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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of September 3-9.



August 23-September 22

With your ruling planet, talkative Mercury, in your sign and active Mars in your communication sector, you probably have something to say these days. This week, Mars encounter with powerful Pluto may even give you the impetus to make an impassioned argument. The trick with thinking and communication now is to find the balance between pessimism and optimism. As a Virgo, youre so literal that you see the glass as both half full and half empty. Overblown Jupiter in your authority angle serves as a reminder not to abandon the middle ground in reaction to your bosss or your fathers expectations. In other words, dont exaggerate or diminish whats on your mind out of fear. Your mental acuity is at a high now, and Pluto is stirring up an urge for self-expression, so you have the ability to speak eloquently and from the heart.


September 23-October 22

Planets in your possessions, home and unconscious zones are linking up, making this an ideal week to go through stuffmaybe in the house you grew up inand reminisce. You could dive in on your own or invite a parent, but with unpredictable Uranus in your relationship sector making challenging angles to those other planets, getting a friend, boyfriend or husband to help isnt a sure thing. Besides, your current planetary placements favor sifting through memories surrounded by familiar belongings on your home turf. Its about solitude and reflection, not socializing. The particular planets involved will put your head in the past and infuse you with energy to tackle the task. Purging is healthy, but dont worry too much just yet about future trivial concerns like Does Goodwill pick up furniture? Give yourself time for scrapbooking and sentimentality.


October 23-November 21

Your co-rulersMars and Plutoclick this week, and with Mars already firing up your sign, its game on! The potential for powerful action and communication is immense now, and you can maximize your efficiency by concentrating on information gathering and networking. Though you should feel like youre making great strides, youll probably have to get past a hiccup or two in the form of a scheduling snafu, brief illness or a coworker disrupting your routine. One other caveat: Dont go overboard pooling your resources or turning a friendship or contact into a business partnership. However, your professional relationships with higher-ups are quite positive now, thanks to the sun and Mercury in your authority angleso your boss should start to recognize your value, if she hasnt spotted it already. Stay visible!


November 22-December 21

Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, has been in your partnership angle for a few months now, so youve started to adapt to the idea that autonomy is not always possible or even preferable. But when Jupiter clashes with the sun and Mercury in your goals house this week, youll want to rely on your own resources to get the job done. Adjust your expectations of others, and dont hook a promise to a collaborative effort. Working alone and behind the scenes is the best thing now for your financial bottom line and your self-confidence. You wont necessarily make any brilliant creative breakthroughs, but focused, practical, hard work will stand you in good stead. And Venuss entrance into your future sector will help brighten your horizonyour sign thrives on having something to look forward to.


December 22-January 19

Venus in your partnership angle gets the brushoff from Saturn in your career sector, so be warned that your relationships and your job are like oil and water this week. Dont stressfor one thing, they dont always blend perfectly to begin with. And when youre juggling as much as you are, youre bound to drop a ball here and there. Move past any negative feelings, and keep putting your energy into networking, because your efforts are starting to pay off. Youll see now that the contacts youve made are empowering you to reach the next level. The prospect of change is unsettling to you, but clinging to an outdated philosophy about your career will only make you more anxious. With the sun and Mercury in your learning angle, expand your thinking and figure out exactly how youll need to educate yourself to prepare for the coming change.


January 20-February 18

Mars in your career angle is in sync with Pluto in your intuition zone and Mercury in your psychology sector, but out of sync with your ruler, Uranus, in your communication house. Meaning: Listen to your strong instincts about work and read in between the lines with your boss, but dont do too much talking. Non-verbal communication is especially effective for you now, so a temporary gag order is hardly a tragedy. All this intuiting and inferring may make you start wondering about subtler emotional subjects like your value to others and theirs to you, something thats likely to be somewhat unclear now. In the midst of this confusion, you may take things a bit too far in a romantic relationship. Extreme Jupiter is in your love zone, providing enthusiasm without a reality check. Again, fall back on your gut instinct.


