go-To Spring Bucket List

It’s the middle of the week, the weather’s getting warmer, and I’m completely inspired to create a must-do bucket list for the season….

My bucket lists have always tended to go a little overboard, reading something like: go to Morocco, Bali and Coachella. All in one season. I don’t know about you, but just reading that sentence aloud makes my wallet feel like it’s burning. So, this time, I decided to approach my list a little more realistically. One comprised of things that I could accomplish. Remember, realistic doesn’t have to mean less exciting. I’m completely fired up by this list, which is not finished at the moment, but off to a good start. It’s a mix between super duper fun things, and smaller goals I’ve been hoping to complete. The overall theme — wellness. Wellness that is not just for me, but for Mother Earth. Spring is when she thrives, with new life and fresh buds. I hope to give a little back to the both of us.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Take A Composting Class.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to compost, but have never taken the first step to get there. Signing up for a class with my friends will provide a chance for us to do something different, AND meaningful, and offer the push to start making some changes in my life.

Plant Wildflowers For The Bees.

The bees are struggling, and desperately need our help. I’ll be checking this box off my list over the weekend, as I head to the plant shop and snag some wildflower seeds to plant. I can’t wait to see the beauty that comes of it.

Preserve Jar.

I preserved a jar of Meyer lemons last month and, my goodness, what a treat. I’ve been tossing them into dressings, salads and snacks. Adding this to my bucket list will yield a season full of fresh produce to pickle, keeping both my fridge and gut happy.

Buy a Plane Ticket.

Traveling is still on my list, but this provides me with a better opportunity to research before putting everything in one list and not doing any of it. Buy ONE ticket, research, and make a plan for a future trip. Realistic goals, my friends.

+ My list will probably grow more and more, and I’d love to hear what fun things you babes are thinking. What are some other things that I should add to my list?

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I’ve never tried any of the things on your list. While some of the outdoorsy stuff might not be available here in the city, I definitely need to try preserving something. What a great idea!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

A spring bucket list is a fantastic idea. I love that her goals are obtainable and fresh.

3 years ago

Adding a compost class to my list! Thank you!

3 years ago

A few ideas for your list…
-sleep on the beach
-go on a bike ride
-visit the zoo

Mary. Ann
3 years ago

Every month I make an effort to try a new spice in my meals that I prepare. One of my goals is to travel to a place each month that I have never been before. It doesn’t have to be very far. Each time , I learn something new, it broadens my perspective .
I enjoy learning something new every day that enrich my life.

3 years ago

Wow, Ideas is very good. Thanks