1. That little owl is so cute! A very nice touch to the photos. : ) This looks like such an amazing place to work in… plus there’s always animals there!

  2. that is so cute! love the owl. funny thing is my family does the same thing with a little gnome. he fishes and bbqs. he swings on the porch and cooks in the kitchen. paints with us and everything. we have made such a joke of it and glad to see someone else has there little buddy going on adventures too

  3. the only good part of the snow is snowdays…im tired of the wet and cold. i think they were saying another 6-10 inches are coming our way. gah.

  4. I love this blog to bits! A glimpse inside your workplace is very inspiring for a fashion student like me. I dream to be able to work with you someday though I live hslfway across the :( but just to see your posts is enough to make my day! <3

  5. i love this post-so cute!! makes it feel like this little owl figurine really went on a journey around the office.

  6. Everyone is getting a little stir crazy! I do the same types of things when im snowed in! Ps- Devon Sawa….what a teenage hearthtrobe!

  7. Just went through the comments and my brother and his wife are moving to Japan on Monday…can’t wait to tell them about the little owl they will have to procure for me!

  8. I love the old picture of Devon Sawa… I had such a crush on him back in the day! And I have a little owl that I bet would be great friends with this little guy! ;)

  9. hahaha! I love this blog so much. The little owl cracks me up, you aren’t going insane, just imaginative and goofy! I love it.

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