Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 9–15

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September 23–October 22

You’re feeling physically and mentally charged up, thanks to the sun and Mercury buzzing through your sign, but their scuffles with Pluto hint that it’s not exactly smooth sailing on the home front or deep within your psyche. Ignoring the fact that something isn’t working will only do more damage. A parent may hold you accountable, or you might have to face your not-so-pretty feelings. Whatever the challenge, you can come out of it stronger — but you have to go through it rather than dancing around it. Merc’s faceoff with Uranus will make it difficult to come to an agreement, but meeting new people and listening to fresh ideas will stimulate your brain. Mars and Saturn are squaring off, which could make you second-guess questionable actions. Someone might be working against you, or you could be acting against your own best interests. Either way, stop to think it through. If you’re tempted to operate off your instincts, run it by your left brain and make sure you have all the facts. Venus’s arrival in your sign will turn you into the social butterfly that your birthday season calls for. This is your most magnetic time of year, so milk it! Say yes to dates and parties and no to your couch and fall TV. Jupiter, on the other hand, is exiting Libra and moving into your worth zone for the next 13 months. The questions progress from Who am I? and What’s possible for me? to What do I need? How can I get it? What’s important to me? How can I make the most of what I have? You could start making more money and spending more money and may acquire more possessions. Rank things in order of importance, act according to your highest values, learn as much as you can about finances, and respect yourself enough to improve your ability to provide for yourself. You’re moving from a year of personal growth to a year of self-assured prioritizing. Believe in what you have going for you and maximize your talents!



October 23–November 21

You might be going over and over something in your mind and feel like you’re getting nowhere, due to Mercury and the sun in your subliminal corner clashing with your ruler, Pluto. Or maybe you feel pressured to change something and need to let go of old ways of being in order to make way for the new and improved. Banish a regressive pattern from your life and see things as they are. Limited self-confidence or funds could keep you from joining a group effort, when Mars in your network zone quarrels with Saturn in your resources house. Narrow priorities or strict values could also get in the way of effective teamwork. This can be a frustrating transit, but used well, you can proceed more cautiously in coordination with others, based on what you have to work with. With Venus sneaking into your release sector, your already low-key energy will become even more pronounced, as your craving for peace and quiet takes over. You’ll either feel like being alone or enjoying private time with someone you can unwind with. Taking care of a loved one or showing selfless compassion for people will give you satisfaction, since this Venus placement favors agape love — universal and divine. The big headline news this week is that lucky Jupiter will be gracing Scorpio for the next 13 months, kicking off a fresh cycle of personal growth for you. The planet of abundance last toured your sign from October, 2005 to November, 2006, inspiring you to reach for the stars. Jupiter lends you optimism and confidence and asks you to envision the possibilities of what you can become. Open your mind to the wider world, chase after new experiences, learn more about yourself and what you can accomplish. If you don’t feel like you’re on your true path, Jupiter can put you in touch with your guiding purpose by encouraging you to explore, take chances and seize opportunities. Your newfound indie spirit and contagious enthusiasm will put a different spin on your Scorpionic nature. To unlock the potential of this transit, you must bet on yourself and make good on the promise that lies within you.



