Stay Gold: FP Follows Lauren Wasser

The epitome of courage and perseverance, Lauren Wasser is a model, athlete and TSS survivor with a heart — and two legs — of gold, and one of our heroes.

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, we asked Lauren if we could tag along with her for a day. Having learned of her excruciating ordeal, losing one and then both of her legs to tampon-related Toxic Shock Syndrome, she made an indelible impression on us, and we felt obliged to know more.

Lauren’s courage, fearlessness, perseverance and acceptance in the face of extremely serious and delicate events beginning in 2012 is both inspiring and infectious. And it is Lauren every day. 

We’re grateful to share with you the beauty of this modern-day Midas. Watch below:

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Lauren is so inspiring! Thank you for the video!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Danice Cordova
5 years ago

Lauren’s so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing her story. We lost a close family friend to toxic shock syndrome in the 90’s. Thanks for bringing awareness to the issue.