the perfect pair

in my mind there are few things better than grilled cheese and tomato soup.  especially when it’s cold out – but really, it’s good any time. while i’m perfectly content with my usual campbell’s tomato soup and wheat bread + cheddar, i found some recipes online that look pretty out of this world.

this tomato basil soup looks sooooo good – love the idea of topping with fresh basil and thin slices of parmesan cheese!

recipe here.


now for the grilled cheese part – this one stopped me dead in my tracks.  its made with homemade beer bread, sharp cheddar and fontina cheese, dijon mustard and caramelized onions – and though i’d probably do it without the onions, it looks incredible – not to mention combines three of my favorite things ;)



recipe here.


  1. Everything about those pics is gorgeously yummy. Oh my goodness! :)
    The beer bread one made me immediately think of the grilled cheese sandwich Dock Street Brewery (in West Philly) had during Philly Beer Week.
    They had a bread made using their “Man full of trouble” beer in a collab with Metropolitan bakery, and it was a m a zing!!!! Sosososososo GOOD! gah! :)
    Thanks for posting these today, I know what I’m having for lunch ;)

  2. There is really nothing better. Especially during the winter, it’s the perfect, simple meal to cozy up with, and you can always dress up a grilled cheese with all sorts of fun ingredients!

  3. My favorite is grilled cheese with thin slices of tart apples & either swiss lorraine or double cream brie- so good!

  4. Oh, it looks so delish, and perfect for the cold weather we are having in Philly right now. I am going to make this one tomorrow while I watch the ice storm blow outside.

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