Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 4–10

Your weekly guide to what’s on the horizon, courtesy of Tracy Allen…


November 22–December 21

Mercury backs into Saturn this week, repeating their recent encounter that occurred while Merc was traveling forward. You might revisit a personal decision or ponder what you’ve been going through lately, and it’s important not to dwell on the negative. Sagittarians don’t usually need to hear that advice, but Saturn can make you a bit gloomy. Mercury and Uranus also resume a connection they made a couple of weeks ago, which might spur you to tinker with a creative idea or think twice about a crush (or something else you’ve been enthused about). You’re looking at life from a slightly different angle. Seek insights without making snap decisions. Teamwork is a big plus midweek, so bounce ideas off your squad and test them out with the benefit of group input. Other people can motivate you to accomplish what you’ve set out to do; welcome a gentle push in the right direction! With Mars entering your seclusion corner, be prepared to work behind the scenes without much fanfare. You might get frustrated and slip into a self-defeating behavior pattern, so try to stay conscious of your emotions and motives. If possible, work alone or strive to serve others. A Venus-Neptune dustup could tempt you to overindulge in simple comforts like sleep and sweets. Give yourself permission to enjoy relaxing downtime at Chez Sag.



December 22–January 19

This week’s alignment between Mercury and Saturn echoes one that took place just days ago, before Merc went into reverse. You could start ruminating over past failures, but don’t give in to despair. Contemplate how you might be able to cut your losses if necessary, in order to wrap up old business. Merc is in sync with Uranus, alluding to the idea that looking back can help point you in the right direction going forward. Self-awareness and a better understanding of your backstory will allow you to make better choices, so carve out time for introspection. Mars in your achievement angle is in cahoots with Mercury and your ruling planets, which suggests that lessons from the past will help you to accomplish goals in the present. See if you can find ways to put hindsight to productive use. After Mars segues into your network sector, your motto for the next seven weeks will be “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Collaborations are preferable to solo pursuits during this transit, so join forces with people who share your objectives. When Venus tangles with Neptune, you might dream (or daydream) about an old love or make a misguided sacrifice. It’s great to show compassion and kindness, but avoid playing the martyr.



January 20–February 18

Mercury’s recent links with Saturn and Uranus recur this week, so you might find yourself rehashing the same convo with a friend, revising plans with a group, reconnecting with a contact, reviewing info you already received or running into someone you recently met. A quick reminder: It’s easy to get the wrong end of the stick during Merc retro. Err on the side of giving people the benefit of the doubt — and ask for clarification if you’re not sure you understand correctly. Mars in your exploration corner is linked with Mercury and Saturn, encouraging you to have an adventure or learning experience (or both wrapped into one) with a group. Take a trip with your crew or just try something new together. Mars climbs to the pinnacle of your chart after that, giving you the go-ahead to pursue your own goals and dedicate your energy to getting ahead. Try to work on your own if you can, since you’ll probably be too fired up to answer to others. With Venus and Neptune crossing swords, your rapport with friends may suffer from confusion or deception over money, possessions or values — or insecurity might interfere with your social life. Be careful not to put what’s most important to you at risk just to fit in or be liked.



February 19–March 20

This is a good week for scrutinizing your career path or life direction, so sort through your list of objectives to decide if you still want to achieve the same things you’ve been aiming for. If you realize your priorities have shifted, rewrite goals so they’re better aligned with what’s important to you these days. Mercury is linking up with Saturn and Uranus for the second time in recent weeks, coaxing you to consider all the talents you bring to the table. Are you making good use of everything you have to offer? With Mars also in the mix, a partnership, research endeavor or passion project may aid your progress. After he charges into your exploration corner, you’ll be more motivated to break fresh ground in order to learn, plus you’ll also have the courage to fight for what you believe in. Channel energy into broadening your mind, and take a trip in the next month and a half if you can swing it! Since Venus and Neptune are at odds, you’re trying to come across well in public or in your profession but may find it difficult to pick up cues and understand how you’re being perceived. Be careful not to idealize power or success; enjoy the process of creating your own.



