What This Mercury Retrograde Wanted Your Sign To Know

The Numinous’ Ruby Warrington sheds some light on just why we’ve felt so out of whack the past few weeks…

Today we can say buh-bye to another Mercury retrograde phase. Praise be! The planet of communication has been doing its backwards thing since April 9, bringing all the usual crossed wires and techno fails. Or perhaps you realized (as I did) that you’d gone and scheduled a bunch of super important projects for the same week, and wound up (yup, like me!) chasing your tail when you needed to be focused and channeling your A-game.

But guess what? As with all life’s challenges, Merc throws these curveballs our way to make us harder, stronger, faster, yo! In fact, whenever a planet is in retrograde (FYI, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are all in retro right now too) it’s kind of like we’re being handed a cosmic test. And with Mercury, this always relates to how we communicate and receive information.

Here’s what this Mercury retrograde wanted your sign to know. How to ace the test? Read the questions for both your Sun and Rising signs below to get a more complete picture, then use them to journal it out and uncover ways to integrate the lessons in your life. (If you don’t know your Rising sign, you can do your chart for free here. You’ll need to know your time of birth to the nearest hour).


What have I learned about abundance? The times I felt the most pleasure this month were … . And what situations allowed me to see myself as others do? How can I be more authentically me?


How have my actions impacted others? Did I accidentally hurt somebody’s feelings? How? What have I learned about compassion as a result? How can I cultivate more empathy?


When was I forced to let go control? Who did I learn I could trust as a result? Could I lean on this person, or group of people, more often? What else have I learned about friendship?


Who in my “team” did I feel let down by this month? Why? What did this show about my own abilities? How does it feel to be taking on more responsibility? Can I reach even higher?


What new information has been revealed about my career? The opportunity in this for me is … . What have I learned about the way the world works? What am I seeing differently?


What core belief has been challenged this month? What is most exciting about this? My soul has  been feeling turned on by … . What am I feeling called to explore about my sexuality?


The most transformational experience of the past month has been … . What did this show me I am ready to evolve? Who are the people the “new me” feels most connected to?


What do I now know need in a partnership? The situation that showed me this has been … . What could be the long term impact of this on how I am of service in the world?


What have I been shown about my day-to-day work life? The times I felt the most creative this month have been … . What has boosted my self-confidence? What was most fun?


Where was there a conflict between my inner and outer worlds? What old habits came back to haunt me? What triggered this? I have felt the most at home the past month when I … .


How has my home life been evolving? Could this have an impact on how I communicate? Who have I most enjoyed talking to this month? Why? Who have I been missing?


What idea just won’t leave me alone? Can I dedicate some time to this now? How could this also become a source of income? What have I learned about my finances this month?


+ Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High Vibe Life by Ruby Warrington is out now on Harper Elixir.

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5 years ago

As always great post!

5 years ago

oh, i love learning about astrology- i didnt know about retrogades.
very cool!


5 years ago

I want to read about Mercury in Retrograde but i like your regular astrologer better. Her horoscopes are so freakin accurate. This is nebulous as my dad would say! Her lipstick slays tho lol.

5 years ago

Who is this person? You guys usually have the best astrology! I literally read the Free People horoscope every week with my cuppa since it started! Tracy Allan reads my mind, I need her to tell me how to handle everything.

5 years ago

Scorpio should read what do i now know i need (you forgot the i)

5 years ago

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5 years ago

Very introspective. I feel like there’s a lot of truth to be learned from these questions that the retrograde incited. Will be exploring it more in tonight’s journaling. Thanks for sharing.


5 years ago

Ah really insightful post, I have no idea how free people discover the best astrologues! I hope we’ll be having both from now on, I’m also a Tracy’s fan!