Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 17-23

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November 22–December 21

The sun in Sagittarius collaborates with Uranus this week, giving you full permission to express yourself however you please and enjoy life on your own terms. Don’t stick to familiar pleasures; a safe bet won’t offer maximum satisfaction now. Find different ways to be you and have fun. Seek alternate paths to creative gratification, romance and personal fulfillment. Love and happiness are within reach, but change-loving Uranus doesn’t want you to grab them in the most conventional way. Shake things up for a more memorable, exciting experience. Venus’s vibe with Neptune puts a different spin on joy, suggesting the simple pleasures of home and quiet time might be just what the doctor ordered. Hide out alone or with a close companion, relishing peace and relaxation. If you’re in an introspective mood, this could be the right time to release an old love or heal a relationship wound. Mercury and your ruler, Jupiter, hold a summit in your sign that help you envision the future with sweeping comprehension. Look at the big picture and map out plans without jumping into action. Make your voice heard if you have something to say, but stop short of self-righteousness, since this planetary combo can put people up on their soapboxes. In contrast, your tolerance of a wide range of viewpoints will enable you to learn something valuable. After the sun exits Sag, its next stop is your worth zone; now your attention naturally shifts from who you are to what you have and what you need. Finances, possessions and personal values come into focus in the coming month, but with a full moon activating your sharing sector, you may be called to put someone else’s needs first this week. This lunation highlights the complex dance of give-and-take, and it may also bring about a psychological transformation such as recovery from a loss or crisis.



December 22–January 19

When the sun in your release corner vibes with Uranus this week, looking back can help you move forward. If you’ve been stuck in a holding pattern and unable to let go of something, take advantage of this chance to poke around in your psyche and learn about yourself — introspection could be your ticket to freedom! Be open to looking at your childhood and your parents from a different angle, and make the choice to emancipate yourself from the past. And while Venus dances through your network zone and flirts with laid-back Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner, you can socialize and connect with people in a natural, effortless way. Trust your instincts and you can relate to pretty much anyone now! This is the perfect transit for showing your sentimental side, especially around your squad. Mercury’s meet-up with Jupiter highlights the themes that your intuition is on point and there are lessons in your backstory. Look for patterns, but don’t judge yourself. The goal is to find meaning you can carry into the future. Next, the sun shows up in Capricorn, ushering in your birthday season and giving you the go-ahead to focus on yourself. You’ll radiate personality and energy, which should allow you to make a big impression when you want to. A full moon lands in your interpersonal angle the next day, signaling that you may need to cede center stage to others for a moment. You have all month to light up a room! An important relationship may be put to the test, and if you end up parting ways, the breakup is bound to be part of your quest for liberation. If your bond is solid, you might kick things up a notch and move in together or get engaged. Happy solar return!



January 20–February 18

Your ruling planet is in a groove with the sun in your group zone this week, boosting your networking power and social skills. Now that we’ve left Mercury retrograde in the dust, technology should work to your advantage, so if you express yourself on social media, your message will be received loud and clear. You might test your genius idea out on an audience now and get valuable feedback. But you can also pick up new interests and nuggets of wisdom from others, so tune into the people around you. A Venus-Neptune confab nudges you to share your hidden talents if you want to make a positive impression and secure favorable contacts. Work on something with heartfelt devotion, and the love of what you’re doing will shine through. Neptune wants you to rise above financial motivations and honor your gifts. Your group zone is also hosting a Mercury-Jupiter meet-up that will help you rally the troops for a worthy cause and connect with influencers who inspire you. Your hopes are high and you’re thinking big — that eagerness is liable to catch on and turn into a team effort. But don’t fall into the traps of making sweeping generalizations or trying to get everyone within earshot onboard. Jupiter has a habit of taking things too far! With the sun sneaking into the last house of your chart for a monthlong hibernation, your year is winding down — and so is your energy. Time to look back over 2018 and see where you’re at in your life. Review the past in an honest light but without judgment or regret. The full moon in your productivity corner can bring a health or work issue to a tipping point, and if your plate is too full, this is a chance to say no to extraneous duties and simplify your routine. Plus, it’s the best moon of the year for quitting a bad habit once and for all!



