Wheatgrass Shots

Our café here at the Free People home offices started serving wheatgrass shots a couple of weeks ago. I had read a bit about them before, so I was eager to try one out and learn more. I caught up the manager, Chris, and he walked me through the sourcing and process of it all. Here’s everything you need to know to make your very own.

Sourcing: Wheatgrass comes in many forms. You can buy frozen, powdered, or literally, grass. We decided to serve it from the plant itself because it is the freshest form you can find. When the wheatgrass is frozen or powdered you inevitably lose some of the nutrients. The plants themselves come from one of our produce vendors, but the café is keeping the trays that they come in, and regrowing the plant out back. I didn’t know this, but apparently you can grow it just about anywhere. It’s the wheat plant, but interestingly enough, gluten free.

Benefits: Our café manager says that there are no clinically proven benefits. Although himself not a health food guy, he feels better when he takes them. He experiences a feel-good sensation and added energy. He also says that it’s helped him get over tooth aches in the past. Claimed, although not proven, benefits include: tumor reduction, reduced blood pressure, cleansing and detoxification of the blood and organs, increased metabolism, and an increase in beneficial enzymes.

Suggested Dosage: 1-4oz daily

Fun Fact: Wheatgrass was discovered by a farmer in the 30’s. He was having trouble with the health of his chickens and got to experimenting with their feed. Wheatgrass was one of the options that he tested, and he found that it increased the animals’ health and also their egg count. After witnessing such amazing side affects, he started to give the plant to his friends. The rest was history.

How to make a wheatgrass shot:

1. You will need a wheatgrass grinder to extract the liquid. By using this machine you keep the photochemicals alive and maintain nutrients.

2. Cut off a handful of the plant, and place a cup underneath the bottom spout.

3. Feed into the top of the grinder and churn until you have as much juice as you’d like. The fiber will come out the top, and all of the juice will flow out the bottom.

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11 years ago

i LOVE wheatgrass shots, and they actually taste good to me! awesome post xx


11 years ago

Wheatgrass for toothaches! I’m definitely trying this.

11 years ago

Wheatgrass shots are perfect after a day of eating bad foods. I have one at least once a week!

10 years ago

Hi there. I think I have the same wheatgrass juicer as you do, yet when I juice a handful or more of grass, I tend to only get about half of shotglass full of juice. Have you ever had this problem?

10 years ago

Wheat is used as cereal diet from ages, but it is also recognized for innumerable wheatgrass benefits. Many people use it as a skin cleaner, while others prefer using it for cleansing of digestive track, curing sore throat, and many more diseases. It also serves as health drink, though it has strong taste.

10 years ago

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10 years ago

i have powder wheat grass how do i mix it and with what

9 years ago

I love this post very much.please keep sharing of knowledges with us.

Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick
shout out and say I ttruly enjoy reading through your blog posts.

Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the
same topics? Thank you!

8 years ago

I put a handful in my nutri bullet today along with some other greens and got a stomach ache. Is it because I ingested the fiber as well or on an empty stomach? thanks

7 years ago

Hey I am new here. I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I’m wondering if anyone has sampled Athletic Greens for their green drink? I’m discovering most either taste gross or cause my stomach to churn.

7 years ago

Hey I am new here. I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I’m wondering if anyone has tried Athletic Greens for their green drink? I’m finding most either taste gross or cause my stomach to cramp.

5 years ago

I’ve personally it affected with wheatgrass changing my life I used to be a bartender eating bad drinking bad living bad then it got too much so I needed to change my lifestyle and better nutrition was the main goal fortunately I came across wheatgrass juice and after taking it I notice such a change in energy Focus drive therefore my life I want to share this with the world so I started a company because I figured this needs to be shared with the world so let’s come up with an easy way for everybody to take it

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I am not trying to sell you please take a look and learn more about wheatgrass and the options available