Office Style: Meet Lindsey

This week, we let our Creative Marketing Assistant take the reigns of Office Style and she let us in on one of her favorite personal traditions… Read on to find out more.

“I have this tradition on my Instagram and blog where I always fall back to “10 Things” — 10 things I’ve learned this week, 10 reminders to myself, 10 moments from a trip that I’ll always remember, etc. It can get cheesy at times, but I’ve grown really attached to the idea of it. I find myself rereading old blog posts and being really appreciative that I captured little life moments.

For my office style, I thought it was only fitting to do 10 moments in my life that shaped who I am and what I wear today.

1. Growing up with two older brothers. I link a lot of my menswear habits to me rocking my brother’s hand-me-downs as a child.

2. Experiencing my first pink dress for a holiday. I demanded my whole room to be painted pink within the week. Didn’t last long, but a nice phase.

3. Hilary Duff. I really don’t think I need to highlight anything about this one, just Hilary Duff.

4. Discovering Paramore and somehow transitioning to a completely black wardrobe with weird side bangs. Middle school was rough.

5. Purchasing my first Free People dress ever at age 16 for my friend’s “anti-homecoming” (cringe). It was too big for me but I loved it so much that I spent the day tailoring it for myself.

6. Deciding to hop on a plane to New York by myself one week. It was a really big trip for me, in general. I emailed Vanity Fair until they got annoyed with me and allowed me to come work for them. After my visit, I found a pizza slice necklace at a market. I had just started my blog Dollar Slice Queen so I found it fitting. I’ve worn it every day for four years now.

7. Being a camp counselor and discovering the world of flannels and Birkenstocks for a uniform (Birkenstocks are still alive and well and in my closet).

8. Starting a fashion blog with my friend Paige Freshman year. It got me through most of my creative ruts in college and really pushed me to produce something each week. (We’re scheming to bring P&L back for a reunion, never forget).

9. Living in Europe. European street style is definitely a thing. I would plan weekend trips around Fashion Weeks and just take street style pictures. A lot of them are still really inspiring to me.

10. Moving to Philly, deciding I wanted to change my whole style, giving everything away, and now I’m rocking graphic tees and leggings every day until my closet slowly develops.

Since the refresh is currently happening, my cart is overflowing, but here are some items on the top of my list:

Fluffy Fox Sweater

Bobby Half Slip

Open Back Long Sleeve Crop Top

On a Boat Sweater Dress

She’s So Fun Beaded Bucket

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Oh, I love the chain belt bag that Lindsey’s holding! It’s cute!

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