February 19–March 20

Tap into your full range of unique talents in order to shine this week when the sun in your ambition angle gels with Uranus in your worth sector. A surge of confidence can propel you to make a big impression on higher-ups, while original use of your resources will also reap rewards. Try not to be attached to a specific payoff, and that way your chances of success will be multiplied. You might be surprised by what you get, but that’s not a bad thing. Venus in your expansion corner is in sync with your ruler, Neptune, suggesting that sampling a wide range of life’s pleasures can give you access to a truly transcendent experience. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and enjoy the unfamiliar now; a beautiful escape can result from this risk. The planets are inspiring you to be your dreamy, romantic self, and although love and joy can feel life-changing now, you might want to wait until you’re back on terra firma to make any big decisions. A Mercury-Jupiter confab at the peak of your chart will help you formulate an optimistic, prescient game plan to achieve something big. You’re likely to skim over details and will almost certainly need to double back later to fill in the gaps. Watch your tone when talking to authority figures because you might sound cocky rather than confident. But don’t be shy about tooting your own horn, as long as you don’t exaggerate your accomplishments. The sun’s segue into your humanity house calls for you to focus on the groups you belong to and your role in other people’s lives. This is a great month for socializing, networking and teaming up. When a full moon lands in the opposite house, your need to stand out from the crowd can lead you to put group interests second for a moment — and personal pleasure should be a priority now!



March 21–April 19

Uranus in Aries aligns with the sun in your exploration corner this week, signaling that a big variety of experiences is what will give you a sense of progress. That feeling of forward movement is very much needed now, so don’t even think about sticking to the tried and true! You’re supposed to be pushing boundaries and discovering more about the world. In doing so, you’ll explore new ways of being you, new possibilities for your future. You can’t grow within the confines of your comfort zone. Venus has a similar meeting with Neptune, but these planets are hanging in very different houses than the sun and Uranus. There’s a spiritual flavor with this pairing, and your experience here is sure to be much more private. Intimacy and introspection can soothe your soul, and you’re encouraged to delve deep into emotions in order to enjoy the ultimate healing release. When Mercury and Jupiter come together, you’ll be brave enough to voice your belief in an ideology or cause, and your conviction has the ability to sway people. You can teach others while speaking your truth, but you can also learn if you espouse tolerance for different viewpoints. Make sure you’re not being sanctimonious, though; Jupiter is quite satisfied in his own domain, and the tone could get rather haughty. The sun ascension to the peak of your chart is sure to heat up your ambition and get you to focus on your career, public image, life path and goals. You’ll be keeping a high profile in the month to come, so be ready to prove what you can do. The full moon at the base of your chart might spell a development in your family or home life that needs your attention. There could be some emo drama, or you might finally complete a domestic project. If you’re feeling moody, double-down on self-care!



April 20–May 20

With the sun and Uranus in cahoots this week, a lightbulb could switch on in your psyche, revealing what you’ve been hiding from yourself and others. Once you get something out into the open, it loses its power to disrupt your life. Putting it under the microscope will feel strangely liberating. You might have a similar breakthrough in a close relationship, which is also apt to promote freedom and progress. What’s swept under the rug isn’t really under control; only when we face things can we truly get a handle on them. Your ruler is doing the same dance with Neptune, hinting that a platonic friendship could turn romantic or you might have a lovely vibe with someone in your extended circle. A soulmate connection is within the realm of possibility — and a creative partnership or important friendship may spark up as well! It’s easy to form bonds now, and technology is likely to act as a facilitator, so it’s worth giving online dating a chance if you’re looking for fresh prospects. Mercury’s rendezvous with Jupiter in your sharing sector can give you the courage to open up to someone you trust, and it will make you a good listener too. Deep dialogue will generate mutual understanding, and it’s important to be receptive to whatever input you’re getting. If you’re flying solo now, introspection opens the doors to self-awareness and self-acceptance. Again, be willing to drill down into your psyche in a quest for illuminating truths. Once the sun bursts into your exploration corner, your focus will broaden and new experiences will energize you. Get out of your routine as much as possible to stay actively engaged in the world. A full moon in the opposite corner can trigger information overload and a flurry of busyness. If you’re pulled in a hundred directions at once, take a breath and just deal with the essentials, one at a time.



