Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 14–20

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April 20–May 20

Think of this week’s new moon in Taurus as your annual incentive to start fresh. How would you like to reinvent yourself? You might try out a different look, but since this lunation is in cahoots with planets in your beliefs and network houses, you could present yourself in a whole new light by becoming an activist for a cause or refashioning your social media presence. In any case, this is the time to set your intentions for the coming year. And on a much larger scale, the arrival of Uranus in your sign for an eight-year stay indicates earthshattering change! If playing it safe has gotten you into a rut, this progressive planet is here to push you past those self-imposed limitations and compel you to rethink your identity. You’ll be breaking out of old patterns and exploring new ways of being you in the world. Given your penchant for stability, you may find this period to be upsetting at times. Try to embrace the spirit of revolution, so Uranus doesn’t force you out of the status quo kicking and screaming. You’ll have more say in the changes that take place in your life if you choose to stop holding onto what no longer serves you. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Mars is climbing to the peak of your chart, firing up your ambition and mobilizing you to achieve your goals. His battle with Uranus can make your interactions with authority figures quite volatile, so work independently if you can and resist the urge to rebel against the powers that be. Mercury in Taurus is synced with Saturn, enabling you to plan for the future, learn what you need to know, gain perspective and articulate your message with conviction. With Venus sauntering into your thinking-and-talking zone and vibing with Uranus, your convos should be pleasant and interesting, and you’ll be open to meeting new people.



May 21–June 20

A new moon in the last house of your chart invites you to begin a regular spiritual practice, start a dream journal, recharge your battery and resolve to release something or someone from your psyche. Hours later, anarchic Uranus shows up in that house and sets up camp for the next eight years. He’ll be sending shockwaves through your subconscious, triggering unexpected events and disclosures that could originate from your own subliminal signals or motives. Anything you’ve hidden from yourself and others is likely to surface, and past actions will have a way of catching up with you. This is an ideal period for facing what you’ve repressed so it no longer has the ability to disrupt your life. You’d do well to seek insights into your unconscious mind because self-awareness can prevent self-sabotage. Examine seeming surprises, looking for their possible root causes. Pull the skeletons out of your closet and make peace with them. After Mars charges into your exploration zone for a prolonged visit, you’ll be driven to branch out and pursue growth experiences. You might travel a lot or embark on a new course of study in the months to come. However, since Mars and Uranus quarrel right off the bat, your jumpiness might lead you to take an impulsive risk, or you might blurt out combative words to defend what you believe. Do something new and freeing to scratch the itch. With your ruling planet laying low, you’re keeping things bottled up, but you can take advantage of a Mercury-Saturn connection to confide in someone you trust. It’s also a good transit to work out a personal issue in your head and resolve it. The sun’s grand entrance into Gemini marks the official opening of your birthday season and infuses you with a welcome does of vitality. It’s time to focus on yourself and project your personality with energy, making a strong impression on others. Happy solar return!



June 21–July 22

This week’s new moon lands in your network house, encouraging you to widen the circle of people in your life and make new friends. You might launch a team effort in the next six months or join a group that shares your interests, goals or ideals, and it’s also a favorable time for taking on a new role in an organization you already belong to. Uranus is cruising into that house for a tour that will last until 2026 and produce changes in your various connections with others. This gamechanger planet has much more influence than the new moon, and he could introduce you to a whole new squad. You’ll gravitate to fresh faces, but peer pressure can also get you to take off in a different direction by yourself, since this transit endorses individualism. People you already know will be unpredictable at times, and you won’t necessarily enjoy it. Eight years from now, your hopes and wishes won’t be the same, and you won’t identify with exactly the same set of friends. With Mars sauntering into your intimacy sector for the next several months, your libido heats up and you’ll be more inclined to initiate sex. You may also dive into a passion project or confront a private emotional issue and get stronger. With Mars and Uranus at odds, your personal life and social life clash, and you could hook up with a platonic pal or get involved with someone your friends aren’t crazy about. But luckily, Mercury is gelling with Saturn, helping you talk things through maturely. Venus dances into Cancer next for a month-long stay and vibes with Uranus, making it easier to get along with people. You’ll exude beauty and warmth and will be in a happy mood, so socialize—and date—as much as possible. However, with the sun sneaking into your retreat corner, you’ll need some downtime here and there to unwind and recharge!