November 22–December 21

Your ruling planet is in the spotlight this week! Jupiter is changing signs, as it does every 13 months, and in your case, it will be hibernating in the last house of your chart until November, 2018 — prompting you to take your hands off the wheel and drift. Thrill-seeking Sag typically doesn’t crave solitude, but you’ll need quiet time to rest and reflect. Your subconscious can offer up its wisdom through dreams, psychotherapy and spiritual practice, and freeing something inside you may prove as exhilarating as your more worldly adventures. This is a year for releasing what doesn’t serve your growth, whether that means a toxic relationship or a dead-end job. Make peace with imperfections and losses, and nurture compassion for yourself and others. Have faith that we’re all connected. A spiritual mentor can guide you, while a new spiritual practice can inspire you. Your creative vision will be a boon, and you’ll have luck developing ideas behind the scenes for future undertakings. Let your imagination, intuition and yearnings lead you to inner truths. You’ll glean at least as much from tuning into your psyche and soul as you do from keeping up with current events. In the meantime, Mercury and the sun in your network sector are sparring with Pluto, so you could feel pressure to make things work with other people. Teamwork or friendship may seem like it’s costing you too much, and you could have trouble coming to terms over money, possessions, values or priorities. Mercury is also at odds with Uranus, creating a stark contrast between groupthink and your self-expression. You can’t please everyone! Thankfully, Merc is in cahoots with Saturn in Sagittarius and amiable Venus is breezing into your network sector, so you should be able to reach an accord. Since Mars is battling Saturn, you’re likely to hesitate before carrying out a coup, and you’ll be relieved later. Think through any bold, authoritative moves and make sure you’re on terra firma. It may seem like you’re blocking your own initiative, but due diligence is the way to go.



December 22–January 19

Although Mercury and the sun are traipsing across the peak of your chart (an area that’s linked with Capricorn matters like ambition), they’re at war with Pluto in your sign this week. So your need for control could have an effect on your dealings with authority or your efforts to shine. Avoid the usual Plutonian trap of a power struggle, and don’t try to take on the whole system. You of all people know how to navigate bureaucracies and hierarchies, so get a grip on your emotions and channel them into constructive change. Speaking of change, you’re not the same person you were a decade ago before Pluto showed up in Cap, plunging you into a slow process of deep personal transformation. You’ve changed, and your goals may need to change accordingly now. Maybe instead of raging against the machine, you should reform your way of working with it. Mercury’s faceoff with Uranus suggests that disruptions at home will take your eye off the ball at work, or erratic emotions will come out when you’re talking to higher-ups. Venus to the rescue! Her arrival in your ambition angle will boost your public and professional appeal and make it easier for you to smooth any feathers you’ve ruffled. Mars has you primed to break new ground, but Saturn says not so fast. You may need to wrap up old business before going full steam ahead. It’s great that you have the courage to take a risk, but make sure you’ve learned from past mistakes so you can calculate the odds and make the smartest move. With Jupiter sailing into your network house for a 13-month visit, it’s time to water new dreams and expand your crew. As you develop different interests and objectives, people who share the same ones will come into your life. Networking will pay off, and your new contacts are bound to teach you, support you and inspire you. Since your faith in humanity will be on the rise, this is a good time to launch a philanthropic endeavor. You should have luck with technology and may grow your social media presence. Collaborations will flourish, so don’t go it alone!



January 20–February 18

Pay attention to what’s lurking beneath the surface when Mercury and the sun go up against Pluto in your subliminal corner. Someone could undermine your growth, or lingering emotions could cast a dark cloud over a positive outlook. Self-sabotage or a covert opponent could set you back if you don’t face what’s really going on. Dealing with psychological turmoil will enable you to get back to chasing after new experiences and knowledge. And if you find yourself in a debate, anger might burst to the surface, fueling destructive language. No fighting below the belt! Mars and Saturn are also duking it out, which can put intimacy and friendship at odds. Maybe you or your significant other is ready to go all in, and the other one needs space. Or you’re getting deeper into a relationship that your pals aren’t fans of. You might also be diving into a passion project or intensive introspection, and collaboration feels like a no-go. But feedback from others may save you from a rash financial move during this transit, so run it by someone you trust. This week’s major news is that go-for-broke Jupiter is climbing to your achievement angle for a 13-month tour, sending your ambition skyrocketing. You might take on a high-profile role and receive plenty of recognition, so get ready for your close-up! Your professional path is due to expand, so don’t just put one foot in front of the other. Set your sights higher. Land a promotion. Find another job that will take you places, literally or figuratively. Welcome the chance to teach or lead a team. Seek out a career mentor who can help you to find your calling or plan your route to success. Since you’re likely to become more visible, be careful not to appear overbearing or superior. Blooming confidence will fuel your ascent, but taken too far, it can make it hard for you to tolerate answering to someone. Look for opportunities to grow your career; you can climb the ladder without stepping on anybody else on your way up.