May 21–June 20

Freedom and spontaneity are boons for your relationships this week when the sun in your interpersonal angle clicks with Uranus in your group house. Go with the flow and give others a chance to surprise you. Let them be exactly who they are rather than needing them to live up to specific expectations. When you’re clear on who you are, you’ll have an easier time finding people who belong in your life. This is an ideal time for philanthropy and networking, so get out there and connect for your purposes and for the greater good! Venus’s chemistry with Neptune allows you to get on swimmingly with colleagues, and you’ll feel a strong sense of purpose when you’re doing creative work or work that serves a higher purpose. A positive attitude and selfless devotion to a calling can elicit the sweet smell of success. And a Mercury-Jupiter get-together doubles down on the theme of getting out and circulating, since it’s practically designed to help you meet new faces and grow your circle. Whether you’re on the hunt for potential mentors, inspiring friends-to-be or wise individuals who can offer their expertise, seek them out! But avoid overpromising under this transit, as Jupiter tends to exaggerate. After the sun segues into your depth-and-sharing sector, you’re likely to zero in on a particular relationship, passion project or emotional issue that matters a great deal to you. Your feelings will run hot in the coming month, and you’ll be more inclined to dig deep into the heart of everything rather than skimming the surface. When a full moon lands in your worth zone this week, splurges are apt to follow because needs, wants and emotions are all jumbled together. So try to stick to your holiday shopping budget if money’s tight. Your cash flow could just as easily go the other way though, with additional income bumping up your bank balance!



June 21–July 22

As the sun and Uranus coalesce this week, your determined efforts can make a big difference. You might gain more freedom to do the work you want to do or make progress toward a humanitarian goal. Whether you’re striving to change the world, your career or your public image, the fruits of your labor may surprise you. Apply yourself with enthusiasm, but don’t be too wedded to a particular approach or outcome. Venus in your fulfillment house is syncing with Neptune, inspiring you to throw yourself into an entirely different type of experience. Escapist pleasures like travel, parties and love affairs will hit the spot, and this planetary pairing gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in a fantasy. On a more spiritual note, empathy and compassion for people whose lives are very different from yours can inspire heartfelt generosity. You’re not drawing sharp distinctions between yourself and others, and the resulting feeling of connectedness can be beautiful. A Mercury-Jupiter meeting lends you luck when communicating with coworkers, attempting challenging mental work, learning new skills and connecting the dots where your work, diet, fitness, health, modus operandi and time management are concerned. You might gloss over some details inadvertently, but you should be able to get perspective on a problem or set of circumstances. Foresight and analysis will work in your favor. After the sun crosses your interpersonal angle, you’ll draw more energy from pairing up with other individuals than from flying solo, so make a point of connecting. Soon after, a full moon lights up Cancer, bringing out all the feels and giving you permission to put your needs first instead of taking care of everyone else. Time alone is essential if you get moody, so don’t hesitate to slip off by yourself. Bonus: This moon offers your annual incentive to let go of something (or someone) that’s no longer filling your emotional needs or serving your growth!



July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet joins forces with Uranus in your expansion corner this week, nudging you to try new things and find out more about yourself in the process. This transit has a way of making anything seem possible, so don’t play it safe and stay in your comfort zone. Push the envelope and see yourself in a whole new light! Exploring unfamiliar territory will allow you to grow your identity. Note that impromptu adventures and festivities get a solid green light under this influence. That means leaving space on your calendar and in your mindset for the unexpected. When Venus and Neptune share a similar encounter, you can easily get in touch with your private emotions and savor closeness with someone special. If romance and sex aren’t in the cards, don’t think you’re missing out on the best this planetary pairing has to offer! You may feel deeply in tune with your psyche and enjoy the catharsis of accepting and loving yourself just as you are. This might be the perfect opportunity to give yourself the gift of forgiveness. When Mercury and Jupiter align, you’ll be ready to express your authentic self and share what’s in your heart. Your creativity, truth, individuality, courage and humor can all come across in your words, so chime in. The planets are giving you the go-ahead to draw positive attention to yourself. Once the sun segues into your efficiency corner, you’ll start to devote more energy to work than play and should take pride in a job well done. Aim to make yourself useful and be of service to others when you can. The full moon in the opposite corner might bring a secret to light or push something from your subconscious up to the surface. Heed your dreams, intuition and imagination — they can tell you more than the outside world sometimes!