July 23–August 22

It’s time to set a big goal when a new moon rises in your ambition angle this week. Because this lunation is harmonizing with Mars and Pluto in your productivity corner, you have the power to back your intentions with a great deal of hard work. You might create a new business plan or start a fresh chapter in your professional life over the next six months. And with radical Uranus ascending to that angle — where he’ll be hovering until 2026 — there will definitely be some plot twists in your career. New opportunities will come up, and you may change industries. If you’re not expressing your authentic self in your occupation, contemplate what singular contribution you want to make to the world and keep an open mind about alternative paths. You may get an urge to rebel against authority or even quit your job, especially if your superiors are restricting your progress or you’re bored with your work. You need more freedom to pursue your true calling, and that may entail starting over. When Mars crosses your one-on-one angle, that’s your cue to start recruiting a partner in crime for your various activities and get problems out in the open in a relationship. Although you’ll probably experience more conflicts than usual with other individuals in the coming months, you can work through them if you try. Mars and Uranus are doing battle, and that might trigger an argument, particularly if someone’s being domineering. Hashing things out may not be fun, but it can lead to a desired outcome. Mercury’s chemistry with Saturn nudges you to plan step by step how you’ll reach a goal, focus on challenging mental work and talk to your boss about your responsibilities. With Venus slipping into your solitude corner and the sun blasting into your network house, you should split your time between circulating among plenty of people and enjoying peaceful private time.



August 23–September 22

When a new moon occurs in your exploration sector, you may get restless for your next adventure or inspired to broaden your mind. You need to have a stimulating, unfamiliar experience that’s both pleasurable and eye-opening — or at least make plans for one in the next few months. Getting out of your routine will provide a fresh perspective, so take a trip (or book one), seek out fresh faces, register for a class or go to a foreign restaurant, movie or exhibit. Uranus barrels into that sector hours later, where he’ll be expanding your awareness for the next eight years. Some events that take place during this period will challenge your belief system, and if you can manage to avoid over-identifying with your personal views, you may find this to be an exciting time in your life. You’ll discover new ways of seeing the world and gain insights that power your growth. New travels, studies and interactions will widen your lens. Keep a flexible outlook, but don’t assume your POV has been invalid all this time. You’re being called to look at life from a different angle, not to discard all your existing beliefs. As Mars marches into your efficiency corner, your productivity picks up, and you’ll probably get a lot done in the next several months. Work hard to accomplish as much as you can—and work smart, in true Virgo style. Mars and Uranus go at it this week, so you might swerve off-track or get an impulse to do things your way and only your way. Forget about teamwork for now and take breathers when you get distracted. Mercury is syncing with Saturn, so you’ll be able to express your opinion with finesse, and after Venus arrives in your network house, it will be relatively easy to get along with people. But you should still stand out from the crowd: With the sun climbing to your chart’s peak, you’re meant to shine!



September 23–October 22

The new moon in your depth-and-sharing house hints that an intimate relationship could be around the corner or perhaps you’ll grow closer to your partner. Or you might benefit from a fresh outside resource such as a loan or a refund. On another level, this lunation can be about turning the page in your psyche and recovering from a crisis, loss or wound. Your emotions may be in need of a reset, and now’s the time to initiate progress. Uranus enters that house as well this week — and parks himself there until 2026. In this case, outside resources will fluctuate up and down. So your significant other’s income might take a hit or you might receive an unexpected grant or inheritance. Be prepared to ride out some instability when it comes to the support that you count on from others. You might become involved with someone unusual or someone you can’t depend on. And you’ll feel more liberated in your sex life, which can lead to spontaneous experimentation. New partners may enter and exit your life with greater frequency, or you might hook up with them faster. You’re liable to have revelations that can free you from old patterns and help you grow emotionally, but you could also become impatient with sharing and try to end obligations. Mars is moving into your fulfillment zone for a months-long visit, firing you up to go after what you want and march to your own beat. You’ll take a more proactive role with romance and dating and will be more motivated to play than work. A Mars-Uranus battle breaks out soon after they change signs, possibly sparking a new affair or reviving an existing one. But this energy won’t last, so don’t read too much into it. Venus and the sun are changing signs, allowing you to charm higher-ups and draw attention with your creativity and also fueling you to explore the world via travel, learning and novel experiences.