March 21–April 19

With Mercury backspinning through your expansion corner, Saturn and Uranus have second chances to connect with the messenger planet. You might change travel plans, revise your opinion or review something you’ve already learned. This is an opportune time to examine your beliefs and consider how they shape your experiences. As much of a headache as Merc retro can be, it’s a phase that’s very useful for shifting your perspective. Continue to redefine yourself and your place in the world. Your ruling planet is collaborating with Mercury and Saturn, encouraging you to recruit a partner for your adventures and make a point of learning from other individuals. Once Mars dashes into your depth sector for a seven-week stay, you could plunge deeper into a close relationship or passion project or feel ready to confront a fear. You might push yourself to turn an emotional corner and recover from a crisis or wound. With Venus getting thrown for a loop by Neptune, your enjoyment of new experiences, people and places may be undercut by wistfulness or a feeling of alienation, or you could go overboard indulging in escapist pleasures. You probably won’t be able to stay in the moment, but don’t focus on the past or future being better or worse than the present.



April 20–May 20

Saturn and Uranus have new opportunities to connect with Mercury this week, so you might revisit a weighty convo in a close relationship, put an emotional issue back under the microscope, return to a thought you’ve been obsessing over or rethink a matter involving sharing, trust, sex or control. Don’t go over and over the same ground without a purpose. Aim to turn up fresh insights and facilitate real change. Mars is getting involved as well, making this a good time to hit on ways to solve a problem. Look at something from different angles, and think in terms of what can be done to bring about improvement. Next, Mars crosses your one-on-one angle, where he’ll be spending the next seven weeks. That’s your cue to include other individuals in your activities and feed off each other’s energy. Form partnerships at every opportunity. Get conflicts out in the open and work through them together. But avoid petty squabbles and choose your battles as well as you can, especially now, while Mercury is traveling retrograde. Your ruler is clashing with Neptune, which could blur the line between platonic and sexual feelings or make you build someone up to the point where they’re bound to disappoint you. Avoid being taken advantage of, and don’t rush intimacy.



May 21–June 20

Your ruler has a rendezvous with Saturn for the second week in a row, which might lead you to circle back to the same discussion with someone. Hear each other out, and see if you reach different conclusions this time. With Mercury backpedaling, it’s important not to make assumptions and overreact. Mercury-Uranus harmony hints you might cross paths with people you saw a couple of weeks ago or have a second chance to connect with friends who stimulate your mind. Or maybe you recently found out you have something in common with another person and can take this opportunity to follow up. Mercury and Saturn are in cahoots with Mars, so you may want to reiterate where you’re coming from and assert your desires, and a creative or romantic partnership can flourish. Soon after, Mars darts into your productivity corner, revving you up to work hard and get a lot done. In the month and a half to come, you’ll have the drive to tackle your to-do list and can make great strides to serve the needs of others. Stay busy — and stay humble. Venus’s spat with Neptune can jeopardize your rapport with others (or with your significant other) if you’re unsure about getting on the same page. Remember you’re dealing with imperfect humans, and don’t expect anyone to read your mind.



June 21–July 22

Look for an opportunity to take another stab at a work project, a health matter or a complex issue that you need to break down and come to grips with. Although you should avoid perfectionism, getting engrossed in a mental challenge could be productive, especially if you approach it from a different angle than before. Double-checking your work will pay off, so go back over what you’ve done, step by step, and make sure it’s airtight. Becoming more proficient at a skill that’s gotten rusty can get you noticed and open up a new career opportunity. Mars in your foundation angle is lending Mercury and Saturn a hand, hinting that you’ll get a lot done if you work from home or on your home, so get busy around the house! You might also get to the bottom of your private frustration or anger if you patiently analyze it. After Mars segues into your fulfillment zone, you’ll be fired up to enjoy life and go after what you want. In the next month and a half, play, romance, creativity and other forms of self-expression move higher up on your priority list. With Venus squaring off with Neptune this week, your enjoyment of your job or daily life might suffer if you long to be elsewhere. The grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side.



