Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 21-27

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May 21–June 20

Your ruler connects with three other planets this week, stoking your imagination and intuition. You can do ultra-creative work now, so go ahead and play with the ideas dancing around in your head. Although you might take on a lot without thinking through exactly how you’ll execute everything, your enthusiasm isn’t likely to pose a problem. Your ability to focus intently on something substantial could help you process difficult emotions and understand yourself better. Or you might bare your soul to someone close to you, facilitating change between you or within you. Since the sun in Gemini is meshing with Mars, you’ll also feel motivated to chase after stimulating experiences that broaden your mind. If you find you have energy to burn, physical challenges like sports or another kind of exercise will be good for you. And if you identify strongly with a cause, you’ll throw yourself into fighting for it during this transit. Thanks to Jupiter’s confab with Neptune in your ambition angle, your willingness to assume more responsibilities and your quest to make yourself useful are helping you to identify and fulfill your higher purpose in the world. Take pleasure in a job well done and aspire to learn new skills. Bumping elusive rewards like fame and fortune lower down on your priority list for the time being allows you to enjoy the work you’re doing in the moment. Venus’s faceoff with Saturn can make you extra conscious of not getting what you need from another individual or not having access to a particular resource. Try not to see the glass as half-empty. Find a compromise you’re satisfied with or stop trying to get blood from a stone and concentrate on your own power to take care of yourself.



June 21–July 22

Group communication is everything this week, with the messenger planet zipping through your network zone and gelling with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. You can learn tons from the circle you surround yourself with, but making a point of connecting with people who are different from you will also be so worth it. Spirituality and altruism can lead you to look beyond your small slice of the world and espouse an ideal. Creative brainstorming should also go quite well, so don’t limit yourself to solo artistic efforts. Plus sharing a trip or another adventure with your squad will be more fun than going it alone. If you’re doing any professional networking or online dating, you can meet someone who has a strong effect on your life. And in general, this is a great week for talking things over with friends. The sun is hiding out in the last house of your chart and harmonizing with Mars at the moment, so your energy is low-key but focused. Home in on a passion project that you can dive into in private. Targeted introspection would also be productive, enabling you to come to grips with something in your psyche. Jupiter and Neptune are holding another summit, suggesting that the pursuit of happiness, the courage to be yourself and the pleasures of romance, creativity and play can all transport you from the mundanity of everyday life and put you in a state of flow. Simply living life to the fullest can give you the uplifting feeling of being one with the world. Venus in Cancer is going toe to toe with Saturn, so you may be exuding warmth and getting the cold shoulder, or you might be in an agreeable mood while others are being difficult. Don’t take it personally if people aren’t easily swayed. See if there’s any lesson to be gained from this temporary strain on relationships.



July 23–August 22

With Mercury skipping across the peak of your chart, your mind is on your goals. You can take advantage of Merc’s current chemistry with three other planets by crafting plans that are both optimistic and concrete. If you manage to blend your head-in-the-sky confidence with a feet-on-the-ground work ethic, you’ll have a winning combo. Whether you feel a partner, your family or the universe is supporting you, tap into that underlying sense of wellbeing while plotting your path to success and promoting yourself to people who are in a position to help you climb the ladder. You could solve a thorny problem or penetrate a complex issue on the job with your in-depth thinking, so don’t settle for easy answers. Your ruling planet is in cahoots with Mars, livening up your interactions and making collaborations particularly fruitful. You have plenty of energy for socializing and teaming up on projects. Say yes to one-on-one and group activities, especially those that involve a physical challenge. Thanks to harmony between Jupiter at the base of your chart and Neptune in your merging sector, you’re feeling brave enough to learn more and more about your whole self, and you’re healing past pain in the process. Make peace with your personal history and accept all of your emotions, even the ones that are uncomfortable to claim. Be grateful for the encouragement you get from those closest to you and aim to make your home life a source of refuge. Revel in the pleasure of belonging to a place or belonging with a person. Venus’s faceoff with Saturn can lessen the joy of retreat by reminding you of your obligations, but getting the necessary stuff done will take some pressure off, allowing you to balance duty and relaxation.



