Awake And Cleanse: My Favorite Drink

For many months now I have been drinking lemon, honey, ginger and cayenne pepper throughout the day. It awakens me and stimulates my senses. Ginger is very good for the stomach and the lemon and cayenne pepper help to open up the nasal passages, allowing a nice breathing pattern. I always have a sweet tooth — especially during mid-day — and the honey in the drink helps to soothe it.

It’s quick and easy to make: Pour boiled water into a cup with chopped slices of ginger, squeeze the lemon into the water and then add the whole thing in, add the honey and a dash of cayenne pepper and stir.

Try it — it’s delicious and good for you!

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  1. love it! i was feeling kind of sluggish and happened to have all the ingredients so i just tried this recipe. delicious and invigorating! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Haha…. I don’t think cleansing is just for hipsters…. Doctors and nutritionists have recommended cleansing drinks for many purposes for a long, long time. Before the word hipster even existed.

  3. Hi, great drink! Thanks for sharing.
    There is one thing that might be changed a bit. Adding the honey after the boiled water cools a bit, because hot water “kills” the good things in honey and turns it into normal sugar. So never add honey in hot tee, let it cool a bit, not cold, but warm :)

  4. oo I must add, that hot water also “kills” or dissociates VitC in the lemon juice … so again honey and lemon after cooling to warm .

  5. This drink is a great metabolism booster. It tastes and makes me feel great. Thanks for much for this.

  6. People who take the time to comment on something with no positivity to offer and use labels to mock something they don’t understand.. sigh

  7. its not expensive either. the honey will stretch out for a long time, and lemons and ginger are super cheap. so is cayenne. serious, lets choose to be happy and positive so that this world can be better.

  8. I tried this out & it was disgusting!! :( I really want to like it because of its detox properties, & to kill off my sweet tooth. I don’t know what I did wrong, & how so many others love it. I’m a vegetarian, & like the taste of food in its natural form, raw & fresh. I thought for sure I would join the band wagon. humph. :/

    haaaa, I’ll try again in a week or two.

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