July 23–August 22

With Mercury doubling back to meet with Saturn again, last week’s heart-to-heart could come up, or you might change your mind about what you want. Don’t dwell on the obstacles in your path to love and happiness; focus on finding new ways to surmount them. Or better yet, reframe them as challenges that have strengthened your determination to become more wholly yourself. Merc is also rendezvousing with Uranus for the second time, giving you another shot at a pleasure trip, creative learning experience or inspired brainstorm. You might reread or rewrite something for fun, to see what fresh revelations arise. Mars is getting in on the act, giving you the courage to express yourself boldly and deliberately. If you see an opportunity to pitch an idea you’ve working on for awhile, take it. Mars moves into your foundation angle next, so you’ll be busy at home in the coming weeks and could accomplish a lot. If you catch yourself slipping into an old behavior pattern, make an effort to understand the motivations behind it. When Venus spars with Neptune, be sure you’re not expecting someone to live up to an impossible standard. Romance and sex can be both beautiful and bewildering now. The aim is to have a pleasantly transcendent experience without fantasy and reality clashing too much.



August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet reengages with Saturn and Uranus this week, giving you opportunities to reexamine feelings in search of useful insights. When you find yourself going back over the same ground, just make sure you’re not beating yourself up and getting stuck in a negative mental loop. Memories can offer up lessons you hadn’t considered before, and everything you figure out about yourself and your past can help you to change from within. Revelations have the power not just to instruct you but also to heal you. Mars in your worth zone is reaching out to Mercury and Saturn, alluding to a potentially productive activity: getting your place organized. Whether you’re putting stuff away, getting rid of things, moving furniture, doing some cleaning, pulling out holiday decorations or tackling another domestic project, you’ll feel better once it’s done. Mars pivots into your communication-and-community sector next, picking up the pace in your brain and your environment in the following seven weeks. You could be motivated to travel, get involved in a neighborhood effort or tackle a challenging intellectual project. A Venus-Neptune conflict may tempt you to gloss over the facts about someone so you can stay in your comfort zone, or an unreliable person might disrupt your enjoyment of peace and quiet. Fortunately, you’re well equipped to handle life just as it is.



September 23–October 22

When Mercury encounters Saturn this week, you could pick apart what you thought you just resolved and question a recent decision. You’ll be able to find the flaws in your thought process and hopefully correct them. But faultfinding can also cause you to criticize people too sharply, so think before you speak. Mercury is reengaging with Uranus as well, giving you a chance to reconnect with people, reopen a conversation you didn’t finish or look at a development in an important relationship from a fresh angle. Mars in Libra is gelling with Merc and Saturn, so even if your judgment and communication are a bit off, you can make up for it with solid action. Take steps to execute a plan, or walk your talk to strengthen your case with someone. Soon after, Mars leaves your sign and activates your worth house for the next seven weeks, which could make you quick to pull the trigger when it comes to purchases. You’ll also be more proactive when it comes to using what you have, so just take a quick inventory before you splurge on something you don’t need. Tension between Venus and Neptune might mean a work or health issue will dampen your outlook temporarily. Find a moment to enjoy nature if you’re feeling drained.


October 23–November 21

Mercury and Saturn have a do-over of their rendezvous from last week, thanks to Mercury being retrograde now, so you might reassess your finances and belongings and perhaps see things differently this time. Don’t get glum over what you lack; instead, give serious thought to how you can attain what you need. Merc is also backing into another meeting with Uranus, providing you with a second opportunity to devise ways of using the resources at your disposal to change your everyday life, get a new job, build more flexibility into your schedule or address a health issue. Mars is in sync with two other planets, nudging you to work privately on a matter involving money or possessions. Ending a pattern of behavior will strengthen your security. Once Mars lands in Scorpio for a seven-week tour of your sign, you’ll be fired up to tackle your agenda and make significant progress furthering your personal interests. You’re liable to come on like gangbusters, so operate independently as much as possible. If you’re in a situation where you need to fight for your rights, this transit will help you stand up for yourself. A Venus-Neptune disagreement hints that the promised pleasure of something you covet could elude you. Try to picture the outcome of getting what you want with a bigger dose of reality factored in.

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Interesting to read that I might change my travel plans for the upcoming week, because I’m on vacation in Thailand all week! I guess I won’t be going places according to my itinerary!

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4 years ago

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