August 23–September 22

Your inclination to broaden your mind and your horizons gets substantial backing this week when Mercury in your exploration corner links with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. Whether you’re traveling, studying or connecting with new people, the experience is bound to leave an impression on you. Venturing into unfamiliar territory will pay off under this influence, so don’t even consider sticking to what (and whom) you know. You’re meant to learn new things and expand your perspective now, making it essential to keep an open mind. You might meet someone on a trip or while enjoying life closer to home, and a shared adventure can enhance your relationship with another person, especially a sibling or S.O. A spirited debate could turn into a heated one and avoiding self-righteousness would be the best strategy for keeping things civil. And since Jupiter and Neptune are on the same page, your honest communication and broadmindedness will help you find common ground with others. Continue to widen your circle, and you’ll forge significant — and perhaps soulmate — bonds. Rise above preconceived notions, as they’re sure to limit possibilities. Surface similarities are overrated! With the sun hovering at the pinnacle of your chart and syncing with Mars in your productivity sector, you’re also intent on proving yourself in a public or professional arena. It’s your hard work that will enable you to shine, so keep your nose to the grindstone and keep a high profile as well. You possess the drive to take on an impressive amount of responsibility during this transit. A Venus-Saturn opposition can make you feel too self-conscious to enjoy yourself with people or generate tension between your social life and your love life. Respect your feelings, but don’t fixate on them, as they’ll subside soon enough.



September 23–October 22

Reflecting on your private emotions and confiding in someone close to you can help you achieve a sense of wellness this week when Mercury gels with Neptune in your productivity corner. You might gain a greater understanding of your higher purpose or intuit how to repair a relationship. And since Merc is going head to head with Jupiter in your worth zone, you’re likely to ask for what you want but could also be quite generous when speaking with a person you care about. It’s possible you’ll disagree over money, possessions or another issue involving sharing, so try to focus on what’s truly most valuable. Mercury’s meeting with Pluto in your foundation angle represents an opportunity to get to the bottom of what’s going on inside you, in your home life or in your family, and you’ll need to dig deep if you’re to unearth something of substance and reach a point of powerful comprehension. Scratching the surface would be easier and more pleasant, but it won’t bring about change. On a different note, a sun-Mars collaboration inspires you to seek out new experiences that make you happy and expose you to a wider swath of life. Stay active and engaged. Get out of your routine and have an adventure. This pairing also favors exercise, games and sports, and your competitive spirit is sure to kick in. With Jupiter and Neptune linking arms, the planets clearly want you to utilize all your talents so you can do the work you were intended to do. And in doing so, you can thrive financially, so there’s a win-win! Your ruler’s faceoff with Saturn hints that private insecurity could hamper your ability to charm the right people, or domestic obligations could cut into desired facetime with the boss. You can overcome this problem with some form of compromise.


October 23–November 21

Keep the lines of communication open this week because Mercury in your one-on-one angle is joining forces with three other planets, prompting you to engage with other individuals whenever a worthy opportunity presents itself. You might make a romantic, spiritual or creative connection, and a dialogue could stir your heart and your imagination. Merc’s face-to-face with Jupiter in Scorpio suggests you’re apt to encounter people who inspire you, teach you or benefit your life in some other way. One-on-one interactions will promote your personal growth, but you need to approach others as a student of life, not someone who has all the answers. Share knowledge both ways rather than preaching. Someone can have a tremendous impact on your mind now, so it’s vital to be an attentive listener. And if you need to talk over something heavy, a Mercury-Pluto confab gives you the green light. The sun is meshing with Mars, nudging you to either trust someone enough to get close to them and grapple with some raw emotions together or delve into your psyche in an effort to move on from the past. Jupiter is resuming its dance with Neptune in your fulfillment house, and that’s your cue to test your wings. You won’t know what you’re made of until you strive to live up to your full potential and contribute what you have to offer to the world. Avoid taking unnecessary chances, but have the courage to be your true self with others and let them see how passionate, creative, kind and soulful you are. You need to believe that you deserve the love and happiness you envision for yourself. A Venus-Saturn opposition can make you think twice about exploring new pleasures. It’s fine to weigh risks, but don’t let negativity prevent you from enjoying more of what life has to offer.



