Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 15-21

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September 23–October 22

You might be in the mood to nest early in the week, while the moon’s ensconced in your domestic corner, so don’t feel guilty about staying in and lounging or catching up on your zzz’s. If you feel like you should be more productive, Mercury’s meeting with Venus can inspire you to do a quick eval of your belongings and decide what you no longer want. Venus retrograde is the perfect time for a possession purge, and since mental Mercury is up to speed, brain fog won’t be a problem. Merc harmonizes with Neptune later in the week, encouraging you to use your imagination to solve a problem or accomplish a task. But a run-in with Mars might provoke a disagreement over priorities or an internal conflict over whether you can afford to do as you please. After the moon moves into your efficiency corner at week’s end, the more organized you are, the more at ease you’ll feel.


October 23–November 21

With Mercury and Venus coalescing in Scorpio this week, you could become deeply introspective, weighing what you want and what you feel you deserve. You need time to yourself so you can reflect and piece together personal insights. The moon’s subsequent segue into your foundation angle will put you in close touch with your emotions and is likely to make you even less eager to socialize. Luckily, Merc’s connection with Neptune gives you a gateway to the world, easing communication and creative self-expression so it’s possible for you to convey some of what you’re feeling. You might do some inspired, imaginative writing or brainstorming, speak from the heart or see someone in a different light. A Mercury-Mars skirmish can trigger harsh words, and your best strategy is to keep a handle on your moods, as you’re likely to get touchy and lash out reflexively. If you’re not seeing eye to eye with family or roomies, remember to choose your battles.



November 22–December 21

A Mercury-Venus rendezvous at the end of your chart turns so much of your attention inward and to the past that you may not feel quite like yourself. Your sign tends to be more outgoing and forward-looking, but with Venus traveling retrograde and tucked away in a hidden house, some form of retreat from the world will do you good. It’s a great time for getting lost in your imagination, an artistic undertaking or appreciation of the arts. Or you might be moved to express your empathy and perform an act of compassion. Since Mercury is also linked with ethereal Neptune in your comfort sector, you could stay in and write something creative such as music or poetry or connect with a loved one. Merc’s spat with Mars may cause you to speak up before you’ve thought something through, and if you need to do any writing, you’ll benefit from a free-flowing stream of consciousness.



December 22–January 19

The week gets underway with the moon gracing Capricorn — putting you in sync with other people and linking your inner and outer selves. You’re sensitive to your own emotions but can also tune into those of others. If you’re feeling insecure, you could become rather needy. But with Mercury and Venus congregating in your network zone, communication with friends and peers gets a boost. Since Venus is backtracking, you may have more success reconnecting and reconciling than you do reaching out to people currently in your life. You shouldn’t have much trouble getting your point across in a group, and when Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, you’re able to pick up on vibes and mold your self-expression accordingly. It’s easy to express sympathy and clear up confusion now. But a squabble between Merc and Mars warns you to choose your words carefully when it comes to money, possessions and personal values. You’ll come off as defensive if you feel like your turf is threatened.



January 20–February 18

A Mercury-Venus summit at the peak of your chart should help you out if you’re trying to make a good impression in a public or professional setting, so don’t hide what you have to offer. If you haven’t been particularly motivated to achieve your goals, this pairing can get your head back in the game. And when the moon sails into your sign midweek, you’ll get into a better rhythm and feel more on than you did when the week began, with the moon hiding out in your subliminal corner. Mercury’s chemistry with Neptune further encourages you to talk up your creative talents, and it can also persuade you to think in terms of nonmaterial rewards when you’re conceptualizing career plans. Merc’s tussle with Mars in Aquarius could land you in hot water if you overreact to a voice of authority. Let ambition mobilize you rather than letting hierarchy provoke you.



February 19–March 20

When Mercury and Venus tango in your exploration corner, you can glimpse the patterns in your experiences and interactions and hopefully find meaning that expands your outlook. You might reconnect with someone quite different from you or enjoy revisiting a place you’ve already been, and a cultural experience could open your eyes. Since Mercury and Neptune have their own dance going on, anything you learn this week can touch your spirit and inspire you to dream bigger. Seemingly foreign ideas, beliefs and places will resonate with you. To get the most out of this transit, make a point of talking to people outside your comfort zone. A Mercury-Mars battle can tempt you to take a leap of faith that will work against you, so be careful not to get ahead of yourself. The moon’s arrival in Pisces on Friday makes you extra emo, but you’ll also feel more in tune with the people around you.



