Makeup to Shake Up Your Routine

November is right around the corner — it’s high time you reexamined your makeup bag.

Fall is a time for cozy sweaters, baked goods that contain apples, getting some fresh air (but not too much — it’s cold!), and switching things up a bit. You’ve made it through the dog days of summer, which likely means you did some overhauling of your makeup routine back in June to account for the temperature, humidity and general summer-ness of, well, summer.

But November is right around the corner and with the trees shedding their leaves in the name of seasonal changes and eventual renewal, it’s high time you reexamined your makeup bag. The stuff you wore daily during warmer, wetter months likely isn’t going to play nice with drier, colder air and the effects it has on your skin.

If you’re ready to make some cosmetics swaps — and try something fun and new in the process — read on!


If you like a rosy cheek without the help of freezing, fast wind…

…let blush help. Since you’re no longer spending time in the sun, you want to be careful that your blush looks as natural as possible given the weather, aka soft pinks over oranges and bronzes. This also means you’ll want to favor a formula that starts subtle and lets you build so as not to overdo it and run the risk of looking like you were just caught in a snowstorm for hours. Lily Lolo’s Blush Duo offers two versions of a pretty, soft pink shade that lets you layer both a matte and radiant version for your ideal cheek.

If you’re into bright, matte lipstick…

…consider a lip stain instead. A standard lipstick is great when you want to pack a punch of color, but many formulas can be drying if you wear them frequently. Since your lips are already more thirsty than usual, swap that lipstick for a hydrating balm layered with a lip stain like Unpa’s 24/7 Lip Stain for a moisturizing, just-bitten pout that will match the gorgeous leaf piles everywhere.

If you need coverage and hydration…

…add a BB cream to your kit. During warmer months, it made sense to let your skin breathe and not cover it up with a layer of makeup. But now that it’s colder out and your skin loses moisture more easily, a BB cream — like the one from Lily Lolo — as a base offers an added layer of hydration and insurance that you won’t be a cracked, flakey mess by day’s end. It’s also a beautiful, subtle way to add some glow back to your skin if you’re feeling particularly flat.

If your dry skin is looking a little flat…

…a warm, semi-metallic highlighter will bring back your summer glow. A little bit smudged into the corners of your eyes, the bridge of your nose and the tops of your cheeks will offer a natural brightness to matte, dry skin by warming it up just enough. If you’re worried about overdoing it, opt for one with an ultra-targeted applicator like RMS’ Multeyetasker to make sure you’re only putting it exactly where you want it.

If you love a bold eye but the cold wind is wreaking havoc on your peepers…

…step away from the eyeliner and eyeshadow. When the wind picks up and cold temperatures lead to watery eyes, the more makeup you have in that general area, the more noticeable it will be when it starts to run. So focus on only one eye product — might I suggest mascara? — to cut down on smudging and running. The beauty of mascara is that once it dries, the wind can’t mess with it and if you choose the right formula, one that’s suitable for sensitive eyes and won’t rub off easily like the Lily Lolo version, it won’t leave you looking like a tired raccoon, either.

If you want a product that pulls triple duty…

…salve is your friend, particularly the classic Rosebud version from Smith’s. Not only is this the ideal lip balm for all seasons, it’s also a crazy-good moisturizer in a pinch for those days you realize the skin around your nostrils is flaking as a result of too many tissues or your hand cream just isn’t cutting in. And as far as makeup goes, what’s better than dabbing the excess from your hands onto your cheekbones and eyelids as a beautiful, sheer highlighter? Nothing, that’s what.


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I love using BB cream – I’ve never even touched foundation or whatnot since I’ve used BB cream from the beginning!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Hi Allie. I do need coverage and hydration before going outside. I love Korean BB Cream I bought from here It works very well from my experience. However, I also love to do following your routine. Thanks for sharing. I love this.