A Truly Inclusive Deo that Works for All

This unisex herbal spray lives up the hype with fermented plant ingredients that keep skin — even the most sensitive — cool, dry and remarkably fresh.  

Vermont-based Ursa Major is already a leader in the clean beauty space, having committed to avoiding chemicals — including petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrance and color, glycols, silicones and PEGs — since 2010. The nature-loving range (whose name refers to the constellation in the northern sky and means “great bear” in Latin) spans face, body and hair-care. But co-founders Emily Doyle and Oliver Sweatman really changed the game in 2015 with their Hoppin’ Fresh stick deodorant, made with moisture-absorbing kaolin clay and soothing aloe, which went on to become a bestseller.

Now the duo is looking to revolutionize the body space again, with the launch of their first spray deodorant — Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant. The “zippy” blend of sage, sandalwood, lemon myrtle and geranium is meant for men, women, anyone, really. The next-level formula taps into green technology to avoid the typical sensitivity that comes along with natural deo. Instead of baking soda (which can irritate underarm skin), the spray relies plant biovectors and enzymes from fermented ingredients to neutralize and inhibit sweat on the surface and in the pores. And the 1.79-ounce spray bottle is great for travel and super easy to toss in your gym bag for applying on the fly.

Suffice to say the Free People beauty team is obsessed — seriously, the formula performs, even on active days — so we had to find out more about its creation. Here, co-founder Emily Doyle shares how this wonder product came to be and some genius stay-dry tips.


FP: After mastering stick deodorant, why launch a spray?

Emily: I’ve always loved the idea of spray deodorant — a refreshing spritz that’s easy to apply on-the-go and has a much lighter touch than a stick. We already have a best-selling stick deodorant, so we really wanted to tackle the spray format. The cool thing is, we were able to use new green technology that really offers a unique way to experience a clean deodorant!

FP: Tell us more about this green technology — what does it do?

E: Most clean deodorants work by raising the pH of the armpit to create a hostile environment for bacteria, which can result in irritation, or by using ingredients like coconut oil that have weak antibacterial effects. With Sublime Sage, we slightly lowered the pH and included a blend of innovative plant-based ingredients like biovectors that attack odor on the skin surface as well as in the pores.

FP: How did you come up with the scent?

E: At Ursa Major all of our fragrance blends are inspired by the great outdoors — they feel like a breath of fresh air… and, like nature, they are not meant to be feminine or masculine, just super invigorating and clean! In this case, we wanted the fragrance to also have soothing and bacteria-fighting benefits. To achieve that, we used essential oils with antimicrobial and soothing properties, including sage, tea tree, lemon myrtle, lavender and geranium leaf. Bonus, it’s totally non-staining and great for more delicate clothes!

FP: Do men and women sweat similarly?

E: While there are some biological differences between men and women’s sweat, sweating and body odor are really universal. This formula really works to attack sweat and odor from multiple angles regardless of gender.

FP: What are your best application tips for maximum effectiveness?

E: Ok, so now we are going to talk about armpits, ha ha! With clean deodorants, it’s best to start with really clean pits and apply right out of shower when you’re dry and clean. Use enough to cover the surface of your armpit, most people use two sprays per arm. Let it dry for a few seconds before getting dressed.

FP: What results can we expect?

E: If you’re transitioning from a conventional (aluminum based) deodorant, you might find that you need two to three weeks of an “armpit detox” before feeling the full benefit. This is a pretty common occurrence with consumers transitioning to clean deodorants. So stick—or in this case, spray—with it!


To shop and explore the entire Ursa Major range, click here!


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Thanks for sharing! Need to check out the brand! ❤️✨

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