Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 13-19

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July 23–August 22

Retrograde Mars just segued into your efficiency corner, so your productivity may be taking a hit. Think about how you use your time and energy, and tweak imbalances in your everyday routine that prevent you from accomplishing as much as you intend to. In the next couple of weeks, you might vanquish a bad habit, revisit an old problem, redo a task and revise your to-do list. You’ll probably work best on your own, since relations with coworkers will be loaded with tripwires. Luckily, Mercury in Leo is canoodling with Venus and then resuming forward motion, which puts an end to its annoying retrograde phase. You’ll feel more capable of connecting with people and verbalizing your feelings, and your thoughts on personal matters will start to come together. If you’ve been second-guessing a choice, it’s easier to see what’s best for you now. Jupiter and Neptune are tangoing for the last time, signaling that you’ve learned a lot about yourself lately and are in the process of healing old wounds. It’s so important to make peace with your back story and your full range of emotions — even the not-so-pleasant ones. Give thanks for the support you get from loved ones and the nurturing home life you’re cultivating. Finding a place where you belong and people you belong with soothes your soul.



August 23–September 22

Since Mars has backtracked into your joy sector, your pursuit of pleasure is bound to be less straightforward over the next two weeks. You might revise a creative project, rediscover an old hobby or reconnect with a neglected side of your personality. An old lover may turn up, tempting you to rekindle the flame, and if a romance is already on the rocks, you could finally take a break or call it a day. It’s time to ask yourself what — and whom — truly fulfills you. Where does your heart lie? As Mercury dovetails with Venus and wraps up its retrograde, you may intuit how to get what you want, and your inklings will start to come into sharper focus. You still won’t feel like sharing your thoughts freely, as you’re in observation mode until Merc enters Virgo next month. Trust your gut, reach your own conclusions and keep playing your cards close to the vest. Jupiter and Neptune are holding the last in a series of meetings that began last fall, inspiring you to communicate honestly and keep an open mind. Hopefully you’ve expanded the circle of people in your life and are transcending prejudices, finding common ground and learning from each other. Don’t limit the possibilities when it comes to forming bonds; this transit can deliver meaningful connections and perhaps even a soulmate



September 23–October 22

With Mars now backspinning across the base of your chart, old anger could be stirred up and you might get into a snippy mood. In the next couple of weeks, you may find yourself reevaluating your living situation, grappling with family problems or working through difficult emotions. You need some alone time to deal with what’s going on inside you and to keep you from falling into a regressive — maybe even childish — behavior pattern. Put a self-care practice in place, especially if family or domestic friction is stressing you out. Resist the urge to make permanent changes to your space until September. This week, Mercury hooks up with Venus in Libra right before turning direct (meaning Mercury retrograde is over!), so you should feel much more in sync with your squad soon. If you’ve had any misunderstandings, this is your chance to play peacemaker and start to repair the damage. And if you’ve been trying to make plans and get everyone onboard, you’ll have more luck now. Jupiter and Neptune are resuming their conversation from last November and this May, reiterating the importance of maximizing your natural talents so you can do the work you were destined to do. Creative or spiritually motivated endeavors have a tailwind now. Fully utilizing your gifts will help you attain financial prosperity, so there’s no downside!


October 23–November 21

Now that your coruler, Mars, has reversed into your thinking-and-talking corner, it’s time to consider how you habitually communicate, process information and make decisions. How might you tweak those things? You could also rethink a course of action in the next couple of weeks or revise something you’ve written. You may feel agitated and belligerent, which could provoke arguments. So watch what you say (and post, text, tweet, email, etc.! If you’re angry, be careful not to take it out on the wrong person. Thankfully, Mercury is leaving its pesky retrograde period in the dust, improving your interactions with higher-ups and enabling you to formulate clearer goals. You’ll have an easier time promoting yourself, making career plans and envisioning the path ahead. If wires got crossed recently, do your best to untangle them. Mercury’s harmony with Venus can help you reassess a strategy involving compassionate charity. With Jupiter in Scorpio meeting up with Neptune for the last time (they rendezvoused last November and this past May), your quest to live up to your full potential dovetails with your yearning for love and happiness once again. You’re gaining the confidence to share your passionate soul and kind heart with others and finding the courage to contribute your unique gifts to the world. Keep testing your wings and discovering what you’re made of — it’s strong stuff!



