Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 9–15

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March 21–April 19

Your boss may be on a power trip early in the week, requiring you to step up your game and meet her demands. Or she might simply be holding you accountable, in which case being tested can give you strength. If you’re holding onto an element of your career path that hasn’t been working, try to divest your ego. Identifying with what has passed isn’t your style anyway, so align yourself with change. Rams want to rush, but Pluto is taking his not-so-sweet time dismantling and rebuilding your life course. The better you know yourself, the better able you’ll be to craft goals that are right for you. Harmony between Venus and Mars will allow you to reap financial rewards for your hard work or tap into your creative talents to accomplish something significant. Jupiter and Pluto are getting along well, too, reminding you that no man is an island and outside resources like a loan, a grant or a partner’s support are there for you as you strive to make your mark in the world. Seek what you need from others and also be willing to share. And learn more about your own complexities so you can chart an appropriate path to success. At week’s end, Mercury finally moves forward in Aries, hours before a new moon lands in your sign, signaling the launch of your New Year (in addition to your real birthday). Where do you see yourself six months from now? What do you want to achieve in that time? This is your chance for a personal reinvention, so think big! And with radical Uranus still advocating a revolution, feel free to color outside the lines.



April 20–May 20

You could feel torn between unwinding and exploring when the sun in your retreat corner fights off Pluto in your expansion zone this week. Your physical vitality is low, but there might be some pressure to get out in the world and have new experiences. Part of you is drifting and unsure about what’s next, while part of you feels compelled to believe in a particular future. Someone with a strong opinion might attempt to dominate and leave you bewildered. But fortunately for you, Venus is gracing your sign and flirting with dynamic Mars, who’s keeping Pluto company in your expansion zone. So you’re fully capable of enjoying life on your own terms now. You can easily find the perfect balance between magnetically drawing in what (and whom!) you want and taking risks for the sake of growth. Love and adventure mix well, so take a trip with your S.O. or travel solo and have a vacation fling. Or share an exciting experience with people you love being with. Jupiter in your one-on-one angle is syncing with Pluto, driving home that theme of conquering fresh territory with other individuals. You’ll learn about yourself, relationships and the world around you by forming dynamic duos and exploring together. If you’re in the market for a committed relationship, you can meet prospective mates on a long journey, in a class or while fighting to change something in the world. With Mercury retrograde wrapping up in the last house of your chart and a new moon occurring there the very same day, it’s time to trust your gut and let go of something or someone. An ending spells a new beginning under this lunation, making release extra appealing. Bonus: It’s also the best moon for starting a spiritual practice!



May 21–June 20

With the sun buzzing through your network zone, you’re trying to integrate your own interests with those of others and thriving on the energy you get from being around a lot of people. But the sun’s clash with Pluto in your sharing sector spells trouble, likely in the form of jealousy, manipulation or mistrust. Group dynamics could get very complicated, as the division of power is negotiated. But since Venus is tucked away in your spirit corner and clicking with Mars in your sharing sector, bumping your personal desires down on your priority list could be the best way of winding up with what you want. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Relax with someone in private. A blend of openness and passionate engagement will bring you closer to another person. Sex is apt to gratify both your body and your spirit. If you’re more in the mood for alone time, delving bravely into your psyche can offer the rewards of self-acceptance and closure. Jupiter in your productivity corner is collaborating once again with Pluto, emphasizing the fact that it’s worth it to work on a close relationship or a quest to heal and transform. A passion project could also pay off if you’re putting in a lot of hard work. Don’t scatter your energy to the wind; direct it toward what you feel most strongly about. Have faith that your efforts will make a difference, and let your higher purpose serve as inspiration for keeping your nose to the grindstone. The end of Mercury retrograde—coupled with a new moon—nudges you to make a new friend, join an organization, resolve a misunderstanding in your squad and connect with people to make stimulating social plans.