February 19-March 20

Doer Mars in your future sector cooperates with transformational Pluto in your hopes-and-wishes house this week, telling you to put in the hard work now and learn as much as possible. In the process, youll be able to reshape a dream. Talk to a friend or partner to get insight and inspiration. He may be able to point out how expectations left over from childhood need to shift in order to make way for your transformed wish. Your funds and your self-confidence are rather unsteady at the moment, so maybe you dont feel like youve got a strong foundation for success just yet. Feed off the energy that you get from others, and trust that youre already building a better tomorrow for yourself.


March 21-April 19

Your ruling planet, Mars, entered Scorpio recently, a sign that naturally has a longer attention span than Aries, due to its obsessive quality. Were all impelled now to utilize our Mars (the action principle) in a Scorpionic manner, delving into things more deeply and intensively, leaving no stone unturned. This week, Mars plays nice with Mercury and Pluto in your work sectors, but spars with change-loving Uranus in your sign. The universe would much rather you get your hands dirty dealing with the nitty-gritty than switch gears. Push past your point of comfort, embracing problems to be solved and mysteries in need of unraveling. Rams like to keep it simple and straightforward, but that shouldnt be your m.o. at present. However, do streamline your communication to avoid complicating matters further. Be honest and direct, with one catchconstructive criticism only.


April 20-May 20

Catalyst Mars in your others angle meshes with transformational Pluto in your higher-mind house this week, offering you the chance to learn a lot from someone if you steer clear of a few obstacles and recognize the opportunity when it comes. You may be feeling needier than usual, which should make guidance from another person particularly welcome. To be open to it, try not to be overly sensitive to criticism or speak out of turn when you think you know better. Sincere interaction and heartfelt words will promote personal growth if you maintain a humble attitude. Excessive Jupiter in your self-worth zone could make you overvalue what youve already got going for yourself instead of acknowledging that youve still got plenty to learn. Getting schooled by someone, especially if theyre a peer like a coworker or friend, may not feel warm and fuzzy. But remember, we’re all here to teach each other.


May 21-June 20

Mercury, your ruler, creates harmony with Pluto and Mars and dissonance with Uranus and Jupiter this week, causing some areas of your life to get more airtime than others. Romance and socializing arent on the front burner, but youll be so busy you may not mind or even notice. Challenging, efficient, detailed work will occupy your brainand possibly your body. Since Mercury and the sun are both in your domestic angle, a home project entailing manual labor could be the very thing to throw yourself into. Or a family situation that demands your emotional effort may arise. Regardless, hard work is the best use of your energy this week. But no need to go looking for it; just take it as it comes. Jupiter in your sign is tempting you to bite off more than you can chew.


June 21-July 22

Home is where the heart is doesnt work for you as a motto this week. Although warm Venus is in your domestic-bliss sign, it gets the cold shoulder from stern Saturn in your home angle, so youre not exactly feeling the love from family and/or housemates. But lusty Mars in your love sector and sultry Pluto in your relationship zone should more than make up for any tension on the home front. Youre not going to sit and stew about your imperfect family or living situation when romantic sparks are flying, are you? Mars demands action, so say yes to a date, ask someone out yourself, have a groundbreaking talk with your partner or just get out there and flirt. You could make a meaningful connection now if you put your expectations aside and open your heart.


July 23-August 22

Valuable Venus waltzes into Leo this week, inspiring your already demonstrative, generous sign to shower loved ones with affection and perhaps even presents. Venus forms an awkward angle with confusing Neptune in your joint-finances house though, suggesting that you should draw the line at lending money. Dont play benefactor to friends or siblingsthat role will morph into martyr as soon as the money-relationship mix gets sticky, which it usually does. Rest assured Venus in your sign will not be a downer! You should act on the desire to spread the love. Just hold onto your cash. Its the perfect time to take a look at one or more of the following: your values, possessions, budget, job and home. You dont have to tackle all of the above of course. Just think about the ones that youre not at peace with, and then make improvements wherever you can.

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