Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 2-8

As summer begins her slow descent toward fall, look to Tracy Allen for guidance on navigating your upcoming week…



August 23–September 22

The sun, Mars and Mercury are rendezvousing in the sign of Virgo this week, giving you major momentum and empowering you to back up your words with action. Channel this energy surge into what’s most important to you, and combine your sharp intellect with impressive drive. Take on a challenging mental task or present your views and ideas with passion. Keep touchiness and recklessness in check, though, because you might seem ready for a fight. But do chime in—your communication skills are on point! If you feel wound up, burn off steam via a tough workout. Venus, Mercury and the sun are all provoking Jupiter, which could have a range of effects, none of which will be terribly tragic. You might go all out indulging in the pleasures of home by — for instance — gorging on comfort food or staying up all night binge-watching. Or maybe you’re hoping for support from family or roomies and not getting it. Rely on your inner confidence rather than holding out for the stamp of approval. Venus and Merc are facing off with Neptune in your interpersonal angle, reminding you to keep people off pedestals and tune into the real vibe you’re getting from them. Enjoy connecting on a creative, romantic or spiritual level, as long as it’s authentic. But resist the temptation to save anyone or to see what you want to see in them. It will feel good to show you care; the trick is to stay on equal footing in relationships. A couple of Virgo planets are chatting up Saturn in your fulfillment house, while a couple are schmoozing with Pluto in that same house. So you can pour a great deal of yourself into a creative effort or a strong connection. You’re striving to self-actualize as an individual, and your hard-earned wholeness will come across now. Take your potential seriously, and have the maturity to welcome constructive feedback. Don’t shy away from a powerful experience. It might take the form of intense flirting, profound introspection or a heart-to-heart, or you could just lose yourself in an incredible book. Regardless, it won’t feel superficial. Go deep!



September 23–October 22

With so many planets buzzing through your subliminal corner and running into each other this week, you should continue to confront what’s buried inside you and make it work for you, not against you. You’re in danger of sabotaging yourself and slipping into old patterns of behavior. You might also send mixed messages or blurt out something you didn’t intend to. So just keep an eye on your subconscious motives and urges in case you need to redirect them. Your ruling planet, Venus, is scuffling with Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking house, which can also tempt you to divulge a secret or make a sacrifice for an undeserving person. And Merc’s dustup with Jupiter might lead you to overstate your case, think too big or get your hopes up based on questionable intel. But given the beneficial nature of Jupiter, your mind may be opened to new views. Plus, if you’re inspired to do something selfless and generous for a cause you truly believe in, you should probably go for it. The sun is tangled up with Jupiter as well, hinting that if you can resist getting ahead of yourself and make a point of listening attentively, you stand to learn something. Planetary faceoffs with Neptune in your productivity sector can make it challenging to maintain healthy boundaries. The pull of getting involved in a situation that’s not right for you may be hard to resist, especially if you allow yourself to be misled regarding what’s doable. Avoid self-deception and listen to your gut. It might be best not to make yourself completely vulnerable in the name of trying to help. Now’s a good time to look back over the last year and process your memories. You could get help from a family member if you’re trying to make sense of the past. The point isn’t simply to reminisce; timekeeper Saturn is involved, so this is about taking stock of where you are in your life. Follow your intuition when it comes to what you should leave in the past and what you should build on in the coming year. And when intense Pluto enters the scene, you may feel the need to express yourself with fervor and get super close to another person or to an emotional truth. Resolving inner turbulence will help you to enter your birthday season with a clean slate.