June 21–July 22

Partnership and ambition don’t exactly go hand in hand when the sun in your achievement angle spars with Pluto in your one-on-one angle. You might be trying to shine and feel overshadowed by a dominant individual. Or maybe you’re acting rather authoritative yourself and provoking someone to react. Sidestep power struggles and do your best to monitor your own behavior. Be the bigger person by not trying to best anyone, and ask yourself if there isn’t more to be gained from an alliance. Thanks to Venus and Mars playing nice, the side of you that’s game for collaboration can edge to the forefront and work in tandem with others. These two planets make the right blend of amiability and assertion between people to keep relationships humming. You might form a creative partnership, recruit a friend to do something with you or get involved with a platonic pal. If you’re trying to work through a conflict with another person, the current mix of compromise and directness could do the trick. Plus a Jupiter-Pluto confab encourages you to be open with your feelings in order to deepen your connections. Confidence and courage are fueling you to share your true self with others, which in turn allows for more substantial bonds. You have a lot to offer the world, and when you shine your light more freely, you may start to notice a different caliber of people being drawn to you. With Mercury ending its retrograde phase at the peak of your chart, followed soon after by a new moon, you have the impetus to set fresh goals and you might opt to chart a different course in your career, based on inklings you’ve had since Merc went into reverse on March 22.



July 23–August 22

When the sun in your expansion corner picks a fight with Pluto in your efficiency house, your inclination to transcend everyday life will have to compete with more pressing obligations. It may seem like everything will fall apart if you break free from the shackles of your routine, but it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. You might decide to get tons done, then take a break. If you’re in an optimistic frame of mind, another person could play the role of killjoy by bogging you down in details, duties or a whopping dose of reality. A debate over who’s right can veer into a destructive struggle for control. Rise above! Venus is gelling with Mars, who happens to be hanging with Pluto in your efficiency house. So you can definitely play nice in the sandbox. Take your upbeat attitude and find ways to work harmoniously with others to accomplish the tasks at hand. Creative work will be especially gratifying and fruitful. The icing on the cake: Your admirable efforts could catch the eye of higher-ups now. Jupiter and Pluto are also back in sync, emphasizing the idea that your underlying sense of security is fomenting your productivity. A supportive family or home life is another advantage that empowers you to tackle as much as you do. You can accomplish even more when you work from home or take on domestic projects like a renovation, so don’t chain yourself to your cubicle. And don’t forget to prioritize self-care! This planetary combo highlights the link between emotional and physical wellbeing. With Mercury retrograde drawing to a close and a new moon showing up in your expansion corner, your faith, perspective, taste for adventure, entrepreneurial spirit, wanderlust and love of learning all get a shot of adrenaline — onwards and upwards!



August 23–September 22

Merging gets messy when the sun in your sharing zone spars with Pluto in your love-and-happiness house. Closeness could trigger fear, causing you or the other person to try to gain the upper hand. Or this relationship may bring out a part of you that you don’t like and force you to face your dark side. Maybe you’re willing to pool your resources with a partner, but the logistics are no fun. If you get into a romantic relationship under this influence, your chemistry may be quite volatile. However, Venus in your exploration corner is meshing with Mars, who also happens to be charging through your love-and-happiness house behind Pluto. You may be inspired to put your pickiness aside and date outside your comfort zone, taking a chance to go after what you really want. Difference has a special allure now, and you’re determined to be true to yourself, so you could extricate yourself from a heated situation and seek greener pastures. Jupiter’s link with Pluto underscores the need to keep an open mind when it comes to love and happiness. Letting a broader range of people onto your radar increases the odds of forming a heartfelt connection. New ideas and people can strike a chord with you once you weed out prejudices and embrace the unfamiliar. Speak your truth, but also aim to be a better listener. Thanks to Mercury’s direct turn at the end of the week and a new moon in the same part of your chart, your closest bonds should start to feel less like a minefield and more like fertile ground for planting new seeds. Emotional healing, a joint venture, a new sexual partnership or a fresh outside resource like a grant could be in the pipeline.