November 22–December 21

Avoid impulse spending in the next couple of weeks while Mars backpedals through your worth house, tempting you to make dubious financial moves. You can use this time to reevaluate your fiscal strategy, offload some possessions, reshuffle your priorities and contemplate how your self-esteem affects your relationship with money and things. Try not to get into petty battles. And keep your expenses under control — one could pop up and catch you by surprise! Mercury syncs with Venus in your network sector just before getting back into gear, which brings an end to the dreaded Mercury retrograde. You might finally pull off a group excursion or connect with friends you’ve been trying to get together with. Travel and education will be less glitchy as Merc resumes full speed in the weeks to come, and you’ll have an easier time expressing your opinions. Your perspective may have shifted a bit, and now an alternative big picture could be falling into place. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, picks up its conversation with Neptune where they left off last May, luring you to look within for inspiration and to continue learning about yourself. Making peace with the past and accepting who you are will free you to look toward the future. Carve out time for introspection because fresh insights will fire you up.



December 22–January 19

Mars just backed into Capricorn, where he’ll remain retrograde for the next couple of weeks, so although you may be motivated, you’ll feel somewhat ineffective and obstructed. Don’t beat yourself up over a lack of obvious progress. Concentrate on going back over what you’ve already done and correcting any mistakes you can. If sluggishness tempts you to put off doing things, try to get in touch with neglected passions and your inner will. It’s constructive to question what you’re devoting your energy to. Ask yourself what truly drives you and see if you can tap into that. With Mercury making overtures to Venus soon before powering forward, you have the capacity to drill down to the heart of the matter and come up with a mutually beneficial goal or secure a mentor. If you’ve done your homework, you can impress higher-ups with your findings now. As Merc gets back up to speed, communication in a close relationship will become more direct, and lending/borrowing won’t be so problematic. The last in a series of Jupiter-Neptune summits that began in Fall 2017 encourages you to continue showing your compassion for others through altruistic efforts and counting on your squad for moral support. Teaming up with others who share your ideals will allow you to achieve more than you could on your own, so join forces!



January 20–February 18

With Mars now hiding out in your subliminal sector, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your underlying motives. Try to work through buried anger and examine any tendencies you have to self-sabotage. Resist the urge to shoot yourself in the foot. What reasons might you have for going against your own best interests? See if you can figure out what drives you deep in your core, and if that mojo seems MIA, bringing challenging emotions into the light will allow you to harness their substantial energy. Right after Mercury in your interpersonal angle gels with Venus, it does an about-face, bringing Mercury retrograde to a close. Soon you won’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells with people and constantly getting your wires crossed. If misunderstandings have been a problem recently, start mending those fences! Everyone’s more likely to hear what you’re really saying instead of twisting words. You might cross paths with someone appealing who’s quite different from you, and you could also enjoy a trip or cultural experience with a companion. Thanks to Jupiter and Neptune reconvening, your spiritual values or creative talents can help you achieve your highest aspirations. Taking the focus off specific material gains and proceeding as if you have nothing to lose can lift your confidence to a level that signals you’re here to slay.



February 19–March 20

You may have to deal with problems in your squad or another group you belong to in the next two weeks, since Mars just receded into your network zone, throwing a wrench into camaraderie. You might mull over where a friendship or other affiliation is going, and it’s also a good time to review your latest goals and interests. Be careful not to take your frustrations out on people and don’t attempt to corral everyone for a group endeavor. Teamwork is a nonstarter for the moment, but you may have luck redoing steps that got skipped and planning next steps. Mercury is harmonizing with Venus and then pivoting forward, refining your thought process and bringing details into sharper focus. Your communication — particularly on the job — will be more to the point, and scheduling snafus should get straightened out. With Jupiter finishing up its dance with your ruling planet, Neptune, in Pisces (which began last November and continued in May), your quest to keep learning and growing by pursuing fresh experiences gets another welcome boost. Continue to take risks and bet on your dreams. You’re growing into the person you were meant to be. A spiritual awakening is possible under this influence, as you’re in search of truth and meaning that will help you understand yourself and the world better.



