Spit Swap: Our Fall 2019 Winners’ Submissions

Autumn invokes such strange and wonderful feelings in all of us, which made our choosing a winning story and photograph all the more challenging.

But, after much deliberation, an intimate group of Home Office staff landed on Lucy Peterson’s “Downfall.”

“Downfall” is delightful in its simplicity and abstraction… After reading it several times, I can’t be sure that I could correctly decipher the unfolding scene, but I know what it made me feel in my gut, and THAT is the same . Balancing Lucy’s story is a stunning image shared with us by Nevada resident Crystal Ricotta, who snapped it in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Enjoy, and give yourself to the season. XO



“How do you know?” I distrustingly challenged Oliver’s claim.

“She returns with two coffees in hand, so it’s safe to presume there’s someone she loves.”

The breeze whipped in like a slap of the face that only Oliver could so carelessly deliver.

Along with the agonizingly slow anticipation of change that every fall delivers, the expiration of our affair would linger.

Similar to the transformation of autumn leaves, ours was a suspenseful essence of the foreboding kind, which would thoughtlessly dissipate before I could grasp it.

Nevertheless, I did not find myself loathing the girl who flaunted “couple” coffees in hand.

Theirs was an idyllic love, like something out of the movies, the emerging smile you’re not yet willing to admit.

I could not bring myself to hate this girl, owing to the fact she conjured up my every downfall.

Truth be told, downfall is bold.

So on this day, which so delicately delivers the onset of autumnal nostalgia, I am reminded of the daring exhilaration that comes with the acquiescence of downfall.

Just as the breeze sweeps, unrelenting, I dauntlessly succumb to imperfection.

Autumn, despite its aesthetic, awakens the flaws of an unsympathetic reality, offering one final call to change.


Thank you to everyone who submitted their work — look for more “Spit Swaps” in the near future.


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