Recipe: How To Make Welsh Cakes

always remembered them being around, and the smell of flour mixture cooking on the grindle is one of my favorite smells. I have carried the recipe with me from my Nana and Mum all the way here to America and today I’ve decided to share with you this simple recipe for Welsh Cakes.

A Welsh Cake is a traditional Welsh snack, they are a cross between a cookie, scone and pancake – they reflect a resourceful, wholesome and practical lifestyle that the Welsh are known for. Made from simple pantry items like flour, egg, and butter, they are easy to make and you’ll always find you have the ingredients around. Back in the days these cakes were made by the lady of the household as a treat to serve at afternoon tea, they were also a favored treat for coal miners as they were filling, delicious, and easy to slip into ones pocket. They are by far my favorite kind of cake and I love making them and carrying the recipe on from my ancestors.

So, here is my recipe to make lovely Welsh Cakes:


8oz (225g) self-rising flour

4 oz (110g) butter or margarine

3 oz (75 g) raisins

3 oz (75g) caster sugar

1 small egg

To cook these you need a traditional heavy flat iron griddle.

1. Sift the dry ingredients together, then rub in the butter or margarine.

2. When the mixture becomes crumbly, add the sultanas and mix in. Beat the egg lightly and add it to the mixture. Mix to a dough, if the mixture seems a little too dry and a spot of milk.

4. Using a cutter (I used a tea cup with a good edge) cut the dough into rounds, re-rolling the trimmings until all the dough is used.

5.  Lightly grease the griddle, I usually use the wrapper around the butter.

6. Heat the griddle over medium heat and cook the Welsh Cakes for about 3 minutes each side. When they are brown and golden place them on a plate and sprinkle with sugar.

Enjoy any time of day.


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delicious!!!!!!! :D

DIY and more:

((: I just made these as a snack after school and they were deeelish!


Thank you for this amazing recipe!! It’s fantastic easy and delicious :))

These look delish! Love the raisins in this. :)

Come check out the Fig and Brie Bruschetta I made.


I just made them and they’re SO DELICIOUS! Thank you for the great recipe! ;)


I like them with chocolate chips. Not traditional, but delish :) They’re great warm too xx


i’m in love. these are delicious!