October 23–November 21

A planetary summit in your humanity house gives teamwork loads of gusto this week. Group activities will buzz with energy, but keep in mind that the sparks being generated can make it difficult for you to blend in and play nice with others. The potential for heated disagreements is there, but you could also make plenty of headway as a group if all of you choose your battles and keep communication civil. Competitive undertakings (like sports) would be a good bet. A few of those planets are jostling Jupiter in your worth zone, implying that being a team player might conflict with your own bottom line. Socializing could lure you to overspend, or maybe you’ll give more than your fair share by going along with group interests. Don’t bend over backwards trying to ingratiate yourself with others or keep up with them. You could also be hyperaware of what you need from people and end up asking for a lot or sounding a bit self-righteous. Practice tolerance all around and try to learn from each other’s POV. Venus’s standoff with Neptune can blur the distinction between platonic and romantic, tempting you to idealize someone. Be open to a creative collab or a soulful connection and enjoy warm, fuzzy feelings. You could be moved to do something compassionate for a pal now. But be sure that a romantic bond has an undercurrent of reality rather than illusion. Similarly, Mercury’s opposition with Neptune can trigger creative brainstorming or heartfelt empathy for a friend who confides in you. Don’t agree to anything major, though, because you could be hearing what you want to hear. Look for opportunities to do some professional networking, since you’re liable to make solid contacts this week. Share your ideas with people, and hear them out. Group interactions can shape your thinking and way of communicating, and you can glean valuable intel. You can easily come across as a voice of authority, since serious Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner is in the picture. And your ruler, Pluto, also gets in on the action, facilitating deep convos — possibly with a friend, sibling or neighbor. Reach out for some bonding time, and try to get to the bottom of anything that’s bothering you.



November 22–December 21

The planets are joining forces in your ambition angle, helping you give it your all when chasing goals. If you can, work independently on projects you’re passionate about so you don’t step on toes inadvertently. Your obvious determination will make it easy for you to attract notice. In taking action to reach your objectives, you’re willing to pursue the knowledge and experience that’s required. The main caveat now is to watch what you do and say around authority figures. Venus, Mercury and the sun are egging on Jupiter in Sagittarius, which could lure you to cross a line if you yearn to be free from authority, so do your best to keep fiery emotions and ego in check and remember to make learning an essential part of your quest. Let your zeal fuel career planning, but beware of overreaching when it comes to crafting goals. Your aspirations are sky-high, and as long as you realize you don’t have all the answers, there’s no law against thinking big. Just know that if you’re driven to take on more than you can handle, you may need to scale back later. You covet the freedom to do creative work and to carve out the public or professional position you desire for yourself. Unfortunately, oppositions involving Neptune can make it hard to know where you stand with your boss or someone else who has power over you. Your artistic abilities and your charm are helping to cast you in a positive light, but maybe your ambitions aren’t quite delivering the satisfaction you’d hoped for. Don’t make definite plans or spell out your intentions to higher-ups until you have a clear read on your feelings. Luckily, you’re able to use your resources well and factor in finances when setting goals. Take your talents seriously, and try to home in on what’s most important to you. If you know you deserve a raise, a Mercury-Saturn meeting can help you make a strong case. Working hard to shore up your security and doing your best to prove yourself to people who can give you a leg up can come together nicely now. Keep your eye on the prize, formulating aspirations that pump up your bank balance and your self-worth.



December 22–January 19

This week’s planetary alliance in your expansion zone favors a big trip, a physically stimulating adventure, a major intellectual challenge or a fight for truth or justice. You might be provoked to debate anything and everything, so press pause and consider whether it’s really that important. You should avoid extreme recklessness, but on the other hand, you’ll be bored to tears sitting behind a desk now. Optimistic Jupiter is squaring off with three of those planets, suggesting that if something seems too good to be true, it very well could be. Make a point of examining your subconscious expectations connected with visions of the future to see what effect they have. You may need to dial down your enthusiasm long enough to take a second look. Don’t jump on the bandwagon too quickly if you come across something you want to believe in. You could easily get up on your soapbox and preach to others if you buy into it, overselling your POV. Try hatching a plan that’s motivated by your spiritual values or by the pursuit of what’s right and fair; it’s likely to triumph. Venus and Mercury are due to get lost in Neptune’s fog, so even a positive experience and big ideas can leave you disoriented. You might be drawn to someone and not know what to make of them. Or maybe you don’t have sufficient clarity to fill in all the blanks in a grand scheme. Don’t bluff if you’re vacillating. Admit what you don’t know. Otherwise, you could be deceived, deceive yourself or deceive others. But since you’re open to the unknown under these transits, you might feel deep empathy for people who are different from you and express how much you care. Several planets are jibing with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, confirming the overall importance of broadening your horizons. Well-calculated risks and learning experiences can fuel your current process of self-definition, so keep exploring uncharted territory. Exposing yourself to more of what the world has to offer will change you — the deep meaning you’ll find in new knowledge is sure to feed into the personal transformation you’re undergoing.