October 23–November 21

With a new moon passing through your interpersonal angle this week, a new partnership might be in the pipeline, or you could soon take a current one to the next level. You want companionship, and tuning into others’ needs and feelings will help you form healthy, balanced bonds. Uranus is crossing that angle as well and will be hanging out there until 2026. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t good for you, it could come to an end, and even the best relationship won’t go unchanged during this period. Uranus says your one-on-one connections are due for a shakeup. You might meet a lot of eccentric people or get involved with someone who brings excitement to your life. Other individuals will seem unpredictable, and you could get into an unstable relationship. This transit offers an opportunity to break out of old relationship patterns, though, and if you tend to merge intensely with people, you could maintain more distance now or find yourself having to accept that someone needs space. Consider what unconscious signals you send out and what changes you can make that will help you align with the changes happening in your close connections. Mars is dipping down to your foundation angle for a prolonged stopover, increasing your productivity at home but also possibly making you rather touchy. Take note of your moods so you don’t get into mindless arguments and try not to slip into a childish behavior pattern. Mars and Uranus are at odds, suggesting you’d do well to keep your impulses in check and resist taking the bait. Mercury’s meeting with Saturn will help you have a serious talk if need be, so open the lines of communication. Once Venus dances into your exploration corner, the appeal of difference grows and you might find love and beauty in unexpected places. Meanwhile, the sun’s arrival in your depth-and-sharing house brings psychological fortitude and fuels transformation.



November 22–December 21

Thanks to the new moon in your efficiency corner, it’s a good week to launch a job search, start a new diet or fitness regimen, add a positive habit to your routine, get onto a different schedule, learn a skill, organize your workspace, solve a problem or adopt a fresh modus operandi. The aim is to work smarter, not necessarily harder, and improve the quality of your daily life. With Uranus also soaring into that corner for an eight-year tour, your work and wellness will undergo some changes. You might become a freelancer, and you’re very likely to move from one job to another. You should look for fresh challenges if you’re in a rut, and since Uranus rules technology, it’s a good idea to become more tech savvy. The revolutionary planet champions liberation, and if you don’t go along with the change that’s in the air, a health issue might compel you to alter your everyday life. It’s appropriate now to try alternative health options, experiment with your eating habits and workouts and generally switch up the systems that get you through the day. Stay flexible, because circumstances can shift sporadically between now and 2026. With Mars barging into your thinking-and-talking sector hours later, your brain and interactions will get a fresh injection of fuel, and you’ll be quick to assert yourself. In the next several months, you’re primed to sell others on your ideas, become active in your community and take plenty of short trips or at least stay on-the-go around town. Mars and Uranus are crossing swords, putting you in danger of making a hasty decision or getting into an argument with people around you. Make yourself slow down, count to ten and take deep breaths. Venus arrives in your sharing sector, coaxing a craving for closeness, and the sun’s entrance into your one-on-one angle also builds your enthusiasm for connecting with other individuals in the coming month.



December 22–January 19

May’s new moon falls in your fulfillment house, encouraging you to seek out new sources of pleasure. A new romance, hobby or creative project could get your juices flowing, and going forward, you should make a point of carving out time to simply enjoy life. This lunation is linked with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, indicating that you have the power to manifest more love and happiness in your life. And with unorthodox Uranus surging into the same house, where he’ll be staked out until 2026, you surely need to think outside the box when personal fulfillment is concerned. Date outside your comfort zone. Explore a wide variety of interests and diversions. Dabble in different forms of creativity. Liberate your quirks. Say yes to spontaneous fun. Love affairs could spark up and disappear quickly, and you might be attracted to unconventional types. Resist the urge to overthink everything — with one notable exception. Because this house governs creation, recreation and procreation and Uranus loves surprises, unplanned pregnancies aren’t uncommon during this transit. So between now and 2026, be super diligent in using effective birth control 24/7, unless you’re trying to conceive. Be daring in other areas! Mars is exiting your sign and entering your worth zone, increasing impulsive spending but also driving you get a handle on your finances and possessions and use your resources proactively. A Mars-Uranus spat briefly bumps the urge to splurge up from orange alert to red, so hands off that debit card! The object of your desire likely won’t bring lasting satisfaction. Mercury’s harmony with Saturn in Capricorn should save the day, enabling you to talk some sense into yourself. This combo can also make you particularly witty and get you into a flow with creative writing. After Venus crosses your interpersonal angle, you’ll find it easy to relate to people one-on-one and keep the peace. In contrast, the sun’s arrival in your efficiency corner energizes you to get tons done this month.



