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Day by day I’m so impressed by all of the amazing fashion I come across here at the office. Everywhere there are items that make you want to melt. The styling is so fresh. I find myself staring just taking in the aesthetic of it all.

She was a little camera shy, but I had to capture this necklace for you all. How amazing?!

Picture 008

I love how she knotted the dress and wore it with printed boots to give this look a laidback feel.

Picture 014

Picture 009

This crazy mix match of prints is so daring and perfect. I love how the prints have a funky feel yet the look remains retro and feminine overall.

Picture 017

How stylish is this pairing of the ruffle legging with chambray and booties?Picture 004

Picture 010

I love this dressed down look with the lacey layering skort for fall.

Joe -Oct 01, 2011, 7:04AM
The necklace is awesome. The knotted dress looks great!
Monique -Sep 30, 2011, 2:37PM
Wow great line up...I adore that mix & match outfit

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Post image for Store Style: Velvet Crush

We have a serious crush on velvet. It’s one of our favorite fabrics for fall – both cozy and chic, it adds a rich element of texture to your look.  We can’t get enough, whether it is in the form of a menswear style blazer, wideleg pants or cute shorts. Here are some of our Free People store girls showing how they’d style velvet!

In this look: Slouchy Velvet Blazer, Graphic Lovebug Thermal, Tribal Triangle Collar, Sweetwater Fringe Crossbody.

In this look: Velvet Wideleg Pant, Laguna Coast Pullover… Extreme Comfort.


On the left: Velvet Wideleg Pant in Rust, We The Free Washed Graphic Tee, Abiza Double Wrap Belt, Fringe Crossbody, Spilling Chains Necklace.

On the right: Velvet Wideleg Pant in Moss, Striped Burnout Top, Shrunken Jacquard Military Jacket, Spilling Chains Necklace.


In this Look: Slouchy Velvet Blazer, We The Free Eco Thermal Raglan, Vegan Leather Shorts, Velvet Turban, Billie Leather Clutch.


In this look: Valhalla Velvet Short, Veneto Plaid Corset, Marled Fringe Cardigan, Changing Crochet Legging.


In this look: Slouchy Velvet Blazer, Solid Pieced Maxi Skirt, Zusto Border Print Scarf, Floppy Brim Hat.


In this look: Velvet Wideleg Pant, Boxy Crochet Sweater (coming soon).


On the right: Velvet Wideleg Pant, Vintage Tee, Enchanted Eyelet Dress.


In this look: Velvet Blazer, Vegan Leather Skirt, Dotted Lace Tee, Bouquet Ankle Sock.


In this look: Velvet Wideleg Pant, Victorian Inset Tunic.


In this look: Floral Printed Velvet Overalls, Open Lace Sleeve Top, Crochet Tall Sock, Tribal Stone Bib Necklace.

You all look amazing! Thanks ladies!

Callie -Apr 08, 2014, 8:52PM
Hey there! I've fallen in love with the blue/grey Marled Fringe Cardigan that my friend has- problem is, it was last made in 2011. Do you have any inkling of where I might be able to obtain another? I'm obsessed and willing to invest! Thanks mucho, Callie
jennie -Sep 30, 2011, 9:28AM
Those velvet pants in 'rust' are AMAZING!!! Talk about party pants!! :D

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Post image for Sneak Peek: Julia Stegner by Guy Aroch for Free People October

I’m so excited to give you a sneak peek of one of my favorite catalogs of this year! Photographer Guy Aroch has the magic touch… I love everything he does – and model Julia Stegner looks stunning in these perfect Fall looks.







The catalog drops on Tuesday. Stay tuned!

fp julia -Sep 30, 2011, 9:05AM
yes! look for the boots and everything else online next week!
KELLY -Sep 29, 2011, 7:05PM
LOVE the boots in image #1! who makes them and will you be selling them on FREE PEPS? :) xx.

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Post image for DIY Inspiration with FP Bags!

