Santa Monica Pop-In: DIY Elderberry Syrup with The Willow Field

What started as a creative space for Caitlin to share her passion for food, family and health has now blossomed into The Willow Field, who will be hosting a DIY Elderberry Syrup class with us on 12/19…

Join us on December 19th in CA

to learn about and play

with the extraordinary elderberry…

To learn more about Caitlin, read on…
Your zodiac sign:
Your love of holistic medicine was truly passed down in your blood. Can you tell us about earliest memories/experiences with it?
My grandparents owned a nursery and my grandmother raised my mother with a very holistic approach. Which then translated to how I was raised. So I guess you could say plants are in my blood! 

My mom worked for my grandparents, so as a child I spent almost every day at the nursery running around and playing with the plants. To this day, nothing calms me more than walking through our backyard and being amongst the greenery. There’s something so fresh and soothing about it.
Your collective, The Willow Field… who is involved? How did that come to be?


It just sort of bloomed! I have always made all natural products, but a few years ago it went from reused Trader Joe’s salsa jars to real jars and professional labels. 

The number and variety of oils that you produce is almost staggering… How do you do it? Do you have an overall favorite, and why?


It does seem like so many, right? I just started making things for everyday solutions and use. I used to get stress headaches at work so I needed something for that, and my moisturizer didn’t work so I made one, and it just spiraled from there. 

But if I had to pick a favorite, I would say the Skin Soothing Spray. My family and I love the beach and you can use it on sunburns, rashes, mild skin irritations and to prevent ingrown hairs!  It’s my universal powerhouse spray. 
You’ll be teaching a DIY Elderberry Syrup workshop with us soon. What are the benefits of elderberry?


Elderberries are superfoods when it comes to nutrition — they are high in vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and potassium. Studies have also shown that elderberry can decrease flu symptoms!

Do you know of any unique/interesting uses for elderberry?
Since they are regular berries, they can be used in baking (pies, scones, jellies, etc.) and, fun fact — there is such a thing as elderberry wine!
Can you give us a little taste of what to expect during your workshop in Soho?

It’s going to be a relaxing class, and each attendee will be offered hot tea to start. We’ll do a quick tea meditation and then jump into learning about elderberries, keeping our bodies healthy as the seasons change, and then work together to make a syrup that they’ll be able to take home.
Best advice you were ever given:
Everything will be okay.
#1 go-to snack: 

I’m actually a sucker for a Luna Bar. I love the messages on the back of each bar!
Your mantra:
My Grandpa used to tell me that no matter what bad thing may happen in your life, you must keep going forward. Always forward, never back. 

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Wow, what a great brand! I’d love to join the workshop, it sounds so fun!

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