How To Sheet Mask

You’ve seen ‘em all over Instagram and you may have even considered buying one on a whim, but have you ever actually used a sheet mask?

I’ll be the first to admit that when sheet masks hit the skincare scene, I was intimidated. You see, I knew how — and why — to use the skincare masks that came in jars, the ones I had to dig my fingers into, then slather all over my skin, then clean up the inevitable mess it left behind in my sink, then pick it out of my hair after washing it off…totally worth it! And the idea of a single-use mask that came pre-packaged and was easy to apply and remove just didn’t compute.

But then I was on a flight with a very chic woman who also had gorgeous skin and as I watched her pull out a sheet mask out of her carry on and apply it as the seatbelt sign clicked off, I decided to stop living in the dark. And let me tell you, I should not have waited so long. Here’s what you need to know about the glory of the sheet mask.

What is a sheet mask?

Glad you asked! It’s quite literally a mask in sheet form, with the sheet being made of fiber, cellulose, cotton or coconut pulp. Said sheet is then soaked in a mix of skin-friendly serums and essences (the combo depends on the function of the individual mask) inside the packaging so that it’s fully saturated and ready for your face. It also features fun — or scary — cutouts for your eyes, nostrils and mouth, so you can, you know, breathe while wearing it. 

Why should I use a sheet mask?

If you find standard masks-in-jars too messy, a sheet mask is a good option. But aside from the cleanup factor, sheet masks also do a wonderful job of actually making sure those aforementioned serums and essences get into your skin. A lot of skincare products evaporate when you apply them — it takes time for them to really penetrate — but a sheet masks acts as a barrier that locks ingredients in, prevents evaporation, and ensures they have ample time to make their way deep into your skin to do their jobs.

When and how should I use a sheet mask?

While every sheet mask contains a different cocktail of ingredients for different results, they mainly work to hydrate, soothe and plump up skin. So if you’re feeling dry or oily — that’s right, oily skin is often oily because it’s dehydrated — consider a sheet mask to moisturize your skin.

Otherwise, feel free to rock that mask day, night, mid-afternoon…whenever. There’s no downtime after using a sheet mask and, as that chic lady on a plane demonstrated, they can be used virtually anywhere. Just make sure you’re starting with a clean face so your skin is better prepped to absorb all the goodness contained in the sheet mask.

When you’re ready, simply rip open the packaging, gently remove the mask (sometimes you need to unfold it) and drape it over your face, making sure to line up the cutouts with your anatomy. Then sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes, but no longer. If you keep it on too long, the sheet will dry out and start pulling moisture out of your skin to rehydrate itself — the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish. When the time is up, just toss the mask and get on with your day. If you have excess serum or essence on your skin, gently rub it in for added benefits. (Some people like to save the excess serum/essence that’s left in the foil package to apply post-mask, but that’s your call.)

What Lapcos mask is right for me?

For irritated skin…look for a mask that contains soothing ingredients to reduce inflammation. Lapcos’ Aloe sheet mask contains a gorgeous mixture of aloe and cucumber extract to calm and de-stress skin.

For dehydrated skin…your sheet mask should be packed with ingredients like those found in the Aqua mask: seaweed and algae extracts to moisturize and hydrated dry skin.

For congested skin…reach for the Honey sheet mask. True to its name, Honey contains a nourishing blend of honey extracts that work to detox and clarify.

For dull skin…look for sheet mask that will gently exfoliate to remove dead skin while brightening your complexion. Lapcos’ Milk and Pearl masks both fit the bill here. 

For aging skin…stock up on collagen and other plumping ingredients to provide nutrition to and smooth skin. The Collagen sheet mask builds serious elasticity and will make your face look like a baby’s butt. 

+ All of our sheet masks here.


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I was just using a sheet mask the other day! They’re so convenient (and pretty cheap here in Asia, too!)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

ishika talwar
2 years ago

Hey is it bad to wear a sheet mask every day?

2 years ago

I discovered sheet masks while traveling to Japan. After a long flight, they are such a relief.

2 years ago

A sheet mask is a good option when you find standard masks-in-jars too messy

2 years ago

Thank you for share these,i will also to wear a sheet every week.