February 19–March 20

It’s hard to gauge how much to trust and share when Mercury and the sun in your merging zone clash with Pluto in your group house this week. You might not know who to confide in and how much to divulge, and secrets are packed with power under this influence. Avoid gossip and consider the ramifications before making disclosures on social media. Mars and Saturn are having a similar squabble, but this one can complicate partnership. You may find that your goals aren’t aligned with those of someone you’re working with or someone you’re in a relationship with, making cooperation arduous. Regardless of what type of connection you have with this person, you’re probably thinking, “It shouldn’t be this hard!” Not to mention, if you’re caught up in a conflict with another individual, it can prevent you from giving your own aspirations the attention they deserve. If you can slow down and get on the same page, the results will be worth it. But don’t let someone who is your equal boss you around. After Jupiter saunters into your expansion corner, you’ll be inspired to spread your wings during its 13-month stay. Look for opportunities to travel, continue your education and have new experiences that teach you something. You’re on a quest to find more meaning in life, and to do that, you need to explore freely. Let your wanderlust and sense of adventure guide you. Get out of your comfort zone and take risks. Seek out difference. Unfamiliar subjects, people from different places and backgrounds, foreign cultures and beliefs will all stimulate your mind. This is a period for expanding your vision of the world and striving to be a more conscious being. Enthusiasm, courage and faith in the future will work in your favor, and being open to a wide range of what life has to offer will accelerate your growth. Use this year to discover — and make the most of — new opportunities, develop your own philosophy and be not just a dreamer, but a visionary!



March 21–April 19

You’re engaged in dialogue and drawing energy from relationships, but Mercury and the sun are quibbling with Pluto this week, making it harder to stay on an equal footing with the individuals in your life. Career pressures could impact a bond, or one of you might feel compelled to push the relationship forward. It’s understandable that you don’t want someone wielding power over you, but don’t waste energy jockeying for position. This transit shouldn’t be about seizing control. Put your heads together and work toward a common goal if at all possible. A Mercury-Uranus faceoff will tempt you to break off communication or speak bluntly. Don’t say anything for shock value; find an alternative way to express your singular point of view. Mars is challenging Saturn, which could make it frustrating for you to play by the rules. You have a lot to do, and the necessity of doing things by the book can stress you out. But operating in a methodical manner will pay off in the long run, so resist taking short cuts. Make sure your actions are thorough, not slapdash, and are ultimately part of a bigger plan. Jupiter’s arrival in your merging-and-depth zone prompts you to get to the truth in your closest connections and your psyche over the course of the next 13 months. If you’re in a relationship, this glass-half-full planet can point out the positive side of sharing your life with someone. Mutual emotional support, pooled resources and satisfying sex are a few of the potential benefits of an intimate union. Take a leap of faith and invest in another person. Learn to trust if it’s been a challenge for you in the past. While you may delve more deeply into a partnership, you could also dive into a passion project or a process of psychological growth. You might require more private time or seek out a therapist (or other healing professional) for guidance and encouragement. Intensive inner work and investigation of all sorts will yield results. You can gain a lot from outside sources during this period, making grants, loans, inheritance and tax refunds easier to come by. Pursue funding if you need it, but avoid going overboard on borrowing and iffy schemes!