I’ve seen a couple of amazing projects lately using Free People bags, I had to share!

One of our facebook fans shared this photo of a chair they had reupholstered using FP bags. BRILLIANT.

And a sweet little pillow and lampshade from one of our fp girls in Santa Monica! Love it!


rachel -Oct 04, 2014, 10:59AM
Where is the picture of the bag chair? It isn't showing up and i would love to see it! Thanks.
Terry Coley -May 14, 2012, 5:24PM
The Marshal Islands had an army surplus supply store just off to the right of the airport. They sold some really old interesting things there. I did buy a lot ofvery old radios that were used in WWII. The radios were in awesome condition too. Anyone know of any wonderful places to shop for a few old military supplies?

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Post image for Office Space: BHLDN

By now you have probably heard of our new sister, BHLDN (pronounced Beholden), a line of dresses, accessories and décor for your wedding day.  Over the summer, FP Naomi and I went over to their offices, which are located in Free People’s former home, Building 15.  We got to take a little tour of the office, check out some of the dresses and other samples, and took a bunch of photos for the blog! I have to say, I am not a wedding person – not even a dress person – but I saw a dress at BHLDN that I completely fell in love with! Their stuff is stunning, and we’re proud to have them in our family :)

Here’s a little peek, just for you, behind the scenes at BHLDN.

The gorgeous chandelier in the lobby is made of repurposed glasses! Love.








The dress that I loved.










Visit the website:

salima -Sep 29, 2011, 3:08PM
Jewels are AMAZING !! I stared at them for a moment !! I want them ALL !! Thanks for sharing this !! xoxoox
stargirl -Sep 29, 2011, 2:09PM
Looks lovely!

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Post image for More Vintage Missoni Pieces added in Vintage Loves!

Our last batch of Vintage Missoni items went fast, so our vintage buyer did some hunting and found some amazing new pieces! Here’s what she had to say about Vintage Missoni.

What do you think makes vintage Missoni so special?

Hands down their amazing knitwear. With the transition to fall and spotlight on sweater dressing last month, it just seemed natural to buy vintage Missoni. Plus I love the fact that Mr. Missoni is still alive, and the designs are still so relevant.

What time period are these items from?

1970s through the 1980s.

Which piece is your favorite?

The natural knit one piece sweater dress with matching belt.  It’s a great transition piece into fall and the color is amazing!!!


I agree, that sweater dress is gorgeous! Shop Vintage Missoni.

Grace -Sep 28, 2011, 10:41PM
The belt in the first pic!!! I need ittt
Tiffany -Sep 28, 2011, 1:49PM
Love that sweater dress XOXO,

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Post image for Extreme Vintage Flare Tutorial

This one’s for all you “shorties” out there :) The extreme vintage flares are one of our hottest items right now, but they run a little on the long side – which is great if you’re tall, but for the shorter girls they may need to be trimmed.  Luckily our Free People San Antonio girls put together this adorable tutorial showing you how to cut your extreme flares to make them the perfect length for YOU.










Love it! Also in love with the new darker shade of the extreme flares… This would work for the extreme flare cords as well!

magda -Apr 08, 2013, 9:56AM
Thanks for a "how to...".Made it easy.warmly ,mag
rain -Oct 28, 2011, 10:20PM
ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i can live happy now!

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Post image for Another Awesome Job Alert!

Calling all artists, fashion, and design junkies!! Do you love to create inviting atmospheres? Do you constantly add touches of detail to transform a space? Do you understand the Free People brand thoroughly and love the aesthetic, constantly trying to recreate it in your own world?

Free People is looking to hire a District Visual Manager for its Wholesale division to manage all aspects of merchandising for their specific region. The role requires a highly motivated, energetic, and organized individual, who can drive sales through creative ideas and analysis of what works.