September 23–October 22

Although the sun’s jaunt through your one-on-one angle brings out your natural inclination to connect with other individuals, its current friction with Pluto in your foundation angle suggests another person or a specific relationship may elicit turbulent emotions within you—which could provoke you to react in a way that doesn’t feel like you. Your ego is invested in being seen as peace-loving, but there are strong feelings deep inside you that need to find some way out. Luckily, Venus in your depth-and-sharing zone is in sync with Mars, who’s hunkered down in your foundation angle with Pluto. So sex and other forms of intimacy would be an excellent outlet to get those feelings flowing. Spend time with someone you trust, and don’t get hung up on niceness and beauty. It’s more important to keep it real. If you’re alone or with family, introspection or talking about the past can help you move beyond what’s bothering you and make peace with where you’re at in your life. A Jupiter-Pluto conference can also enhance your security, both financial and emotional. Working from home can boost your income, or you might purchase things that will help you revitalize your space. A change in your living situation will cost money, but it’s going to be worth it, as your comfort level is bound to improve. Notice how your increasing self-sufficiency and your ability to move away from childhood dependence has empowered you. Mercury retrograde ends on the 15th, the same day a new moon lands in your one-on-one angle, infusing you with fresh hopes for harmonious relationships. A significant bond could turn more serious in the next six months, or you might meet a new prospect with LTR potential. Don’t rule out an exciting biz partnership or creative collab either!


October 23–November 21

An all-or-nothing mindset could prevent you from getting things done this week when the energizing sun in your productivity corner feuds with dominant Pluto in your thinking-and-talking zone. You could be pressuring yourself to do everything perfectly and become preoccupied with micromanaging. Thankfully, Venus in your one-on-one angle is clicking with Mars in your thinking-and-talking zone, enabling you to lighten up with the help of others. Be proactive in connecting with people and initiating important convos. This combo means you can assert yourself and speak frankly, but you’ll also have a gift for getting along with everyone and understanding each other. If you’re single, lively communication will be a jumping-off point for attraction. Plus Jupiter in Scorpio is renewing its collaboration with your ruling planet, inspiring you to soar higher and dig deeper. While Jupiter wants you to take more risks in order to grow, Pluto wants you to contemplate the complexities of life. As you broaden your horizons, you’re meant to gain not only knowledge, but profound understanding. You might share what you’re learning with others or strive to improve something in your daily life, such as your neighborhood. Travel can be a natural part of your quest for perspective and meaning, or you could widen the range of people you interact with in an effort to transform the way you see the world. Have the courage to explore new ways of being you and to confront heavy issues that weigh on your mind. Now that Mercury is turning direct and a new moon is rising in your productivity corner, it’s a good time to adopt a positive habit; implement a new system or schedule; start a diet or exercise regimen; launch a job search; learn a skill; or organize your workspace.



November 22–December 21

You’re in the mood to do as you please, but financial pressures could keep a lid on your joie de vivre this week, due to a sun-Pluto battle spanning your fulfillment and resources zones. Your personal values, self-worth or material needs could also throw a wrench in your pursuit of pleasure. Do you feel compelled to deprive yourself or indulge yourself and then suffer from resentment or anxiety? How can you work with what you have and manage to enjoy life on your terms? Since Venus in your productivity corner is in cahoots with Mars (who’s shadowing Pluto in your resources zone), feeling useful will increase your sense of security. Consider doing a favor for someone you care about or putting in the time and effort to improve a relationship. You might also dive into a creative project that will boost your income down the road. Your ruling planet is resuming its tête-à-tête with Pluto that began late last year, bringing your attention back to the ways in which your private beliefs shape your priorities. Sagittarius is on a perennial quest for not only wisdom, but meaning, and this may impact your attitude about material needs and possessions as well as the way you earn money. The Jupiter-Pluto pairing might inspire a generous donation or sacrifice or an act of good that enhances your self-image. Recognizing that control is an illusion will empower you to embrace an ending or a loss so you can move forward with your life. Now that Mercury is also moving forward and a new moon is rising in the same part of your chart, you’re more than ready for new love, fresh forms of self-expression and an infusion of creative energy.