November 22–December 21

Your attention to detail is on point this week, compliments of mental Mercury zooming through your efficiency corner and fusing with several other planets. If you’re doing some spring cleaning, you shouldn’t have much trouble deciding what to get rid of, with purifying Neptune touring your domestic angle. Remember: Cluttered space, cluttered mind. Listen to your gut when it comes to creating a peaceful vibe in your home life. Merc’s faceoff with your ruling planet is likely to break your concentration and send you wandering off into your imagination. See if you can combine sharp analysis with intuition rather than letting faith cause you to gloss over reality. Intellectual work can pay off financially now, or you might give a great deal of thought to money matters and get to the root of the problem. With the sun and Mars forming an alliance, your encounters with other individuals will be lively and productive. You’re able to stand up for yourself and your ideas and still strike a good balance in partnership. Jupiter’s harmony with Neptune coaxes you to also turn inward for inspiration and to learn more about what makes you tick. Accepting yourself and your past will empower you to move forward with your life — a concept future-minded Archers can get behind. And carving out time for reflection during this transit will be so worthwhile because you’re likely to see things in a different light and build up your belief in what’s next. Since Venus in your merging zone is going head to head with Saturn in your worth sector, a fear of not having what you need can prevent you from sharing openly, while a fear of not being enough can inhibit closeness. Although it’s understandable to protect your interests, it wouldn’t be your style to let worry win out.



December 22–January 19

This is an excellent week for expressing your softer side, as trickster Mercury flits through your joy sector and connects with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto along the way. Speak from the heart, letting kindness and compassion permeate your words. And listen without judgment if someone opens up to you. Be receptive to sincerity and love. Be brave enough to share your creative notions — or writing — with others; they’re likely to encourage you. You and your squad are inspiring each other and feeding off the mutual enthusiasm you’re generating. You’re thinking big and expectations are high. Still, you might be able to carry off whatever’s in your head. Merc’s meeting with Pluto in Capricorn hints that you’re less impenetrable at the moment and may feel deeply understood by another person. You could also focus intently on an idea that you’re passionate about and make progress with it. A sun-Mars collaboration mobilizes you to work hard and use your resources well, and you could tackle a project involving finances or possessions. Whatever you need to accomplish, take stock of what you have to work with and utilize everything at your disposal. With Jupiter and Neptune making music once again, you might show your empathy for others through a humanitarian effort. Band together with those who share your ideals, and you have a good chance to achieve something significant. And if you need moral support, the circle of people in your life will be there for you, so lean on them. Venus’s faceoff with Saturn in Cap could make you want companionship and at the same time seem aloof. Try to balance discipline and fun, and don’t isolate yourself to the point of loneliness when you’re feeling shy or serious. Build a bridge if there’s a moat around you!



January 20–February 18

Mercury’s link with Neptune in your worth zone this week nudges you to listen to your instincts regarding what you truly need and what’s most valuable to you. Is it time to get rid of some things that don’t serve a purpose for you anymore? And if you find yourself reflecting on memories, seek insights into any self-esteem issues you may suffer from. Merc is also connecting with Jupiter in your ambition house, alluding to a possible convo with a parent that fires you up to achieve your aspirations. Jupiter’s chemistry with Neptune inspires you to reach for the brass ring. Tell yourself you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and the universe will give you what you need to fulfill your purpose. Don’t fixate on a specific reward. Do tap into confidence that comes from a higher place. You could feel a bit torn between thoughts of the past and visions of the future and have a hard time staying present and centered. Mercury’s encounter with Pluto in your release corner gives you incentive to delve deeper into those emotions and memories that are preoccupying you, even though it may entail grappling with your demons. Think of it as trying to solve a mystery in your subconscious. Fortunately, the sun in your joy sector is gelling with Mars in Aquarius at the moment, giving you a chance to go after what you want and have some fun while you’re at it. Games, sex, exercise, a physical adventure or even a challenging creative project would be gratifying under this influence. A Venus-Saturn opposition can make you doubt your ability to do the work you want to do or make you hesitate to help someone. You can listen to your reservations without letting them rule you.