Role & Responsibility:

Training and Development:

  • Educate and motivate sales associates, specialists and management in each store within the region about the product, sales goals and merchandising objectives
  • Build the Free People Clientele through customer service and leading by example in the Free People Shop
  • Train associates on how to build multiple sales and use the directives as a guide for putting key looks together


  • Merchandise the floor space to reflect the Free People Corporate image based on the current trend of the season
  • Communicate and establish effective relationships with visual managers, merchandise managers, selling managers and sales staff to create the Free People Image
  • Utilize and pass out visual lookbooks and directives to ensure our images are being recreated within the department store environment
  • Consistent communication with store management regarding floor space, numbers analysis, selling events and review of specialist performance

Selling Analysis:

  • Analyze and communicate weekly goals to each store of responsibility
  • Review allocations to your individual stores and communicate any issues
  • Submit competitive recaps and detailed weekly recaps
  • Conduct seminars with stores on a quarterly basis

Job Location

New York, NY US

Position Type


For more info and to apply, click here.

B. in the Know -Oct 01, 2011, 12:47AM
This is thee dream job, well at least in my mind. Interior design meets fashion and includes relocating to NYC. This is worth submitting an application. Thank you so much for posting about this oppurtunity! Much love, B
Maria -Sep 28, 2011, 9:40PM
Do you hire Canadians with lots of experience!

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Post image for An Interview with Alexis Rosenzweig, Executive Producer of POPPED!

While at the POPPED! Music Festival on Saturday I had the opportunity to sit down with the executive producer who organized the fest, Alexis Rosenzweig.  She was lovely and had some really interesting insights into festivals, fashion and Philadelphia. Read more »

fp jana -Apr 10, 2013, 3:04PM
Hi, a blog is a web site that an individual or group of users uses to record opinions, information, inspirations, original content, etc.
hghghg -Apr 10, 2013, 2:14PM
what is a blog

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Post image for Loungewear for the FP Girl

When the nights start drawing in I love nothing more than coming home from work putting on some comfortable clothes and lounging around. The nights are dark early.

So you have an excuse to just stay in and do nothing but be cozy. Comfortable clothes do a lot to your mood; it’s an indulgence that feels great. I’m excited about FP body, now I can be lazy in great clothes.

From our FP body buyer:

Describe FP body started from the basic seamless romper that was perfect for layering under all our sheer slips. We wanted to take comfortable basics to the next level and explore it in terms of lounge wear.  We felt our girl was too pretty and cool to be lounging around in boring sweats so we brought the FP aesthetic and created a range that is fashionably comfortable.

We didn’t want to limit ourselves when designing into this concept – we looked into great silhouettes that can be carried from indoor dressing to outdoor dressing, when styled carefully – for instances the fleecy sweat pants that are online right now are ideal for curling up on the sofa but then you can team them with some biker boots and a leather jacket and be ready to head out the door. The Kimonos are thrown on for some decorative warmth over your basic lounge wear but can also be worn in a cool way with jeans and a simple top for a night out.

FP body is comfort made fashionable!

What are your favorite pieces from the line?

The items I love the most are the ones that can transition from the indoors to the outdoors, the body hugging soft rompers are cute whilst the kimonos add that touch of fancy that can easly be taken as outerwear and you can never go wrong with a pair of cozy lined sweat pants

 FP body Shop

Meadow -Apr 21, 2012, 11:03AM
I love u
Stephanie jay -Feb 19, 2012, 10:21PM
I luv fp girl its like the funnest thing ever i never had that much fun its súper fun i love the shirts i got i love it

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Post image for Awesome NYC Wholesale Job Alert!

Interested in being in the thick of the business of fashion? Dying to be a huge asset to a brand growing at a rapid pace? Are you super motivated, ambitious, a fast learner and a fashion and social media junkie with her finger on the pulse of the industry? If so, this could be the opportunity you’ve been seeking.

Free People is hiring an Assistant to the Managing Director of Wholesale! If you’re stylish, organized, good with numbers, and this sounds like your dream job, you just might want to apply. Click here for more details. And, check out a day in the life below:

Could this be you….?

8:00AM: Jump off the subway in the shoes you picked up at the sample sale this past weekend.

8:05AM: Stop into your favorite café to grab a large coffee (you’re gonna need it) and Greek yogurt before heading into the office.

8:15AM: Get to your desk and get organized for the long (but fun) day ahead. You check up on email to make sure that none of the international stores emailed you with urgent matters throughout the night.

9:05AM: What’s this? Free People’s favorite boutique in San Francisco placed an order at the tradeshows, and now they’d like to double it? Great! Forward to your coworker, and then get back to pulling sales data for your boss. Thank god you’re an Excel expert ;)

9:45AM: Big meeting on the calendar at 10! Have to get all of your things together!

11AM: Post meeting time to organize your notes and email the international wholesale team to check up on some of the topics covered. It looks like they’ll be having market visits with big buyers and we want them to have the samples for next Spring to show.

12PM: Short break! Bruno’s dying to go out, and you’ve been running around all morning. First you stop to get a greek salad and green tea, then you head out to walk him for a short bit.

12:45PM: Back to work. You have to put together some packets that will be going out to wholesale’s clients.

1:30PM: Another meeting. This time you’re meeting with your boss and other coworkers about a strategy for getting the upcoming capsule collection into key stores. This takes a lot of analyzing past numbers and behaviors which you’ve been preparing for the past few days.  You take notes for her during the meeting, so that she doesn’t miss a thing.


2:30PM: You update your boss’s twitter – she asks you to do this sometimes when she’s crazy busy.

2:35PM: Yikes! Don’t forget you have to book her flight for next month (and also don’t forget she’s a vegetarian – you’ll want to select the vegetarian option for her).

3:30PM: Wow your eyes hurt from staring at these spreadsheets…check and see what today’s special is at the café. It’s pretzel day?! Time to grab Suzy and hit that up. Bruno will appreciate the added walk =P

3:45PM: Back to updating our best sellers. That’s so interesting that they ordered so many of that top. You wouldn’t think that it would be right for their customer. Hm..maybe you’ll want to have somebody check up on this.


4:30PM: Adding some appointments to your boss’s calendar. She needs to meet with Joe, Bob, and Heather about performance in the UK.

5PM: The phone rings. It’s her daughter, let her know she’s on the phone and pass her through.

6:00PM: End of day email check. It looks like you have to begin organizing a showroom appointment for October. You can start that tomorrow, but don’t forget to make a note in your color-coded calendar so you don’t forget!

6:15PM: What? It’s after six already!? You need to email Rachel very quickly to see what ever happened with those samples. Then you’ll get going! Hmm…what should you wear tomorrow?


Is this you? Click here for more details and to apply – this position is located in New York City.

Dianne -Sep 27, 2011, 5:22PM
I'm sending Cara your way. She's from Nashville. BAS in FD&M. Several years retail experience. Perfect style and personality. She'll be a great addition to your team. Dr. T.
Terri Munro -Sep 27, 2011, 4:31PM
Hi, I know some one interested in this very job. What is the best way for her to meet a recruiter.

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Post image for POPPED! Music Festival – Our Favorite Shows

The general consensus at the POPPED! music festival this weekend was that it was kind of a bummer the location was moved from an outdoor park to an indoor arena.  However, on the plus side? The sound was amazing! We got to see some awesome shows on Saturday and FP Naomi got some great shots from the photo pit – here are some of our favorite acts from Saturday! Read more »

Cleo -Feb 10, 2012, 7:21PM
In love with colts singer Madeline Follin's teal greenish dress. So cute.
Taylor Rae -Sep 27, 2011, 4:15PM
I'm seeing Foster The People in October, here in San Francisco, and can not wait!!! I'm mostly excited that I'm going to see them in an intimate setting rather than at a festival. Not that I don't think festivals are one of the greatest things in the world. :)

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