April 20–May 20

When Mercury and the sun in your productivity corner spar with Pluto this week, you might question whether the work you’re doing will ultimately make a difference in the world. You can use this “What’s the point?” feeling to shift your approach a bit or to funnel your efforts in another direction. It’s hard to find a happy medium between micromanaging and obsessing over the big picture, but combining practical thinking and a strong work ethic with an empowering guiding principle is the way to go. After your ruling planet, Venus, slips into the same house later in the week, you may get more pleasure from what you’re doing and find ways to apply creativity to the task. Mars and Saturn are also at odds, which could cool down a relationship that’s been heating up. This is the point in a whirlwind affair when reality sets in. Sustaining a connection in the long term takes work and commitment. Fear, mistrust, jealousy or inhibition could come between you now. You might also be having fun with friends, hobbies and creative pursuits when an obligation to someone or a lack of support brings you down to earth. Now that Jupiter is crossing your one-on-one angle, where it will be hanging out for the next 13 months, your bonds with other individuals will become a major source of growth. You’ll find it easier to connect with others, and you’re likely to meet a wide range of people who can open up new worlds to you. This is a year for learning through your relationships and also about them. A romantic bond or biz partnership might really take off, or you could meet a match who’s much better for you than your current boyfriend or girlfriend. Or you might travel a lot more with your significant other or take up a course of study together. If you’re using dating apps, cast a wider net; Jupiter symbolizes difference and distance! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for other opportunities to join forces. You’re bound to learn from and benefit from a variety of contacts, making this a favorable phase for finding a mentor or teacher or launching a collaboration.



May 21–June 20

Your ruler, Mercury, is skipping through your self-expression zone, bringing out your sense of humor and inclination to play around with thoughts. But his scuffles with heavyweights Pluto and Uranus hint that your ideas or words may not go over so well with your partner or your squad. Someone close to you could make a big deal out of something you say, or a group might grow impatient with your playfulness. Think before you speak, and don’t sweat it if you feel like people don’t get where you’re coming from. The sun is also feuding with Pluto, which could make it harder for you to be your lighthearted self in a serious relationship. Maybe a fun love affair is starting to feel too heavy for you. Avoid power plays and ego trips at all costs. Closeness with a good friend or significant other can be a source of strength. You don’t need to give up who you are or give up on the relationship when the going gets tough. What can you do to change things for the better? Once Jupiter shows up in your productivity-and-wellness corner for a 13-month tour, you’ll be ready to get down to business improving your day-to-day life. Positive changes that will make you healthier get the thumbs-up, so make nutritious meals, regular exercise and informed self-care part of your routine. Your work ethic is definitely on the rise, but you’ll crave more freedom in your job and may do something more entrepreneurial. You’re bound to take on extra duties, increasing your overall busyness. This is the perfect year to expand your skillset, get better at time management, implement a lifestyle change and strive to be of service. You might travel for work or take on a wider range of responsibilities. You’re on a quest to understand your purpose and get more out of your everyday life. Seek out work that’s meaningful for you and take pride in completing the tasks on your plate to the best of your ability.



June 21–July 22

With Mercury and the sun tucked away at the bottom of your chart, you’re in touch with your feelings, and they may come bursting out in a close relationship if you feel stressed. It’s possible that a forceful person will ruin your good mood, but you might also project your own challenges onto someone and point the finger. Before this becomes a tempest in a teapot, own your emotions and consider how the dynamic between you and someone else might need to change. Don’t try to gain control of the situation (or the other person!) Problem-solve. Think and speak in terms of the work that can be done. Merc is also facing off against Uranus, so you might be itching to speak out against the whims of authority. Find a different way of getting your point across, and keep in mind exactly who you’re dealing with. A Mars-Saturn squabble can make it feel like the more you assert yourself, the more resistance you meet. You have an urge to sell your ideas, but now is not the time. Instead, use constructive criticism to modify your plan of action. Figuring out how to work within a system would be a preferable strategy to barreling ahead. After Jupiter lands in your love-and-happiness house, you’re in for 13 months of learning how to enjoy life to the fullest. You’ll have more opportunities to express your creativity and let your inner child out to play. Since this is the house that the sun rules, this is your year to let your personality shine through for everyone to see. Your love life is bound to pick up if it’s been all quiet on the romance front. Coupled Crabs might start wearing their hearts on their sleeves and expressing their desires more freely. If you’re in the dating game, start thinking outside the box when it comes to potential lovers, and don’t worry yet about whether you agree on everything and want all the same things. Opposites attract under this influence. A sense of adventure and the courage to take risks will open new doors to fulfillment. Have faith that you were meant to contribute something special to the world.