March 21–April 19

Your ruling planet has backed up into your ambition angle and will remain retrograde there for the next couple of weeks, so you’d do well to keep a tight lid on your frustrations when you’re around authority figures. You may not make much visible headway with your goals, but don’t simply barrel ahead. Work smarter, not harder. Consider which objectives are truly worth pursuing and which should be put aside — or even retired. At the same time, you might take an old goal off the shelf and prepare to go after it again. Ask yourself what success means to you and contemplate the direction you’re headed in. With Mercury in your joy sector reaching out to Venus in your interpersonal angle and then going direct (meaning Mercury retrograde is over!), it won’t seem so hard to express your feelings. So speak from the heart and share what’s inside you. Expressing your true self will facilitate genuine connections, and you might link up with a potential romantic or creative partner. Jupiter and Neptune are rendezvousing for the third time since last November, encouraging closeness, healing and psychological growth. Whether you’re learning more about yourself or letting someone into your heart, courage is essential. You’ll feel less alone and more connected to something beyond yourself — which is bound to soothe your soul.



April 20–May 20

Now that Mars is ambling backwards through your exploration corner, travel and education could get complicated. In the next couple of weeks, you’re better off reviewing what you’ve learned lately than embarking on a new course of study. Try to glimpse the big picture by pondering your beliefs and seeking a more well-rounded perspective. Be patient with delays and detours. Avoid getting sucked into debates and defending your POV vehemently. Your passion can cause you to come on too strong, so watch what you say. And don’t take any unnecessary risks; the impulse to leap before you look can wreak havoc now. Luckily, Mercury is syncing with Venus and turning direct, enabling you to figure out your innermost emotions and put them into words. Communication with family and housemates will gradually get better, and you may clarify something about your living situation. Your sensitivity can help you when speaking to coworkers, and you might say something that smooths relations on the job. Jupiter is holding another meeting with Neptune — the third in a series of three that began last November. Once again, you stand to gain knowledge, support, inspiration and understanding from others, and the planets are nudging you to band together for charitable, humanitarian purposes. When you meet people during this transit, your bond is apt to have a spiritual vibe.



May 21–June 20

With Mars backing through your depth-and-merging zone, a close relationship could hit bumps in the next two weeks, and old pain, anger, mistrust or jealousy may resurface. An ex might come out of the woodwork, and although a reconciliation can provide momentary excitement, you’ll face repercussions eventually. If you’re not getting what you need from someone, don’t push. Confronting the stuff swirling around in your psyche is more worthwhile. You’ll get somewhere when you investigate your own hidden motives and compulsions, especially if you hope to nip destructive actions in the bud. Luckily, Mercury is meshing with Venus and leaving its retrograde phase in the dust! As Merc gets back up to full speed, you’ll be able to think straight and make sounder choices. Plus communication, travel and paperwork won’t be so boobytrapped. You might express your heartfelt feelings or creative side in words or writing now. And since Jupiter and Neptune are jibing once again, your belief in your ability to succeed will be replenished. You’ve assumed more responsibilities in the past several months, and your positive attitude about work is helping you find your higher purpose. Aspire to learn new skills, aim to be useful and be proud of doing things well. Don’t focus on rewards like fame and fortune; enjoy contributing your unique gifts to the world.



June 21–July 22

You might find yourself fighting an old battle in the next couple of weeks (particularly one that originated in the spring), since Mars just backed into your interpersonal angle and won’t reverse course until the 27th. We’re all frustrated, but because Mars is retrograde in your opposite sign, you’ll be prone to projecting your aggravation onto others. So put your sensitivity to good use and own your own feelings. Take a close look at your motives and do your best to be more direct with people. If you encounter real trouble in a relationship, pump the brakes. You can take action next month; this is a period for examining what’s going on. With Mercury in your worth zone vibing with Venus and then powering forward, your financial judgment will no longer be so iffy and you might plan a party, think about how to beautify your space or decide what to do with some possessions. Snags involving money should reach a resolution after Merc Retro is in the rearview mirror. For instance, you might finally receive a delayed payment. Jupiter and Neptune are waltzing again — a repeat performance from November 2017 and May 2018 — inspiring you to be yourself and live life to the fullest. Your pursuit of happiness can lead to a transcendent experience and the feeling of being one with the world.


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Work smarter, not harder – got it! Thanks for the horoscopes!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Love this! :)

3 years ago

Seems I’m about to have a very interesting week as a Cancer.

3 years ago

Thank you for a great post.

3 years ago

“Your perspective may have shifted a bit, and now an alternative big picture could be falling into place.”

This could not be more apt after having returned home late last night after my first 10-day Vipassana meditation experience in Italy.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

3 years ago

Thanks for sharing this nice information with us

2 years ago

“Your perspective may have shifted a bit, and now an alternative big picture could be falling into place.”

This could not be more apt after having returned home late last night after my first 10-day Vipassana meditation experience in Italy.