FP Book Club: Elemental Energy

“When you think about the fact that stone originates deep within the earth’s crust, and that we have a natural harmony with the earth, it begins to make sense…”

To be brutally honest, I was never one to truly believe in the power of crystals and gems. Sometimes, I would dare call it hocus pocus. But, ironically, I always found myself gravitating toward them. Countless times I would find myself wandering into a shop that was stocked with crystals, and end up buying one.

My natural pull toward crystals, coupled with my opinion of them, made me want to learn more. After opening Elemental Energy, by Kristin Petrovich, who is also the founder of a luxury crystal-infused skincare line, I knew it was the perfect read for me.

The first sentence goes like this: 

“Trust me, I know that at first it’s hard to imagine that crystals and gemstones, as beautiful as they are, possess vibrant healing energy. I know, because I used to find the idea completely far-fetched myself.”

And yet, she wrote a 252-page book about crystals and gemstones. I was curious to hear her journey, so, I began reading. The first chapter was a bit like science class. I mean that in a good way. It was nostalgic, and I found myself re-learning the differences between minerals, crystals, gemstones, and all of their values. As I read further, I began to fall in love with it. The imagery was bold, beautiful, punchy. Her writing was relatable, and I loved the way the chapters were laid out.

Here are a few of the topics that I found impactful in my journey for answers to my suspicious questions:

You need only one stone to start…

Why we respond to gemstones…

A list of questions to ask yourself before buying stones…

Detailed descriptions of most crystals and their powers…

I’m very hands-on. I think that’s why I needed to learn more about crystals, because I couldn’t just let them sit on my shelf. I wanted to know how to use them and why I should. The book exposed layers that dug deeper and deeper. I was drawn most to those chapters that taught me ways to use crystals in the form of elixirs, baths, massages, and acupressure.

The Detoxifier

The Detoxifier Bath is a recipe taken from Petrovich’s book that I have been using now for a couple weeks since reading, as it was an easy introduction into using crystals, as well as super relaxing.

This bath works like a magnet to pull toxins from the body. You may feel tired after this bath, so do it in the evening before bed, no more than once a week. Stay hydrated. Put ingredients in tub and soak. Let your skin absorb and release.

What You’ll Need:

Suggested stones: clear quartz, green moss agate, amethyst

1 cup Bentonite Clay

1/2 cup sea salt or Hawaiian Black sea salt

1/4 cup baking soda

Find this recipe and more in Elemental Energy by Kristin Petrovich.

+ How do you use crystals? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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How interesting! I’ve always wondered about gemstones!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Sounds really good!

2 years ago

Please do not promote pseudoscience. There is absolutely no proof that magic rocks exist.

2 years ago

Liz, one can believe in both “magic rocks” AND science, and even simultaneously! Open your mind. ;)

2 years ago

ALL parts of the earth have energy. Human beings, stones, crystals, plants, everything. We are made of energy, everything is. Is it then so hard to believe that the energy of a stone, crystal, or plant could affect our own energy? If you are a Christian, you believe that prayer works. Is it not possible that prayer works because all energy is connected, and this is the plan of a higher being? Open your mind and find a higher truth, it is a beautiful thing.

2 years ago

I love this! I’ll have to pick up this book ❤️

I discovered the power of crystal healing on accident several years ago when I used to have severe anxiety, and as I was having an attack I was drawn to pick up a blue calcite crystal, and I was instantly calm. I’ve continued to learn and explore the aspects of crystals ever since!

2 years ago

Love it!