January 20–February 18

The planets are holding a conference in your depth-and-merging house this week that could set off sparks in a close relationship or in your psyche. This potent energy can be channeled, but you need to be highly conscious in order to make the best use of it. Things might turn sexy or combative, troublesome or transformational — depending on whether you can resist the natural temptations to overreact to what’s going on and project what you’re feeling. An intense encounter or cerebral passion project will prove to be positive experiences. If you encounter a burst of psychological warfare, stick to fighting above the belt. Jupiter is scrimmaging with Venus, Mercury and the sun, which might inspire you to go out with your significant other and your squad or his. Or maybe you’ll circulate and meet lots of people. If you’re looking for potential love interests, Jupiter emphasizes that it’s a numbers game, and technology and social media are likely to improve your odds. But be careful not to overshare and break a confidence because these transits can point to a problem around secrets and gossip. You might get into a disagreement over hopes and ideals or feel torn between intense focus and the freedom to experiment. Oppositions involving Neptune hint that a craving for closeness can lure you to give up a lot, or fear and insecurity can hold you back. If you’re hyperaware of what you stand to lose, you may not gain anything either. Strive for a balance of vulnerability and self-protection that feels right to you. And hold off on a relationship talk or negotiation if you’re not sure what you need or want or what you’re ready to offer. Thanks to Saturn and Pluto’s links with several planets in your depth-and-merging house, though, you might conquer your fear and open up to someone. Both intimate bonding and personal reflection can allow you to work through an issue in your psyche. There’s also a possibility you’ll dive into a project and see it through to the end. Digging deep will facilitate healing and transformation, so don’t play it safe by skimming the surface. Probe around in the dark corners.



February 19–March 20

A coalition of planets in your interpersonal angle pushes you to pour lots of energy into partnership this week. Whatever you’re doing, ask another person to join you and don’t insist on calling the shots. Look at this as an opportunity to get better at collaborating. If you run into conflict, it’s apt to get heated. Tempted to attribute antagonism to the other party rather than owning it? You won’t learn about yourself by focusing on what others are doing. Make a choice to discover something about how you operate in relationships. And if you avoid defensiveness, clearing the air can move things forward. When Venus and Jupiter scuffle, you’re liable to set the bar high in a relationship. You might be enjoying someone’s company to the point where you want to make plans you can look forward to. It could be a mistake to push for too much too fast, and yet clear expectations are a good thing. Mercury and the sun are also tussling with Jupiter, and big goals can come out of a conversation as a result. Partnership is fueling your ambition now. Break down a game plan for success into practical action steps. A power imbalance can lead one of you to become bossy, so keep a tone of mutual respect. Venus’s faceoff with Neptune in Pisces can again create confusing interactions — someone might misinterpret the vibe you’re giving off, or you might read someone the wrong way. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and look at people through a realistic lens to avoid disappointment. Since Neptune creates a smoke-and-mirrors effect that makes it hard for others to see you clearly, self-awareness is key. Merc’s opposition with Neptune scrambles the signals in communication and makes taking someone at their word rather treacherous, particularly if you’re seen as naïve. Wait until the fog clears before you try to establish any agreements; you’re bound to feel misunderstood during this transit. Thankfully, Saturn and Pluto in your humanity house are in harmony with the planets in your interpersonal angle, helping you to connect with people who share your interests, goals and ideals. Reaching out to others can firm up your objectives, strengthen your resolve and build a team of supporters around you. You can also collaborate on a creative endeavor, click with friends and charm an impressive contact under this influence.