December 22–January 19

In trying to get a grip on your feelings or a situation at home, things are likely to heat up at first. You might seem heavy-handed when you’re only trying to change something for the better. Don’t fall into the power-struggle trap, a common hazard while Pluto’s traipsing through your sign. Decide you’re not going to be manipulated, and no one’s going to manipulate you. You can hardly help wanting to be in control; Pluto has that effect on people. If you keep the focus on being in control of yourself, you’ll be fine. Besides, Venus is vibing with Mars in Capricorn, so you’ll get what you want one way or another! This is a great matchup if you’re attracted to someone and need the courage to make your desires clear. You have the right blend of charisma and cheekiness to pull off a romantic coup now. And if you’re in a relationship, this is your chance to fan the flames between you. Plan the date of your dreams or take charge in bed and act out a fantasy. With Pluto getting an assist from Jupiter, it’s so important for you to keep cultivating your connections. Friends, peers and professional contacts who share your goals, interests and ideals are supporting your growth. Consider the different circles of people you know and the ways in which you can team up to contribute something positive to the world. Serving a higher purpose alongside others can change you on a deep level, so don’t get tunnel vision around your personal power — look beyond yourself. As Mercury resumes forward motion, followed by a new moon, communication on the home front improves, and a development involving family or your living situation may be just around the corner.



January 20–February 18

You might have to look over your shoulder early in the week when the sun runs into trouble with Pluto, who’s lurking in the last house of your chart. This house rules your own subconscious as well as your hidden enemies, so you could either sabotage yourself inadvertently or be undermined by someone else. Either way, it may not be easy to spot, so try to read between the lines and protect yourself. Simmering anger might suddenly show up in your words, making it essential to deal with feelings rather than sweep them under the rug. Thanks to a Venus-Mars coalition, proactively unpacking your emotional baggage is almost guaranteed to bring a sense of serenity. When you boldly face aspects of your psyche and your backstory that you’re not too crazy about, they lose their hold over you. You can make peace with yourself and put the past to rest when you confront your demons. Another quite different spin on this planetary combo: Quality time in the privacy of your home with someone you care about can set off sexual sparks! Jupiter is reconnecting with Pluto, underscoring the theme of processing the contents of your subconscious — no matter how dark — as that psychological metamorphosis can fuel your outer success. And in turn, your achievements in the world can give you the confidence to integrate repressed and rejected pieces of yourself, turning them into strengths. You need to tap into the deep forces within you in order to make your mark. As Mercury comes out of retrograde in your thinking-and-talking corner and a new moon rises there later the same day, you’re encouraged to let your curiosity lead the way. Sign up for a class, take a short trip, explore your neighborhood, meet new people—stimulate your brain!



February 19–March 20

When the sun and Pluto go at it in your worth and humanity houses, it can feel like your personal needs, belongings, values, priorities or finances are being overshadowed by groupthink, a cause or a movement. A friend, acquaintance or associate may not have your best interests at heart, and you might feel threatened. Take good care of what’s most important to you, but also look at what you’re getting from the powerful network of people in your life. Is there a way for you to reconcile your personal concerns with the greater good—albeit with some growing pains? Luckily, Venus in your thinking-and-talking corner is gelling with Mars in your humanity house, lending you the gift of charm. Your ability to see the good in people and show you care will pave the way to productive teamwork. If you’re looking to meet others who share your objectives so you can collaborate (or hoping to make a romantic connection), your pleasant mindset and willingness to jump in and network will help that happen. Jupiter is gelling with Pluto again, reinforcing the fact that your faith is everything. Being true to your vision will help you make a difference in the lives of others, and you’re not alone in your quest. Band together with like-minded people you can learn from, and strive to make the world a better place. You’re becoming more conscious as a citizen of this planet, and your bonds are shifting as you grow. Seeking mutually beneficial relationships, not simply personal growth, will allow you to accomplish more. With Mercury going direct in your worth house and a new moon landing there, you feel better equipped to craft a budget, deal with possessions, find a fresh source of income and shore up your self-esteem.

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I sense a little workplace pressure and trouble in the upcoming week for me! Hope things work out!

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