August 23–September 22

This week’s sun-Uranus convention lures you to pay attention to your inner world and take a stroll down memory lane. Reflecting on the past may result in a realization that generates an emotional breakthrough. It’s also possible to get closer to another person quite quickly by being open and honest instead of trying to maintain control, as your brain sometimes wants you to do. Conducting a self-inventory and confiding in someone you trust can both yield surprising benefits. And thanks to Venus in your mindset-and-communication house gelling with Neptune, you’re not viewing the world through an analytical lens and interacting with people in a differentiating manner. Rose-colored glasses are giving everyone and everything a pleasant glow, inspiring you to flirt, show your sentimental side and spread compassion in the world. Revel in the lovely feeling of being on the same wavelength with others and seeing what’s beautiful and good. Your relationships are bound to benefit from this whopping dose of lovingkindness. As Mercury and Jupiter come together, insight into your emotions coaxes you to bare your soul, and you shouldn’t have any trouble articulating what’s inside you. And keep in mind that communication with family members and people you live with are definitely in the plus column this week. Ask for their help if you need it! After the sun blasts into your fulfillment sector, you’ll be less interested in holing up at home and more in the mood to go out and celebrate. It’s time to prioritize fun and maybe even show off a little. Soon after, a full moon activates your humanity house, emphasizing your need to be around people. You might need to put group interests first for a moment and perhaps be there for a friend in need. If your affiliation with a particular group is past its expiration date, this is your chance to walk away.



September 23–October 22

Uranus is back in the part of your chart that rules Libran matters like one-on-one bonds, and he’s harmonizing with the sun this week, making it super easy for you to form new connections and share ideas that can impact others’ lives. Pair up with forward-thinking individuals in order to spread an important message and effect change. You’re probably a bit restless now, and reaching out to proponents of progress is sure to suit your current energy. Venus and Neptune are also in harmony, enabling you to feel good about doing good. Use your talents to do creative work or spiritual work that helps other people. This combo also links positive self-esteem with taking great care of your body, and you might decide it’s time to clean up your diet or try a more enjoyable workout than your current routine. When Mercury and Jupiter meet up, you’ll have the courage to speak your mind and get your point across loud and clear. But you’ll also be open-minded enough under this influence to hear people out. Do speak your truth and advocate for principles that are important to you, but since Jupiter is all for learning, be a good listener as well! And do your best to stick to logic, since the planet of largesse sometimes make big leaps to string meaning together. The sun is dipping down to your foundation angle late in the week, turning a chunk of your attention to your private world of home and family. You’ll be most at ease in familiar surroundings and may crave alone time more than usual. But when a full moon lights up the top of your chart, you might get pulled back into the world and called on to perform. Aim for a healthy work/life balance and be willing to let go of a goal or path you’re not really committed to.


October 23–November 21

When the sun and Uranus form an alliance in your worth and productivity houses this week, that’s your cue to be extra innovative in using your resources and innate gifts to get the job done and maybe even make a difference in the world. Reveal a hidden talent. Take a fresh approach to acting on your real priorities. Believe in what you have to offer and contribute unique work. Channel strong self-worth into respect for your health and invent an everyday routine that reflects what’s most valuable to you. Venus in Scorpio is mingling with Neptune, turning your attention to lighter matters. This planetary pair can inspire you to flirt; pour out your heart; get dressed up; wax poetic; pine for the object of your affection; and indulge in creativity, fantasy, romance and fun as much as you please. You might fall in love, change your appearance or lose yourself in a pleasurable activity you’re passionate about. Next, Mercury and Jupiter have a rendezvous that can help you face the truth about finances, material goods, confidence, personal values and self-sufficiency. Step back and look at overall patterns. This might be an opportune time to negotiate, but be careful not to make excessive demands or preach about what’s important only to you. There’s also a danger of overestimating what you need, have or can afford, so be ready to reel it in if necessary. Once the sun sails into your thinking-and-talking corner, your brain and your daily encounters will receive a fresh dose of vitality, and you’re liable to get busier. It’s a great month for learning, traveling and connecting with people! A full moon in the opposite house might spell a crisis of faith or a call to adventure, and it’s your best lunation of the year for getting rid of a limiting belief. If it’s holding you back, stop buying into it!


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Wow, this week’s horoscope is spot on. Apparently I have a domestic project coming up – sounds like the Christmas dinner I’m going to host for the first time in my life! I’m so excited!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Thanks! :)