Feel Your HeartRise with This Guided Meditation

From Jessie May Wolfe, founder of the HeartRise Movement, comes an opportunity to bliss out online! How lucky are we right now!

If you’re in LA this weekend, consider igniting your potential and join Jessie May and her crew at our Santa Monica pop-up as part of her signature HeartRise Experience tour, celebrating her debut book, “High on Heart’.”

This nourishing, immersive event with be a mix of Jessie May’s warm guided HeartRise Meditation and her popular free-style wisdom jams. Come gather with a vibrant community, creative engagement and feel the High on Heart Fever. We’re answering the call and bringing the HeartRise Fuego to YOU! Lots of treats in store… you don’t want to miss this special soiree! 

And, to get you in the mood, whether or not you’re able to attend, Jessie has been kind enough to share one of her guided meditations with you HERE!

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4 years ago

I’m not sure if i’m the only one but the blog has been loading all wonky looking for the last couple of days. The pages look like they haven’t fully loaded & are unformatted. Just wanted to let you guys know! Love the blog x

4 years ago
Reply to  sarah

thank you, sarah, for letting us know! we’ve already begun looking into it, and hope you find that the formatting issues you noticed have been resolved! XOXO

4 years ago

Love this!

4 years ago

SO peaceful, relaxing, and empowering. Thank you for giving us this calming resource!

4 years ago

So nice that she’s shared a guide with people that can’t make it (like myself), thanks for writing about it!