Diary Of A Wellness Retreat, Part 4: California Wilderness

It’s hard to believe that the retreat is almost over…it feels like just yesterday that I arrived at Sagrada. The last day starts with another hike – this one more invigorating than the previous morning. We walk up a steep incline to the highest point on Scott and Eva’s land, which overlooks Santa Margarita, a small community of artists and families that has the look and feel of an old western town. The land here is largely untouched. As we walk we pass bushes of button sage that smell absolutely incredible and patches of wildflower in breathtaking shades of yellow and purple. With each step I think about how few people have walked there before me, and feel honored to be there. When we reach the top we stand in silence for a while, taking it all in. We all know that the end of our journey is nearing, and we are all a little bit hesitant to head back down the mountain.

After the hike is breakfast and our final yoga class. I savor every moment of it, knowing it will likely be my last time practicing in this beautiful space, with Aaron. I’m a bit shaky on my feet, since we’ve been so active the entire time and my body is starting to feel a little bit tired and sore, but I also feel invigorated. I feel like I’ve been re-awakened to my love of yoga and I’m already thinking about finding a new studio when I get home. One that makes me feel as serene and inspired as this space – if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

hiking in california

santa margarita

california wildflowers

santa margarita california

california wildflowers


button sage

california wild plants

california wild flowers

animal skull

tree swing

swing with flowers on it


By the end of the retreat this rabbit and I were buds – he was no longer afraid of me. Instead, when I approached him he started rolling around in the dirt like a happy cat!


california wild flowers


Check out the rest of my wellness retreat diary. My top 5 overall learnings are coming tomorrow!

Photos by Julia.

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I’ve loved this entire series and it came during a week where I’m going through my own transformation of sorts. Thank you Julia.

Hi Julia. Great blog. I would love to see your amazing photo of the buck at Sagrada Wellness.


These photos are so gorgeous; they really provoke a sense of wonder and calm at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing!

ps When are y’all announcing the winner of the mixtape contest?


Dear Katie, if you had been caught picking a “wild” golden poppy you would have been heavily fined, like to the tune of $500 soooooo please do NOT encourage your readers to go to California to pick the flora and fauna. Being a 4th generation Native Californian I find it very bad practice, and if I had seen you I would have probably slapped you along side your head for it.

Oh gosh I love this place! How the heck did you guys hear about it??