Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves…And You, Too

The family-owned and -operated hair care company — 3 sisters and a dad — share stories about their philosophy, their products, and why they have no choice but to give back to women in need…

Sisters was created by Eva, Jo & Doni who are, in fact, sisters. What brought you together to create this line? And your DAD works with you, too?

Well, a number of years ago our dad was tinkering with a shampoo idea.  He’s a very well established scientist in the world of innate immunity. As a family, we grew up testing out his new ideas and projects together. So, one day, he came up with this idea for a shampoo that worked with the scalp and hair’s microbiome. We started using it, and… turns out that the product he created was truly great. So, about a year ago, the three of us decided to initiate a project that allowed us to support Dad’s shampoo (and conditioner), but to also work creatively as sisters. We began playing around with packaging and essential oils that we loved, changed the original formula a little, and came up with Sisters Body

Why hair and body care?

Skin and the scalp have such an interesting biology — our skin is an amazing barrier and one of the first lines of defense for our immune system. It is complex and the host of incredible ecosystems!

You ensure that a good portion of your proceeds goes to fund women’s health projects. Tell us about that.

As the political climate shifted in 2017, and the threat to defund Planned Parenthood and other women’s health services became a reality, we wanted to put our money where our mouth was. Two of us work in women’s health — Jo’s a midwife and Eva’s a family doctor — so providing quality health care to women is something to which we have dedicated our lives. Being able to donate a large amount of profits made this project feel exciting, like we were actually making a difference. 

What does your typical day look like? Do you live near one another/work together directly?

We live in different cities on the east coast. The business is based out of Jo’s house in Brooklyn, but we talk and text many, many times a day. Since we all have other full time jobs and families and kids of our own, our typical days are totally nuts!!.We are juggling a million things. but it’s a really amazing opportunity for all of us to be able to create and work together as sisters. 

Can you explain a bit more about the body as a microbiome and how Sisters affects that?

The microbiome, a microscopic ecosystem that lines the surface of our body, is made up of natural oils, peptides and organisms. Our body works really hard to establish a well-balanced, healthy microbiome. We believe that the products we use should enhance, not harm, our body’s wellness. So, by respecting the microbiome of our skin and hair, we feel better and look healthier.  We also formulated our products with a very gentle cleanser that washes your hair and skin but doesn’t strip away all the good oils and peptides our body works so hard to create.

Your biggest inspiration…

Pippi Longstocking! ;) 

If Sisters had a soundtrack, what 5 songs would appear on it?

Alessi brothers – Seabird 

The Roches – Hammond Song 

Jim Croche – Operator 

Bonnie Rait – Love me like a Man 

Lijadu Sisters – Come On Home 

How easy was it to make a biodegradable beauty line? Amazing, by the yay.

That’s where our scientist dad comes in handy! 

The next big thing for Sisters:

Prebiotic, microbiome-friendly deodorant! And hopefully more availability in stores!


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I really like the fact that the brand is family-run and gives back. We need more businesses like this!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago