Good Jeans

Photographer Matteo Montenari captures a few of our favorite women in a few of our favorite silhouettes… made with you in mind.

Earn Your Stripes Wide-Leg

Worn by Joanna Halpin



Rita Crop Flare Jean

Worn by Amelia Raui.


Slim Pull-On Flare

Worn by Klara Kristin.



High Rise Foxy Flare Jean

Worn by Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor.

+ Shop the lookbook here.

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These are really cute styles!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Obsessed <3

5 years ago

I like the green one.

5 years ago

Love them!


Shelly Houk
5 years ago

Are your jeans pre washed. I just got a pair of high rise foxy flare.

5 years ago

Nice Jeans

Very nice and detailed article, kept me glued till the end.

Fancy, love them. Good for the youth. The new entrants in flare jean would be a fashion trend.

5 years ago

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