FP Escapes: Nicaragua in Review

A look inside our latest FP Escape

This post comes from our Engagement Assistant, Emily Sellers

We’ve been on the road for a few hours, from the capital of Nicaragua to Maderas Village. As we maneuver each turn, our white pick-up truck is heading up a steeper, bumpier dirt road. I begin to question everything. Thinking “whoa, we are OUT here. This is so remote… where are we going? No one will be able to find us. What did we get ourselves into?”

Alas, we make it to the top of the final hill. Before us lies a jungle oasis that quite literally appeared out of thin air. Friendly, beautiful faces greet us at the lush garden gates of Maderas. Jaws have dropped in awe that this will be our home for the next 10 days. Every ounce of worry slips away.

This unique journey to Maderas set the tone for the week: stepping outside of our comfort zones, saying yes to the unpredictable, and transforming.

Each morning we awoke (and sometimes throughout the night) to birds singing, monkeys playing, and rain dropping on the dried palm roofs, and our bodies nourished with fresh tropical fruit, protein-packed vegetable dishes and the best avocados you’ve ever tasted.

Yoga practice was filled with playful, circular movements which helped validate the notion that nothing in life is linear.

And then there was the beach. A short – sometimes treacherous – walk down the hill revealed a quaint inlet of ocean framed by enormous rock formations. Everyone received a pair of Birkenstocks for the trip, which were ideal for our treks around the village. Safe to say we didn’t wear any other shoes. We surfed, we swam, we fell deep into reflection amidst the natural beauty of this undeveloped space.

Aside from the adventure, the beauty, and new experiences, it was the personal connections that will stay with us through our years to come. Every person arrived at Maderas Village for a particular reason, but we all left with a collective purpose; to live with intention and embrace growth.

Descending the hill as we left Maderas, we felt less hesitant and far more empowered.

+ Join us on our next FP Escape in Glacier National Park!

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What a wonderful, calming retreat! Seems like heaven!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Nicaragua looks so dreamy. I’m glad it was a successful journey. I’m also loving the Escape tote, such a cool design.

5 years ago

Did you guys explore San Juan Del Sur at all during your stay?

5 years ago

Did you guys explore San Juan Del Sur at all during your stay?

5 years ago

Did you guys explore San Juan Del Sur at all during your stay? I plan to go there next month – so excited!