March 21–April 19

A conglomeration of planets in your productivity corner can help you knock out some very labor-intensive tasks this week. You have oodles of momentum for getting stuff done and should continue working alone if possible, since this hyper-focused energy may cause you to dominate unintentionally. Cerebral stamina will also be a boon, so look for difficult mental challenges to sink your teeth into. And if you find yourself with more energy to burn, use it up with workouts that kick your ass. When Jupiter spars with a few of these planets, it won’t be easy to stay in the moment and concentrate on what you’re doing. If you’re craving an escape, take a break from work. A change of scene would do you good! Can’t swing a trip at the moment? Switch up your routine; you need to transcend the daily grind to get a fresh perspective. A feeling of freedom might help you resume the tasks at hand with renewed enthusiasm. Detailed thinking is competing with abstract vision now, and a hopeful plan that’s rooted in reality would be a positive outcome. Also, you may be absolutely convinced you know the perfect way of doing something, but resist lecturing anyone else. Neptune is facing off with Venus and Mercury, so you could become disillusioned or deflated momentarily. If you lose steam, give yourself a chance to rest — or simply digress into a daydream. A tinge of sadness may temporarily spoil the gratification you’re getting from being helpful or useful, doing something creative or working on a relationship. If that’s the case, don’t throw in the towel. Wait for the mood to pass. If you stay on task, Saturn and Pluto in your ambition angle can ensure that your efforts earn recognition. You’ve been working hard and can finally get a sense that you’re making progress. Consider all the little ways you can improve your health and quality of life, stay on top of job responsibilities, take care of daily business and generally get yourself together. Now you feel the pieces falling into place — so keep at your current labors, assured that they’ll pay off in the long run.



April 20–May 20

With the planets convening in your joy sector, it’s time to pursue your heart’s desire and do as you please. You’re due for a creative burst, a fun activity that stimulates your mind and body — or perhaps a bold declaration of your feelings. If you’re passionate about something, you’re capable of devoting a ton of energy to it and taking chances to attain it. Sexual and creative drives are particularly strong, and you’re called to follow them. When Venus and Jupiter square off, though, if a love affair or creative collab are heating up, you might not be able to decipher what’s real, at least until the rush wears off. Only time will tell if your high expectations will be met. And if you pour your heart out to someone, don’t place a lot of emphasis on the response. Say your piece when the spirit moves you for the sake of expressing yourself, not to achieve a desired result. Your joie de vivre alone can bring out the best in a relationship. Flying solo? You might gain insight into your psyche and feel good about who you are. Be true to yourself and also be willing to accept another person’s whole self. Standoffs with Neptune may throw you for a loop if the line between friend and lover becomes blurred. You could misinterpret signals or build someone up to be the perfect ideal. But escapist fun with your squad or a harmless attraction to a pal are both upsides. Your friends may not get what you’re saying, or you may misread a situation — but don’t take it personally! Luckily, several planets are dovetailing with Saturn and Pluto, reinforcing your personal growth. You’ll gain life wisdom via creativity, love and various playful pursuits. Master a fun skill or cultivate a different side of yourself that will help you experience the world in a new way. You’re in a phase of formulating your personal philosophy, figuring out how the world works and establishing rules to live by. As you become a more well-rounded person, your life path will shift. You might take a memorable trip, read something that changes your outlook or play around with a daunting intellectual task and have a breakthrough. And if you find the courage to share your feelings, you’re sure to learn from the experience.



May 21–June 20

As the planets coalesce at the base of your chart this week, you might dive into a domestic project to gain a sense of accomplishment. Your underlying mood is bound to affect your relations, and you might test another person to protect yourself — or vice versa — or use sharp words with housemates or family. Talking to relatives and people you live with could very well give you insights, but claim your personal space if you feel agitated. You’re likely to butt heads if you try to work on something together. Juggle alone time with meeting your obligations to others, and try not to project what’s going on inside you onto those around you. Assigning blame is a waste of energy. A few of the same planets have dustups with Jupiter in your interpersonal angle, hinting that you can share private feelings with someone close to you but shouldn’t place high expectations on them to respond the way you want. Relish the pleasure of companionship. The more at home you feel with someone, the brighter your outlook will be. A desire for security might cause you to push for more from another person, but ask yourself if you’re prepared to raise the stakes. You might feel a bit aimless when Venus and Mercury go head to head with Neptune; try using your imagination and listening to gut feelings. Relaxing at home or with family might leave you unmotivated to get out in the world and achieve goals, and yet you can do highly creative work in the comfort of your own home! If you’re confused about your relationship with a person who has power over you, it’s possible you feel let down because you built them up too much. Saturn and Pluto in your depth-and-merging zone are in sync with the planets huddled at the base of your chart, encouraging you to keep tuning into your inner world and your home life. If you focus on nurturing yourself or your bond with someone, it can pay off by making you feel more grounded. This is a good opportunity to work through personal insecurity, a lingering fear in your psyche or apprehensions about intimacy. Cathartic self-care, powerful intimacy and transformative self-acceptance are all favored. And journaling, talking to someone you trust and carving out time for deep reflection can all help you get to the bottom of how you’re feeling.