March 21-April 19

The Mercury-Venus meetup in your depth-and-merging house can improve communication in a close relationship, especially if you’ve been struggling to connect since Venus went retrograde earlier in the month. Although emotions aren’t flowing very freely between people, Mercury’s verbal nature can bridge the gap by getting you talking. Merc’s link with Neptune facilitates healing insights and kind words and can help you to find forgiveness. With the moon zipping through your network house midweek, you’ll probably be in the mood to see friends and can easily relate to their feelings and offer support — or attract the support you need. But when Mercury and Mars go at it, mistrust can pose problems. A passionate tone could be taken as forceful, provoking rebellion. Once the moon sneaks into your subconscious corner, you’ll probably feel like taking a step back and keeping more to yourself. Alone time can soothe your soul over the weekend.



April 20–May 20

Your ruler, Venus, will continue to travel retrograde until mid-November, but her date with Mercury this week can smooth one-on-one relations and help you engage in satisfying dialogue. You might get back in touch with a past partner or best friend or start thinking more intently about old bonds. Mercury is also gelling with Neptune in your network house, making it easy to get on the same page with your squad or another group and to talk about your hopes and dreams. You can read between the lines now and express your understanding. With the moon at the top of your chart for much of the week, you won’t be able to hide your emotions, and your public relations will be on point. But since Mercury is squabbling with Mars in your ambition angle, your drive can make compromise challenging, and conflict with authority figures is one possibility. Use diplomacy to work together.



May 21–June 20

This week, Mercury joins forces with Venus (who’s still in backspin mode) and together, they’ll enable you to assess a situation involving your work, health or daily life. You’ll have an easier time talking to colleagues, wrapping your head around a problem and communicating about what’s not working. Vague dissatisfaction can take shape, and you might hit on a solution. When the moon zings into your exploration corner midweek, you may feel the need to get away, and even a brief mental escape can cure your restlessness. If you’re bored, let your trademark curiosity lead the way to stimulating discoveries. A Mercury-Neptune confab nudges you to pay attention to details so you can read the mood of higher-ups or achieve elusive recognition. Disciplined, analytical thought will pay off in tangible and intangible ways. Merc’s run-in with Mars hints that too much pragmatism will make you want to take chances, while criticism can make you argumentative. Apply methodical thinking to assess a risk.



June 21–July 22

The week starts off with your ruler, the moon, dancing across your partnership angle, bringing an added level of emotion to your interactions. You’re craving companionship, and individuals you care about can enhance your sense of security. You’re also ready to offer a shoulder for someone to lean on, although you might become clingy if you’re feeling vulnerable. Mercury’s tête-à-tête with Venus brings a past pleasure to mind and facilitates self-expression, despite the fact that Venus is currently retrograde. You may be struggling to pinpoint what you want, and Mercury’s objectivity can bring clarity. Merc is also linked with Neptune, renewing your hopes and giving you an opportunity to see the big picture. If you’re moved by a cause, speak from the heart and the truth of your words will prevail. In telling your own story, you could make a profound connection far beyond yourself. However, a Mercury-Mars dustup warns against egoistic words that can trigger discord with someone close to you.



July 23–August 22

You may be in a nostalgic mood, thanks to Venus backpedaling at the base of your chart, and if you’re grappling with private emotions, Mercury’s meeting with Venus can put those feels in perspective. You might want to articulate what’s going on inside you and choose to confide in someone you trust. But introspection by itself can be quite fruitful now. A Mercury-Neptune dance reiterates the theme of diving into your psyche in search of cathartic self-awareness and sharing your thoughts and feelings with a loved one. With the moon crossing your one-on-one angle midweek, you yearn to connect with another individual on a personal level. You want to understand your feelings and your backstory and to relate to someone without having to overthink it. Merc’s clash with Mars complicates matters, as an emotional tone or a focus on the past can push someone’s buttons. This may be a chance to get grievances out in the open, but proceed with care.



August 23–September 22

When Mercury convenes with Venus this week, it becomes easier to put feelings into words. If someone’s been on your mind, you can express your fondness for them now, and if you’ve been pondering love and relationships, your thoughts will begin to gel. Merc is also dovetailing with Neptune in your interpersonal angle, again helping you to reengage with individuals you care about and find common ground. Reach out to people with whom you share a spiritual, creative or loving bond, and you can overcome the emotional abyss associated with Venus retrograde. The moon’s move into your efficiency house midweek can cause you to put practical concerns above feelings, and you might wind up nitpicking as a result. Don’t worry about whether your feelings make sense! A Mercury-Mars disagreement echoes the theme of harsh criticism, but it can also point to dissonance between thinking quickly and acting fastidiously. Try to blend an inquiring mind and a strong work ethic for the best approach.


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Looks like I’ll be needing some alone time for the week to come! Thank you for the horoscope this week!

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