January 20–February 18

A new development in your family or living situation could be imminent after the new moon rises in your foundation angle this week. Think about what gives you an underlying sense of security and comfort. How can you get more of that feeling? Hint: This is the perfect lunation for starting a new self-care practice and making it part of your routine. With Uranus beginning his long lap through this angle (he’s not leaving until 2026!), you’ll need to find ways to center yourself. If you’ve gotten too settled, your ruling planet is sure to shake things up. You could move suddenly or more than once, and your family could undergo unanticipated changes. Or you might have a revolving door of roommates or live with someone who makes your home life more exhilarating or chaotic. You’ll feel uprooted at times and may cut ties with elements of your past. It’s an appropriate period for snipping the apron strings and making the leap from childhood. You can free yourself from patterns you’ve been stuck in for a long time and move beyond the influence of your backstory. Mood swings are to be expected, as you grapple with high-voltage emotions. With Mars stampeding through Aquarius for the next several months, you’re gearing up to tackle your personal agenda and will be working very hard to further your own interests. Operate independently whenever possible so you don’t have to worry about how your actions affect others. A Mars-Uranus spat could make you bad-tempered, so try not to react abruptly. With Mercury and Saturn joining forces, you should be able to tune into your feelings and explain where you’re coming from. Venus’s arrival in your efficiency corner makes it easier to work on a relationship, get on well with colleagues and produce creative work. But since the sun is blazing into your fulfillment house, life won’t be all work and no play. Find time to enjoy life!



February 19–March 20

Let your curiosity lead the way after a new moon lands in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, encouraging you to be a student of life. It’s a great lunation for gathering facts, doing paperwork, getting in contact with people, taking short trips, launching a neighborhood improvement effort, proposing ideas and adopting a new attitude. Radical Uranus gallops into this corner and takes up residence there for the next eight years, where he’ll be revolutionizing your communication and your mindset. Your old perceptions will be turned upside down, forcing you to look at the world from a different angle and see things you’ve never seen before. Flexible thinking is your friend between now and 2026. You’re no longer sure what can be taken for granted and relied on. Your everyday dealings with people could be erratic, and the speed of your brain and life around you seem to pick up. Nervous energy can cause anxiety, but your intellect will be stimulated, leading you to pursue new interests and studies. With Mars ducking into the last house of your chart for an extended retreat, you’ll be most productive working in a low-key setting behind the scenes. Don’t aim to earn accolades for your endeavors or make an impression on people. Take a deep dive into something you can toil away at by yourself. And guard against self-defeating behavior in the next several months. Mars and Uranus are locking horns, triggering hasty choices and harsh words, so be careful not to decide or say anything you can’t walk back. Fortunately, a Mercury-Saturn collaboration should enable you to talk things over with people and get solid advice. Venus is slinking into your joy sector, increasing the pleasure you get from romance and creativity and coaxing you to show your feelings. And since the sun is dipping down to your foundation angle, you’ll be in tune with your innermost emotions and inclined to spend some time relaxing at home.



March 21–April 19

When a new moon hits your worth zone this week, you might get to work crafting a budget, finding a new source of income, setting a financial goal, acquiring resources you need and feeding your five senses. Since this lunation is in cahoots with Mars and Pluto, your ambition will strengthen your ability to take care of yourself, and that in turn will boost your self-confidence. Uranus is finally leaving Aries and segueing into your worth zone for an eight-year layover. Expect plenty of ups and downs involving your finances and belongings and prepare to ride them out. The less rigid you are about what you have and what you need, the better off you’ll be during this unpredictable transit. Seek clarity on what is truly most important to you and recognize that your values are changing. Take an honest look at what you base your self-worth on and examine your personal relationship with money and things. All of the above will be in flux, and embracing an easy-come-easy-go philosophy will help. If your possessions are somehow burdensome, some may be taken away from you during this period. On the flip side, if you require certain things in order to grow, they may show up in your life. Your ruler, Mars, is moseying into your humanity house for a lengthy stay, nudging you to participate in teamwork, do some professional networking and take action that benefits others. A fight between Mars and Uranus can make collaboration more challenging, especially if you’re concerned about what you lack or what you might lose. But with Mercury and Saturn in sync and the sun cruising into your communication sector, you can express yourself persuasively. Venus is slipping into your domestic angle, highlighting the pleasures of home and family, so don’t feel like you always have to be dashing around doing things. Enjoy peace and quiet, beautify your space and have people over when you want company.


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Thank you for the horoscope for this week! Looks like I have a relaxed one coming up. ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Love this!