February 19–March 20

Neptune in Pisces is dovetailing with Mercury this week, helping you to express your true self and feel seen and heard. This planetary combo stimulates your Piscean imagination, sensitivity, intuition, kindness and idealism, and you’ll feel able to convey those qualities in your words and interactions, so make a point of connecting with people. Merc’s faceoff with Jupiter could get you into a difference of opinion, but a learning experience is also in the cards. Let your curiosity lead the way and aim to have your eyes opened. Your brain is moving quickly, flitting from one thing to the next and seeking out meaning. But abstract thought and grand plans can cause you to miss the finer points, so avoid making any major decisions. This is an excellent transit for travel and studies since it’s all about expanding your mind. Mercury and Pluto are in sync as well, encouraging you to make new contacts and reach out to existing ones, as having a team on your side will empower you. If you make a friend now, he or she is apt to have a strong influence on you. Jupiter is resuming its tango with Neptune, reminding you to keep striving to understand yourself and the world better and better. You need to take risks and have unfamiliar experiences in order to find out what you’re made of and grow into the person you were meant to be. You might even have a spiritual awakening when these two planets join forces. A sun-Mars confab can also generate inner progress, especially if you’re willing to confront a charged memory or emotion and then get past it. But a Venus-Saturn standoff might pit personal pleasure against group obligations, or a romance might not get the stamp of approval from your squad. Don’t allow peer pressure to steal your joy, but listen to constructive feedback if it’s offered.



March 21–April 19

Consider what you might let go of for your own good this week, when Mercury in your worth house meshes with Neptune in your release corner. Whether you need to say goodbye to a person, a thing, a feeling or a belief, you suspect you’ll feel better about yourself and more content once you do. Mercury moves into an opposition with Jupiter next, turning your attention to a benefit you hope to gain from another person or an outside resource. You’re probably optimistic about getting what you want and may voice your expectations. If you enter into any type of negotiations now, be careful not to skim past the details. This transit causes us all to paint in broad strokes, and it might not be the best time to sign on the dotted line. A disagreement over money, possessions, sharing, trust, jealousy or values could come up, and you should try not to exaggerate or become self-righteous. Merc’s chemistry with Pluto coaxes you to focus on empowering yourself by seeking work that helps you to take care of your own needs. Asking some hard questions about your career path or life direction would be highly beneficial. Don’t look for shortcuts to success; Pluto insists you play the long game. With the sun and Mars collaborating, channeling energy into a group adventure or endeavor will be super gratifying, and you’re likely to bring a lot of yourself to whatever you engage in with others. A Jupiter-Neptune dance facilitates closeness, emotional growth and catharsis, so be brave enough to learn more about yourself or let someone into your heart. Meaningful connection will make you feel less alone in the world and can ease your periodic wistfulness. Venus’s opposition with Saturn presents a conflict between enjoying downtime and tackling responsibilities. Do your best to find a balance between your inner and outer lives.



April 20–May 20

With Mercury sailing through Taurus, all your synapses are firing and you’re eager to share your thoughts. This week, Merc’s meetups with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto can inspire you to express yourself every chance you get and learn all you can from people and experiences. You should have an easy time finding your natural place in a group and getting on the same page with others. You’ll feel understood by your squad, so connect with them, especially if you could use some empathy. It’s also a good time to convey your own compassion or ideals. Another person can show you different sides of life, so cast your net wide rather than interacting with people who are very similar to you. Consult someone who knows more than you do, as you’re likely to benefit greatly from an individual’s guidance. You can boost your brainpower by doing unfamiliar things and encountering ideas that are foreign to you. Your belief system is undergoing a slow but profound shift, and approaching everything like a student of life now can reveal deeper meanings. A sun-Mars conference motivates you to use everything at your disposal to chase after a goal. Your unique set of talents is the key to achieving your ambitions, and the more passionate you are about an endeavor, the more success you’ll have. Jupiter’s harmony with Neptune reiterates the theme of benefiting from your relationships, and any joint efforts for humanitarian or philanthropic aims are likely to thrive. Due to the spiritual nature of these planets, if you happen to meet someone new, he or she may feel like a kindred soul to you. With Venus and Saturn having a face-to-face, concerns about the future could detract from the pleasures of the moment, and you may worry over interpreting words and intent. Try to see the glass as half full!


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Thank you for this week’s horoscope! I always look forward to these posts. ❤️

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