June 21–July 22

Your thinking-and-talking sector is hosting a planetary party, causing you to identify strongly with your ideas and views and firing you up to sell people on them. Just avoid pointless squabbles and state your position with passion rather than anger, unless you’re quite sure that it’s righteous anger. You might also take a short trip or get caught up in a flurry of activity going on around you. If you have to learn quickly, this is a good time for a cram session. Jupiter’s spats with a few of these planets can lead you to do creative work, flirt with a colleague or meet people who can teach you something helpful. A positive attitude is the key to getting a lot done. You might experience communication problems on the job or fail to see the trees because you’re focused on the forest. So double-check your work and fix any gaffes. If you get overwhelmed because you’ve taken on so much, remember you don’t need to say yes to everything that comes your way. Your enthusiasm and eagerness fall in the plus column, but assuming you have to do all of it yourself doesn’t. Neptune’s oppositions with Venus and Mercury will tempt you to believe what you want to believe, so try not to agree to anything big. Yes, your rational judgment is clouded for the moment, but you may feel tremendous compassion and a spiritual connection with others who are less fortunate than you. It’s good to show you care, especially if truth or justice are in jeopardy. You’re searching for meaning behind information and have some unanswered questions, but don’t let this quest lure you to buy anything you hear. Wait for more facts. One-on-one convos can end up being extra fruitful, thanks to Saturn and Pluto in your interpersonal angle joining in the action. Mature, honest, respectful communication will smooth relations, and you can benefit from another person’s experience. These happen to be opportune transits for discussing commitment and other relationship matters. You’re prompted to engage on a profound level, and your encounters are likely to have a serious tone and seem intense; in this instance, that’s a good thing!



July 23–August 22

When the planets congregate in your worth house this week, you might go on a shopping spree, clean out your closets or fight for what matters to you. Action related to belongings, money, values or priorities is indicated now. If you’re not careful, a conflict over such issues could easily erupt. Skip the squabbles, but do stick up for what’s vitally important to you. You can also tackle a mental task involving these contentious matters and actively prioritize. When excessive Jupiter, who’s hanging out in your pleasure zone, gets involved, you’ll be tempted to go overboard in a quest to fulfill your desires. The urge to splurge may pose a problem if you’re on a tight budget, but it’s possible you’ll end up with something worthwhile. You’re after fun, happiness and gratification, and it’s hard to think in practical terms under these circumstances. You may also be identifying strongly with your possessions and desires, perhaps to the point of taking risks to get what you feel you need. You’re banking on how much joy this person or thing will give you, and the way you view your own worth may be colored by romantic expectations or by your hopes of future fulfillment. The more realistically you view others, the easier it will be to get through Neptune’s opposition with Venus sans misunderstandings and disappointment. You know what you want, but where you get onto shaky ground is in trying to get it from a particular individual. Mercury’s faceoff with Neptune can generate confusion over sharing, finances, intimacy or secrets, and you could feel like your requests are falling on deaf ears. Lending, borrowing and negotiations are a no-go until the smoke clears. But you can put your resources to good use to get what you need, courtesy of Saturn and Pluto in your productivity corner joining in the fray. Under this influence, sound financial judgment, smart prioritizing and a strong work ethic will start to add up, putting you in a good position to improve your self-sufficiency. Apply an upswing of confidence to tasks that matter. Assess your range of talents and how they can enrich your work and deepen your sense of purpose. Don’t hold onto someone for security. You really can take care of yourself!

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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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Looks like I need to switch up my routine! Will definitely do that! ❤️✨

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