July 23–August 22

This week’s tension between your mindset-and-communication zone and your productivity corner could generate some mental — or even physical — stress, so don’t try to force a square peg into a round hole. You might see things going one way and then circumstances shift. Or a power-hungry coworker could make life difficult. You’re willing to listen and learn, but you can only handle so much! Take everything one step at a time, and mold your thinking to the reality at hand. What can be done to transform or rebuild? Avoid overstraining your brain and your body. A Merc-Uranus opposition could land you in a random debate, and you might need to agree to disagree. You’re at a point where knowing yourself can help you to express your point of view with some gravitas. Mars is battling Saturn, so taking yourself seriously (in a good way) can drive you to demand more. Fighting for what you feel you need and for what you value the most could lead to a stalemate in a relationship, but you know what you’re worth. You also might feel like you can’t spend as much as you want to in order to meet your criteria of fun, romance or happiness, and in that case, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rein in impulsivity and extravagance. With generous Jupiter diving down to your foundation angle, where it will be camped out for the 13 months that follow, you’ll feel most supported by family and home life. Ask your parents for help if you need it. Increase your sense of belonging by putting down roots or enhancing your current space. You might very well relocate, move to a larger home, add a home office or build an addition. Visiting faraway relatives is also favored, as is spending more time with those closer by. You might enjoy a better relationship with your mother or have luck if you’re trying to conceive. A decorating or entertaining spree could be in the cards, or you might make self-care a much higher priority. You’ll benefit from trying to understand your childhood, your moods and your innermost thoughts and may opt to enter therapy. Be sure to relish the comforts of home. And surround yourself with wise women!



August 23–September 22

Your ruler, Mercury, and the sun are both going up against Pluto this week, and you may feel like you’re putting a lot on the line. You’re trying to maintain a secure position, but strong feelings could produce seismic waves. The fact that you’re identifying so strongly with your assets, your needs or your values can make everything seem like a huge deal. What you need and what you want might not line up now. Powerful desires, a tumultuous romantic relationship or intense, pleasurable experiences seem as if they’re going to cost you. Deal with your emotions, even if they scare you — especially if they scare you. Merc’s faceoff with Uranus will make it hard to talk about money, intimacy, sharing, trust or jealousy, and you can’t expect to see eye-to-eye. Edit your words before blurting something out. Mars in Virgo is at war with Saturn, and that might lead you to fight rather than face your own insecurity. Or you could run into resistance at home, tempting you to push harder. Don’t turn withdrawing or sulking into a coping strategy, but do go off by yourself if it will help you modify your actions and/or your mood. You may be holding back anger, in which case you should try to express it constructively. With Jupiter’s grand entrance into your cognition-communication-and-community house (that’s a mouthful!), over the next 13 months, your mindset, everyday interactions and environment will get a shot in the arm. Plenty of local travel is favored, and your commute may increase. Your relations with neighbors and siblings should thrive, and people close to home have the ability to educate and inspire you. You’ll be processing loads of info, and you’re likely to read and write more. Enjoy opportunities to meet a wider range of people and to get your message across to a bigger audience. Don’t limit your encounters to familiar people or your usual type. Get out of habitual thought patterns and seek out new ideas and new ways of communicating. Speak honestly without proselytizing. Talk to people with different perspectives and philosophies than you. Get involved in a neighborhood-improvement effort — or spearhead one. Maintain an open mind and an optimistic vision of the future.


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Thanks for this week’s horoscope. Looks like I’ve got to challenge myself more.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Thanks! :)

4 years ago

Can I just say how accurate this horoscope is every single time for me. It’s the best one out there, so thank you!

4 years ago

@lucie thats what I’m saying! I so needed this this week :)

4 years ago

I look forward to these every sunday/monday. often times, i can’t make the connection initially but towards the end of the week i can see the validity. Keep em coming!

4 years ago

The same for me. I look forward to these every sunday