Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 19-25

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October 23–November 21

A Mars-Jupiter showdown early in the week can trigger reckless spending if you’re chasing after pleasure and can’t keep your impulses in check. Granted, pursuing what — or whom — you want can boost your confidence, but there’s a chance you’ll overplay your hand, so just keep that in mind going in, and see if you can act boldly without betting the farm. With the sun exiting Scorpio and heading into your worth zone, your focus will shift from who you are to what you have and need. It’s time to reflect on your personal values, get your priorities in order and deal with your finances and possessions accordingly. This is the best time of year for you to look closely at your relationship with money and things. The full moon in your depth house can push an intimate relationship to a make-or-break point and will infuse sex with plenty of feels. Intense, private emotions may come to light, prompting healing transformation. Give and take are almost never even-steven, but this lunation wants you to strive for a healthy balance. You might need to temporarily put a loved one’s needs first in order to achieve this. As Neptune pivots forward after five months of traveling retrograde, passion reawakens and desires take shape. A creative concept may find new life, or you could view a romantic interest with fresh eyes. Take love and happiness seriously, making them objectives, not merely ideals.



November 22–December 21

You’re not content to reach for low-hanging fruit, especially now that your intrepid ruling planet is rejuvenating your sign, and a feisty mood at the beginning of the week can propel you to aim even higher. A flurry of domestic activity might spark restlessness, or perhaps discord at home will induce you to make a getaway. You’re not feeling too settled and can use that discomfort as an ally that motivates you to seek out new experiences. The sun’s grand entrance into Sagittarius marks the start of your birthday season and fills you with a welcome dose of energy. This is your month to be self-centered (in a good way!) and make a strong impression. Concentrate on your own concerns and enjoy expressing your personality freely. When a full moon rolls around in your interpersonal angle, however, you may have to cede the spotlight to others for a bit and juggle your needs with theirs. This lunation can put a partnership to the test, and you may opt to commit or call it quits. After Neptune gets back into gear, a family or domestic issue may clear up, and if you’ve been too emotionally embroiled in your living situation, it’s time to step back and assess what will make you feel more secure. Let go of memories and emotions that have kept you tied to the past, so you can grow like you’re meant to this year. Happy solar return!



December 22–January 19

Mars challenges Jupiter as the week gets underway, suggesting that a lively discussion can teach you something subtle — possibly about yourself — while standing up for your ideas can increase your inner faith. You might not see eye to eye with someone, but tolerance for difference and a belief that we’re all in this together can raise the level of discourse. After the sun slips into the last house in your chart for its annual hibernation before the start of your birthday season, your energy is sure to wane and you’ll require more rest and solitude. Your solar year is drawing to a close, making this a period for reflection. Look back over 2018 and evaluate what has transpired, without judgment. Learn from the past, holding on to the lessons and letting go of regrets. A full moon in your productivity corner may bring on a crisis at work or compel you to address a health matter. This is generally your best moon of the year for kicking a bad habit, dropping something from your schedule, finishing a work project and reaching a fitness goal. As Neptune resumes forward motion, you’ll feel more capable of gathering your thoughts and articulating them. Hazy ideas can give birth to inspired creative concepts, and something you’ve picked up on can gel into a more useful perception. But there’s no rush to figure out what everything means; give Neptune some time to pick up speed.



January 20–February 18

Be proactive about using the resources at your disposal early in the week when Mars in your worth house contacts Jupiter. Doing so can benefit others and enhance teamwork, but selfish actions can clash with altruism. Don’t push people to support your priorities or you may wind up in a dispute. The sun’s arrival in your network zone increases your focus on the people around you and calls for you to integrate your ego into the bigger picture. You’ll have more energy for socializing and joining group efforts and will gravitate toward others with whom you can express some part of you. It’s easier to fit in when you share common interests, ideals or goals. The people you choose to surround yourself with are, in various ways, a reflection of yourself. And yet the full moon gives you permission to stand out from the crowd if you want to pour out your heart or share something you’ve created. A love affair could heat up or burn out, as romance reaches a crescendo. You need to enjoy life to the fullest under this moon, and spontaneous fun will win out over dutiful plans. As Neptune finishes his five-month retrograde, finances become clearer but you could also find yourself yearning to splurge. Money can slip through your fingers and also magically appear, and you’d do well to let your highest values guide you rather than grasping at elusive pleasures. According to your intuition, what do you truly need?



February 19–March 20

With Mars in Pisces throwing down the gauntlet at the beginning of the week, your ambition could go into overdrive. Mars is needling outsized Jupiter, so even if you’re a gentle Fish, you might come on too strong around people who have authority over you. If you can resist overreaching, this planetary pairing can fire you up to achieve things that require confidence to attempt. Just be mindful of timing and risk assessment. With the sun climbing to the peak of your chart, this is your time to prove what you can do and advance your reputation. You’re extra noticeable in the coming month and should be prepared to put your best foot forward. The full moon at the base of your chart reminds you not to neglect the more personal side of life, and a development in your family or your living situation may grab your attention. You might complete a domestic project or enjoy the comforts of home more than usual. If you’re flooded with feelings, as your sign sometimes is, alone time would be an appropriate antidote. Neptune is powering up after a five-month retrograde phase, making it easier for you to tune into the outside world and actively engage. You’ll feel less lost in your own thoughts, more creative and better able to make your dreams a reality. If you’ve been drifting, soon you’ll be more in sync with others. Use your intuition to get back in the swing of things!



March 21-April 19

When your ruling planet squares off with Jupiter in your exploration corner early in the week, operating quietly behind the scenes becomes noticeably incompatible with branching out. Feelings of isolation can irritate you and trigger an urge to travel. If you’re doing humble, even thankless, work, you might aspire to learn and try new things. Do your best to catch yourself in the act if you’re stuck in an old behavior pattern; frustration can motivate you to break free and grow. The sun shows up in your exploration corner next, offering further encouragement to broaden your horizons. Travel and other experiences that expose you to the unfamiliar are highly favored in the coming month. If you’re staying put, the mere act of getting out of your everyday routine can lift your spirits and shift your perspective. Due to this week’s full moon in your thinking-and-talking zone, information overload and a flurry of interactions could pull you in many different directions, causing nervous energy. Take a deep breath and deal with one thing at a time. Make lists if that helps, or put your emotions into words to give them a release. Neptune’s U-turn at the end of your chart should also offer some peace of mind, as your inner quest for meaning and connection resumes on a more fruitful track. Trust your intuitive inklings, accept how you got to where you are and believe in your soul’s purpose.



April 20–May 20

Be sure not to push for more than your fair share if you’re engaged in teamwork early in the week. Mars in your group sector is provoking Jupiter in your sharing house, which could heighten your expectations and increase your demands. But it’s possible to bring out the best in others when you’re collaborating if you have faith in what you’re doing. You might lead by example, rallying the troops to get involved in a worthy cause. Meanwhile, the sun is sneaking into your depth zone for a monthlong stay, luring you to devote energy to introspection, emotional growth and profound transformation. You may feel more invested in a partnership or be focused on outside resources such as financial aid. The pull to live life on a deeper, more complex level can bring about powerful experiences. When a full moon lights up your worth house, emotions become entwined with material needs — a surefire recipe for retail therapy, especially since this lunation coincides with Black Friday! Because you’re not able to be objective about what you truly require, sharing can be a challenge now. As murky Neptune gets back into gear, social planning becomes easier and squad relations will be more straightforward. A particular friendship could get back on-track in the weeks to come. Are your various connections — personal and professional — healthy and organic? Look at the people in your life through a realistic lens, seeing them as they are, not as you wish they were.



May 21–June 20

When Mars and Jupiter tussle at the beginning of the week, your drive to succeed can push a partnership to new heights, though you’ll need to avoid being bossy in order to pull it off. Your efforts could impress someone who’s in a position to help you, and you might, for instance, secure a mentor or make a major contact. But your ambition can also lead you to expect a lot of others and perhaps push too hard to get the benefits you feel you’re due. With the sun crossing your one-on-one angle, your relationships with other individuals become extra important in the following month. You’ll draw energy from connecting with people, so don’t go it alone too much. You can learn more about yourself through your encounters with others than you can through introspection during this time. Gemini is hosting this week’s full moon, so all the feels are headed your way. Put your needs first for a moment and express them respectfully, without infringing on others’ rights. This is the best moon of the year to ask yourself if something or someone is good for you and say enough’s enough. As Neptune awakes from his five-month slumber, your life direction or career path can gradually clear up. If you’ve been confused about your vocation or disenchanted with your profession, find someone who can help you shape your dreams into goals. You’ve been searching for your purpose for a while; know that it’s not in vain!



