Music to the Ears of a Yogi

Yoga classes are wonderful, but a lot of people (myself included) enjoy practicing yoga at home as well. I have a corner of my apartment where I like to roll out my mat, light some candles, maybe even burn some incense, and do yoga.  For some reason though, I don’t like doing it in silence. I like to listen to melodic, soothing music – some with lyrics, some without, and the perfect mix of mellow and a little upbeat to get me moving. Here’s a playlist of some music I enjoy listening to while doing yoga!

yoga space


Do you like listening to music during yoga? Leave your suggestions below I would love to hear them!

Images via Jago Yoga.

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10 years ago

i’d love to hear the playlist (and all the other fantastic songs you talk about) , but Rdio isn’t available to canadians. maybe you could switch over to grooveshark ? playlists are really easy to make on there, and everybody would be able to listen. just a thought!

ps. you wonderful people have inspired me to get back into yoga, so thank-you!

10 years ago


You should totally get into yoga! :)
You’ll get hooked!

10 years ago

i recently found where is my mind by maxence cyrin. it’s a piano cover of the pyxies song. it’s hauntingly pretty :) i like it for a cool down at the end. also any emancipator, like soon it will be cold enough to build fires, is pretty awesome for a good flow cause of the beat.

10 years ago

A friend of mine is in a band and they just put out a CD for this purpose:

10 years ago

guys I LOVE the playlists and the blog and all, the only problem is that here in Mexico ‘Rdio’ is not available for our country. Is it possible that the beautiful free people playlists can be created thru 8track? or maybe a different platform? Rookie mag uses 8track and it streams in more countries than Rdio, the playlists have pretty covers too :) I really hope you guys read this! Thank you.

10 years ago

Agree with your post! I have been searching this week for yoga music but all I can find are terrible pan-pipes or new age trance! so I would love to listen to your playlist but I have the same issue with the player (I am in Ireland). I have downloaded some mantras such as surya namaskara mantras being chanted by Kai Franz from itunes which is quite nice to do sun salutations to.

10 years ago

You should write a feature about best yoga mats on the market! So many options — where’s a girl to start?

10 years ago

My yoga-y musics are Tycho, School of Seven Bells, Goldfrapp’s ‘Seventh Tree’, Air, Massive Attack, and Pantha Du Prince. Choice stuff!

10 years ago

I work for a large yoga retailer and the best mats out there are either the Manduka Eko and Jade Harmony.

10 years ago

I really love MC Yogi’s Shanti for Sivasana.

10 years ago

I am a different Brooke than the one above, btw. LOL

10 years ago

i love listening to lord huron during yoga becaus they are so soothing

9 years ago

‘Heaven Sent You’ by Donna Lewis.
‘Cang Ding’ by Celestial.

I think these 2 songs provide a great soundtrack for an individual yoga practice.

8 years ago

I would totally love a song & artist list of all of these songs! It’s an awesome playlist!

5 years ago

I am a violinist/meditation facilitator at luxury spas. I am starting to create a video series of short meditations with violin which I will be videoing at home, so I am here finding ideas to give the videos zen–like look! (I noticed that some people are also looking for music…you might want to check out my website and listen to my new Sea of Light recording that I use during my sessions)

5 years ago

Best Gentle beats yoga music on the planet

Kumaresan Ramalingam
4 years ago