Get Yerself Clean: The Natural Sea Sponge Co.

You just need the right tools and a little patience to exfoliate correctly, which is where Hydrea London comes in.

This may be a highly personal opinion, but there is truly no better feeling than exfoliating your skin. The gentle, circular motion of your hands as you move the exfoliant around, knowing that in a short while you’ll wash it off to reveal softer, brighter, smoother skin? It’s pure magic as far as I’m concerned.

BUT! It’s taken me years — years! — to master the art of exfoliation. Too aggressive? Too soft a touch? Wrong product? Wrong place to use the right product? Can you pumice stone your knees? (No.) It’s a real Goldilocks self-care ritual, one that many people get fed up with after trial and error and end up abandoning.

But if you’ll grant me your ear and a few minutes, I hope I can change your mind. You see, when done correctly, exfoliating your body and face can have a drastic impact on the overall health of your skin. Not only does it slough away dead skin cells and buildup to reveal fresh, youthful skin underneath, the act can also improve circulation and plump things up to juicy peach levels of beauty. You just need the right tools and a little patience to get the job done right, which is where The Natural Sea Sponge Co. by Hydrea London comes in.

Made from sustainable materials and using ancient traditions, everything in this product line is meant to serve your skin and the environment in equal measure. The sponges are fished by hand by divers in Greece and Tunisia to support local communities. Every single product is held to the strictest standards of environmental and social accountability. And, most importantly, this stuff works.

If you’re a dry-brushing enthusiast: Bamboo Exfoliating Glove

You’ve already discovered the wonders of a good dry brush, so why not take it a step further with an exfoliating glove you can use wet or dry? Woven from renewable bamboo — which also happens to have antimicrobial properties — this mitt is soft enough to use on your face but hearty enough to get rid of that flaky skin on your elbows and knees.

Used on dry skin, the Exfoliating Glove acts like a dry brush — sloughing off dead skin, improving circulation, releasing toxins, and stimulating lymphatic drainage — though a much-easier-to-use-one. (Wearing it allows you to really control the pressure and placement so you’re not fighting a wooden handle to get the brush head into the small of your back.) Interested in adding water to the mix? Take the glove into the shower or bath with you, add soap or cleanser, and let it pull double duty.

If you want a little luxury in your shower: Honeycomb Sea Sponge

The honeycomb version is great for full-body cleansing in the bath or shower. What sets the honeycomb apart from other sponges is how silky soft and dense it is, two properties that create a seriously luxurious lather when you add soap. Adding to the sustainability factor is the fact that these sponges will last you up to two years without falling apart with mildew, even with daily use. Time to kiss your loofah collection goodbye.


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Exfoliating gloves are so clever! I currently use a loofa but I want to try the bamboo exfoliating glove now…

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

1 year ago

I often use exfoliating gloves with face scrubs for maximum effect.

1 year ago

Thanks Allie I am looking forward to trying these gloves ASAP. I think it will work well after i apply my make up remover and albolene.