June 21–July 22

A Mars-Jupiter skirmish early in the week can pit chasing after new experiences against tackling what’s already on your plate. Or maybe your zeal to fight for a principle or cause will lead you to take on more than you can handle. But strong beliefs combined with an admirable work ethic can keep you busy doing something important to you and allow you to help others. And if you’re driven by a determination to learn, you can expand your skillset and improve your job situation. With the sun soaring into your productivity corner, you’re ready to get down to business and work hard to complete the tasks at hand in the coming month. You have the energy needed to check tons off your to-do list, but this isn’t a period of high-profile accomplishments. Since the full moon is activating your spirit zone, you should also remember to make time for rest and relaxation and pay attention to what’s going on inside you. Your dreams and imagination are laden with messages, and you may need to retreat for a bit to process the emotions that are bubbling up. As Neptune does a U-turn in your exploration corner, your vague vision of the future comes into sharper focus. Let old prejudices dissolve, and make peace with the liminal space of not having answers. False boundaries are melting away, opening your mind so you can discover personal truths and philosophies that resonate with your spirit.



July 23–August 22

Pressing to get more out of a passion project or relationship can pay off at the beginning of the week when Mars goads Jupiter, but there’s also a chance you’ll be distracted by fun when trying to zero in on one pursuit or person. Do you put all your eggs in one basket? Or cast a wide net and reap the rewards? Regardless of the exact scenario, intense engagement can drive you to take a big risk, and if it pays off, you’ll feel deeply fulfilled. Midweek, the sun rockets into your joy sector for his annual monthlong visit, which means your ruling planet will be in the part of your chart where he feels most at home. This is your season to share your personality, creativity and feelings without apology and enjoy life on your terms. Play, romance and other forms of fulfilling self-expression are highly favored. But with a full moon lighting up your humanity house, you may have to put group interests first at some point and perhaps be there for a friend in need. You might have an epic night out with your friends or make a grand gesture that benefits other people. This is the best moon of the year for ending an association that no longer serves you. As Neptune shifts back into gear, a close connection can start to make more sense, and you might clarify your expectations. Consider how you share power and whom you place your trust in.



August 23–September 22

If you want more emotional support from someone close to you, you’re prepared to assert yourself to get those needs met early in the week when Mars in your interpersonal angle squares off with Jupiter. Conflict related to family, home, tradition and the past could crop up with this planetary configuration. Be honest and aim for fairness, but remember that perfect balance is more an ideal than a reality. With the sun dipping down to the bottom of your chart, where it will be nestled for the next month, you’ll want to be in familiar surroundings, spending time with people who know you. You may crave some solitude to unwind and get in touch with your private thoughts. Feelings and memories can pull your attention inward, away from the hustle and bustle of the outer world. It’s a good time of year to connect with family, up your self-care game and focus on your home base. But a full moon at the peak of your chart can push you out of the house and into the spotlight or trigger drama with an authority figure. You might achieve a big goal or shift your career path now. Neptune is coming out of reverse, making it easier to read people and view your relationships sensibly. If you’ve put someone on a pedestal, romanticized a connection or yearn for an unavailable person, seeing the truth will allow you to form healthier, more real relationships.



September 23–October 22

You could get ahead of yourself when a Mars-Jupiter tussle challenges you to combine productive action and optimistic thought early in the week. Maybe thinking you can take on more will blemish your efficiency or a drive to do things in a particular way will lead you to preach to others. And if you’re on a roll getting stuff done, you could veer off-course when something that’s not on your priority list gets your attention. But ideally, working hard will inspire you, teach you and fuel future plans. The sun’s segue into your thinking-and-talking corner livens up your brainwaves and everyday interactions and increases the tempo of life for a month. Restlessness and curiosity can fire you up to travel, meet people and try new things. Variety is the spice of life while the sun graces this part of your chart. When a full moon lands in the opposite house, your need for adventure entices you to take a leap of faith. A change in perspective is called for, making this the best moon of the year for identifying and dropping a limiting notion from your belief system. Is there something you assume to be true that’s preventing you from reaching your full potential and exploring the whole range of life’s possibilities? After Neptune pivots forward late in the week, you’ll feel more capable of getting your health, diet or fitness back on track. To enhance your productivity, get organized in whatever ways you choose.


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Can’t wait for some peace of mind the coming week! Thanks for the horoscope! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Great! Thanks ;)